Chapter 33: Waking up by the swelling up of breastmilk, taking the initiative to ask the other to suck the milk, in short it is a sweet chapter.

As days went by, more milk started accumulating in his breasts. By morning, he woke up with his breasts feeling deeply swollen. His clothes around his breast area were also soaked with white breast milk.

After a few days, he woke up from his sleep in a daze, hugging his blanket. His breasts were swollen like crazy, and the two stiff buds heaved up and down with every breath keeping him in a discomfort difficult to ignore. He just got up from his bed, but the milk stored in his breasts started wobbling. It could flow out with only a slight squeeze.

What to do? Xia Chuan hesitantly looked outside, leaving his warm bedding.

Should I just go to the bathroom to handle it?

Just imagining getting the milk out by himself made him feel so ashamed that he wanted to knock his head on the wall. 

After hesitating for a while, he quietly moved towards Su Ming’s room.

The youth was sleeping soundly on his bed with a quilt wrapped up around his tall body. The warm lighting of the corridor softened his face contours.

But now wasn’t the time to admire his sleeping face. Xian Chuan walked towards Su Ming’s bedside, taking each step with much difficulty and hesitation. But still, he finally sat by the head of the bed. Then he slightly shook Su Ming’s arms.

The youth opened his eyes, displaying a rarely shown childish look, “Xia Chuan…..? What’s wrong?”

Xia Chuan bit his lower lip, not daring to look straight into Su Ming’s eyes. Xia Chuan didn’t speak out of embarrassment and kept his gaze on the floor.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Su Ming understandingly placed his hands on Xia Chuan’s breast. On feeling the breast swaying, he asked, “Feeling uncomfortable?”

Because of the familiar feeling of the large palm grabbing his breast, Xia Chuan couldn’t help but feel that his juice was about to overflow. He started to feel even more anxious: “Hurry up!”

Right when his voice was about to come out, he was picked up by Su Ming and placed on his slender lap. His left hand lifted up his pajama top while his lips followed up to his chest. He took up those buds in his mouth and firmly sucked on them. Fresh, fragrant milk rushed into his mouth. 

As the milk that had accumulated in his right breast was being sucked out smoothly, Xia Chuan couldn’t help but sigh comfortably. But then the pajama top which had been lifted up, rolled down with his movement, blocking Su Ming’s line of sight. 

Both of Su Ming’s hands were occupied with squeezing his breast so that the milk could rush forth as much as it could. And he was appeasing the bulging belly in between, giving him no time to deal with the pajama top. So he took up the hem of the shirt and placed it on his slightly open lips. “Hold this up with your mouth.”

Xia Chuan carelessly used his teeth to hold up the shirt, allowing Su Ming to recklessly enjoy the midnight snack on his chest. Only after a while did he find it to be a bit fishy and reacted, “Shit. Why do I have to hold it in my mouth! You are too much!” When he opened his mouth to say this, the cloth in his mouth fell down again and fell on top of Su Ming.

For a second, he felt like his world was spinning. Then, when he came back to his senses, he was pushed down to the bed by his shoulders. Su Ming impatiently tore off the pajamas that were hindering his way. And then, he continued to concentrate on sucking those red and tender nipples. After the bulge in the right breast had almost subsided, he left the rest of the milk in that breast and switched to the left one. Just as his lips touched the nipple, he glanced at it in surprise. He lifted his head, “It seems like you have squeezed out some milk from here.” 

“Fuck, how is that possible?!” Xia Chuan looked down and saw that the pinched nipple had really become a bit swollen. “It just swelled up a bit!”

“No. Look at this.” Su Ming’s fingers stroked the border of the areola. ”It seems like even the areola had gotten a bit bigger? It is just that…. it is a bit hard to notice.”

He chuckled in a low tone that can make people become jelly and said, “This part of Xia Chuan has already grown used to being in my mouth.”

Coming out in the middle of the night to get his milk sucked out was already embarrassing enough to Xia Chuan. After getting crowned with this title of “used to being in the other’s mouth,” his bottom line of shame and anger was crossed. He pushed away the person who was lying on his body, “You go away! I’m going to sleep!” Then, he lifted his quilt and wrapped himself up from head to toe.

“But this is my bed……” Su Ming said, carrying a smile and looking particularly helpless. He slowly lifted the quilt and covered the left breast which was still bulging with his hands.

Xia Chuan was a person who eats soft foods but refuses hard foods and could be easily coaxed with gentle words. Also, he felt embarrassed to act tough now. So, he allowed Su Ming to suck his nipple even while feeling a bit reluctant.

The milk earlier was enough to appease Su Ming’s cravings. So now, he was sucking much more calmly. He savored the fragrant milk that he yearned for day and night in small gulps. After sucking the left side, he didn’t forget to take care of the right side. He went back and forth between the both of them.

The gentle force acting on his nipples was very soothing, and the squeezing on his breasts eased the swelling and pain. Xia Chuan drifted off into the soothing feeling of release and fell into a shallow dreamland. 

Ever since then, when he went to sleep at night, any one of the boys would be there to accompany him by his side. It was in case there will be any chance he is uncomfortable due to bloating.

They were like three small babies in their breastfeeding period. They got used to drinking milk in the middle of the night.

That night after Xia Chuan finished breastfeeding Shang Yuzhong, he pulled down his lifted-up clothes and noticed another person’s perverted glance at him. The other party then creepily said to him, “We all are men here. But why are you so much better-looking than us?”

“The way you just finished breastfeeding was especially sexy.” Shang Yuzhong’s eyes emitted a strong *green light.

                                  *Green light in the eyes= describes someone’s nature as greedy and desireful, like the eyes of beasts hunting at night are green. “Green light in the eyes” is often used to describe people’s desire for something.”

“I won’t be happy even if you praise me like that.” Xia Chuan gave a big eye-roll, “So go and cook me a bowl of noodles. I am starving.”

The long-haired youth got up from his seat. He went near Xia Chuan and placed a kiss on his cheek, “Okay, my wife.”

“Shut up!”

A few minutes later, Xia Chuan who was nestling under the quilts suddenly smelled a familiar scent. This was a terrible smell to others, but he felt it to be really appetizing. Xia Chuan happily covered his shoulders and then went to the dining hall. And just as expected, he knocked into Shang Yuzhong who was coming out carrying a bowl of Luosifen noodles.

“I thought you couldn’t get used to the smell!”

Judging from Shang Yuzhong’s expression, he would even cut off his nose if he could. He said, “I don’t know why you like to eat this stuff. Do you have Pica?” 

Xia Chuan had already sat down and started eating the Luosifen. While eating Luosifen, he slurred, “I am telling you. Don’t diss Luosifen.”

After slurping happily for a while, the entire bowl of noodles and soup went into his stomach. Xia Chuan burped with satisfaction and then prepared to go back to his sleep happily. When he passed by Shang Yuzhong who was spraying air freshener everywhere, the other party stopped him, “Are you going to sleep without brushing your teeth? You can’t do that. You have to change your clothes too.

Xia Chuan usually liked being clean but he was sleepy now. So, this straight guy’s lazy ailment overthrew his love for cleanliness, “I can’t keep my eyes open, let’s talk about it in the morning!”

After Shang Yuzhong finished dealing with the whole scene, he actually saw Xia Chaun *lying like a dead corpse in the bed. 

                                       *Don’t worry. He is just sleeping.

In his deep and sound sleep, Xia Chuan suddenly felt something *poke his mouth, vibrating at a high speed.

                        *Don’t tell me that you just had clean thoughts when you first read that portion.[ or is it just me ]

That’s right. It was an electric toothbrush.

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