Chapter 34: Breastfed until half asleep, nipples held in the mouth overnight, and morning sex that could have been expected.

At 3:00 a.m., the warm lighting illuminated the bed, drawing out the shadows. The silhouette of the young man who was lying on Xia Chuan’s chest had mostly sunken into the shadows, leaving only a pair of shining, watery eyes.

Of course, they have done it several times before. But now, Xia Chuan was so sleepy that he can’t even open his eyes. In a daze, he reached out to pat the other party’s back.

Jiang Xuehang, who was tasting the sweet milk, became dumbfounded. Is he really treating him like his child?

He swallowed the creamy liquid in his mouth with a “gulp” and bit the tender nipple with his canine teeth with bad intentions. On hearing Xia Chuan trying hard to hold back his moans, he ambiguously said, “I am your man.”

He doesn’t know whether Xia Chuan heard it or not. Anyways, Xia Chuan still continued to coax him like a child by patting his back. Just after a while, the force of the patting on the body became softer. He raised his eyes to look up to see that Xia Chuan had already fallen asleep.

It was a dreamless night. Then, the sunrise arrived.

The more a person is pampered, the lazier they become. Not to mention, Xia Chuan wasn’t hard-working from the beginning. There used to be a time when he could at least catch the morning class before attendance. But now that he was spoiled by three people, he almost forgot what it was like to be woken up by the alarm clock.

What woke him up now was not the alarm clock. Rather, it was the peculiar sensation on his sensitive nipple. To be precise, his left nipple was hot and moist, and the surface of his soft nipples was being teased. After all, it was the most sensitive place. Usually, he can’t stand even touching on it, let alone being treated like this.

In a trance, Xia Chuan opened his eyes and looked at his chest in confusion. The right nipple was being taken into those soft pink lips, and the sleeping person was unconsciously sucking on it. Even though Jiang Xuehang’s sleeping face looked like an angel, Xia Chuan immediately exploded.

Last night he carelessly slipped into his sleep, his body still naked. Not just that ……

Jiang Xuehang actually slept while sucking on it!

This is too much!!!

“Shit! Wake up!” Xia Chuan propped his hand on Jiang Xuehang’s shoulder. He wanted to push Jiang Xuehang away but didn’t dare to do so. He was afraid that it would affect his sensitive part.

The long and slender eyelashes fluttered twice like butterfly feathers. Jiang Xuehang, who had just woken up, revealed a rare look of confusion. After feeling what was in his mouth, he sucked reflexively, and the abundant milk that had accumulated overnight immediately gushed into his mouth.

“Let go …… you ……,” Xia Chuan sensitively shuddered, the tone of his voice changing. He didn’t wake up Jiang Xuehang to get him to drink his milk!

When he said this, Jiang Xuehang surprisingly actually spat out his nipples, only to see that the redbud that was sucked overnight had swollen. On the damp tip of the redbud, a drop of the white liquid hung, looking extremely lascivious.

Xia Chuan was extremely ashamed to look at it. He raised his foot, wanting to kick the other party away, but he was caught by his ankle and pinned to the bed. Jiang Xuehang bent up his knees and opened up his legs to form a huge “M” shape. The naked lower body was then presented at a very close distance.

Even if it was because of negligence or possessiveness, Jiang Xuehang did not clean him up last night and made Xia Chuan sleep with his semen for a night. That tender pussy was nourished by the semen for the whole night, giving it a more pink and delicate color. Under the fiery line of sight, it contracted due to embarrassment. The undried semen trickled down from the pussy.

Xia Chuan cautiously looked at Jiang Xuehang. On seeing that his crotch had risen up into a tall, sturdy mountain, his eyes bulged in fear. They were all men there, she knows that their little brothers are usually really energetic in the morning. But Jiang Xuehang’s bottom was so hard that it almost touched his belly. Isn’t his spirit a bit too much?

Seeing Xia Chuan staring straight at that place of him, Jiang Xuehang’s eye colors grew deeper and deeper. His breathing turned rapid, “Stop staring at it. I’ll give it to you right away.” With one hand he pulled down his underwear, revealing the thick and hard dick with the veins showing. At the same time, he stretched out his other hand’s middle finger to poke into the tight hole.

The semen that he had shot last night had just half-dried, and the hole was still sticky. What surprised him was that even after being fucked hard last night, the hole was tight like a virgin, and he could only insert one finger in now. Right after he inserted one finger, the hole wrapped him up tightly. After a while, he was able to insert his ring finger in there as well, and he violated the pussy with both his fingers. The narrow pussy soon swallowed the finger and secreted its own lustful juices. After being spurred by those fingers, the half-dried semen already there got soaked, and the pussy was played into a mess.

After preparing Xia Chuan for a while, Jiang Xuehang held his fully erect dick in his hands. He came up to the opening of the wet and sticky red hole, moving his waist slightly, and traced the outline of the flower hole’s petals with his dick.

In this position, Xia Chuan could clearly see the picture of the two secret places rubbing against each other. The slippery penis was just circling above the hole. It just dawdled around without entering.  His cheeks and neck became beet red, and his breaths were hot. He couldn’t wait anymore and wanted that huge thing to fuck his flower hole into a mush. But he was ashamed to beg Jiang Xuehang to do it, she could only raise up his legs to touch the other’s shoulder, indicating to come in quickly.

Jiang Xuehang was teased by the firm legs as they rubbed against the skin of his bare shoulder, and he could not stand it anymore. After holding up Xia Chuan’s revolting thighs, he moved his waist forward, and the purple-red flesh stem penetrated into the inner flesh. He slowly moved through all the sensitive points till the whole rod filled the secret hole. After occupying the pussy, the rod stretched it into the shape of a pestle!

Finally, they were completely united. Both their breathings have gotten unsteadily. Jiang Xuehang propped his arm on the side of Xia Chuan’s face and carefully separated himself from the bulging abdomen. It was to make sure that he would not hurt the child before thrusting his waist.

The pussy has long been flooded with lewd juices. And when the rod moved through the hole, it made the sound of water plopping. Shortly after that, the obscene juices flowed out of the joint where they were connected. After a few thrusts, Jiang Xuehang lost control over himself, and Xia Chuan’s waist slammed into the mattress with each one of the thrusts.

“Mmm …… gentle ……,” Xia Chuan held Jiang Xuehang’s arm, blushing. His ankles were firmly clutched on the shoulders of the other party, in a hold he cannot break free from. He could only be forced to endure this excessively intense morning exercise. Jiang Xuehang’s penis seemed to be dipped in fire like a scalding object, and it burned the tender insides of Xua Chuan. With the shape of a curved knife, it reached every itchy spot accurately. The speed of the meat stick was fierce and malicious, causing the intense pleasure to rush forth. It was simply too late for the innocent pussy to resist because it was like the flower hole had forgotten how to resist the invasion and only knew how to suck in the semen. 

Fully occupied by their fierce entanglement, the two people in bed didn’t take notice of the door being pushed half-open.

Su Ming slowly took off his apron. His dark and deep eyes reflected a vivid and fragrant image. 

He originally just wanted to call Xia Chuan to have food, as he had finished making the breakfast.

Since things were like this, it was natural for him to get a piece of the action.

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