Chapter 35: Morning sex evolved into a 3P double penetration, afterwards, there was fetal movement.

Unknowingly, Xia Chuan fell into an uncomfortable position, sandwiched between the two men. One of Su Ming’s hands rubbed his tense chest, his other hand busy playing with his asshole. At the same time, he also slurped on his milk.

Even after the meat stick fucked his pussy for a long time, Jiang Xuehang didn’t show any signs of cumming. Instead, he went deeper and deeper. Xia Chuan’s gasps dripped with fear: “Ah …… mmm…ah …… too deep, too …… out… a little ……”

Jiang Xuehang had been waiting to enter his dick balls deep into that secret place for so long now. Why would he retreat now? It was like he was a male beast in heat who had finally got hold of his beloved female beast, completely indulging in venting out his beastly desires, not caring about anything. Only when Xia Chuan circled his hands around his neck did he finally slow down a bit, and Jiang Xuehang’s face showed a shy look, a bit different from his lust. He got out his tongue to lick the other’s red cheeks, wishing to bite out a piece of flesh from his body so that he could satisfy his itching heart.

Xia Chuan felt very suffocated, making him show his weakness. Not only did Jiang Xuehang not slow down, but he also started to fuck him more intensely too. Like a pile driver, the sharp blade‘s curved tip poked his tender pussy intermittently, and white foam came out of his pussy hole. The flower petals which were constantly bumped on by his balls were now turned red. When they separated, silvery liquid strands stretched out from their lower bodies.

Su Ming gave a slight nod to Jiang Xuehang, who then understood his intentions. The fire of lust in his eyes subsided a little bit. Jiang Xuehang cupped Xia Chuan’s firm, plump butt and raised him up a bit, letting his well-prepared asshole face Su Ming’s erect dick.

Even though Jiang Xuehang supported him, Xia Chuan’s body weight still made him almost fall on top of the meat stick that bit his pussy. Then his body fell and the tip of the dick scraped across his uterus. It triggered a prickling stimulation within him, “There ……you cannot!”

“Where should I enter then?” Jiang Xuehang asked breathlessly. While saying this, he straightened his back, hitting a slightly bulging sensitive spot.

“Oooh ……” Xia Chuan’s hands around his neck immediately tightened. A broken moan spilled out of his mouth with the impact, his bulky stomach swaying between the two men.

When the person in front of him wasn’t paying any attention, Su Ming shoved his three fingers in. The thrusts brought out smooth lubricating liquids dripping down on the bed. Then with a peal of sound, Su Ming undid his waist belt and held his dick, approaching Xia Chuan’s asshole.

When the scorching hot object touched his entrance, Xia Chuan understood what he was trying to do. The hair on his body stood up in fear. “Don’t insert it at the same time. It will tear…… fuck.” Without waiting for him to finish, the hard object in the back had pushed its way into the hole, the mushroom-shaped tip pushing a little against his inner wall.

At the same time, Su Ming’s head was on Xia Chuan’s chest, sucking on his breast. To prevent Xia Chuan’s attention from being taken away, Jiang Xuehang also vigorously sucked on the other nipple. They both occupied each side, wantonly claiming his chest. At the same time, they shared his lower body’s two ecstatic holes. The whole bed shook up and down because of the vigorous movements. Four hands wandered over Xia Chuan’s buff body, wickedly teasing every inch of his skin, leaving many finger marks at the top of his thighs.

Every inch of his body was stretched, and his most delicate and sensitive inner wall was grounded ruthlessly. The two meat sticks were trying to grind out his inner flesh and violently bullied the two red holes. Xia Chuan was almost driven crazy by the excessive pleasure, his eyes red. He whispered, “Oh fuck…. don’t hit it.” 

It was like the two of them were competing in showing off their sexual abilities. And naturally, one was stronger than the other. While Jiang Xuehang was ruthlessly fucking into the depths of his pussy, his asshole reflectively tightened. With layers and layers of flesh wrapping up, it almost nipped off Su Ming. He panted heavily and reached out to slap Xia Chuan loudly on the butt, “Loosen up slut!”

The upturned butt felt very good, and due to its flexibility, the slap was amplified a lot. A single slap was not enough for Su Ming, and he couldn’t help wrapping his hand on one side of his butt, rubbing and pinching it energetically.

Xia Chuan was dumbfounded by the slap. He didn’t remember at what age he last got spanked on his buttocks. Even though Su Ming’s force was not much, this was simply an insult to his image. “Su Ming, you are sick!” He leaned away to the side in dislike, but he forgot that two meat sticks were still inside him. With his movement, the inner wall wrapped around the sex organ screwed a little, making his waist go jelly, and his bottom part also clamped up suddenly.

“How did you clamp up again…… Xia Chuan, you really are a slut.” Jiang Xuehang was caught off guard, and almost cummed. After calming down the feeling to ejaculate, he started to fuck him deeply as an act of revenge, grinding his g-spot repeatedly. 

Then, Xia Chuan became obedient. After a session of forced fucking, cum shot into his inner wall, and thick semen poured in to fill his hole. 

When Shang Yuzhong came back from school that evening, he saw the bedsheet spinning the washing machine’s drum. He also saw Xia Chuan coming downstairs while supporting his waist. This made him quite gloomy.

Su Ming patted his shoulder and comforted him, “If you wish to make your life a bit better, then try adding some green to your head by yourself.”

Shang Yuzhong, “Then how about I give you a green hat too?”

Shang Yuzhong did what he said. He immediately pounced on Xia Chuan and pinned him on the sofa, and started kissing that foul mouth. But before he could insert his tongue into his mouth, he was pushed away. However, he wasn’t discouraged by this. He tried to get his tongue in again but was stopped by an odd look on Xia Chuan’s face.

“He …… seems to be moving.”

“Ah?” Shang Yuzhong tilted his head, not understanding what he meant. After two or three seconds, he got it. His peach blossom eyes widened, and he stared at Xia Chuan’s bulging belly, not daring to believe. His hand stopped mid-air, and it took him half a day to move down his hands to touch his belly. 

Xia Chuan gulped his saliva, feeling nervous. His eyes were glued motionlessly to his stomach till he noticed that the little guy was moving again, “He is moving again.”

Shang Yuzhong immediately bent down his head and stuck his ear onto Xia Chuan’s stomach. And after a moment of silence, there was a slight movement in the belly again. Shang Yuzhong, madly in joy right now, gently caressed the area where the movement was seen. His heart was thumping. “Baby, I am your dad. Can you hear me? I am your dad.” 

Shortly after this, there was another fetal movement. And it was much clearer this time.

“The baby kicked me in the face! That’s so cute aaaahhh!!! He actually kicked me!” Shang Yuzhong straightened up. The outstanding and handsome face showed so much happiness that it was almost disfigured, his hand still tightly covering the place where he was kicked on his face.

Xia Chuan also felt that the fetal movement was really amazing. But after seeing Shang Yuzhong’s dumb expression, he didn’t know what to say.

The two people next to them looked really lonely. Even though they usually look like they didn’t care about it, the joy of being a first-time father and being the only father of their child was so great that they couldn’t stop but feel jealous.

Jiang Xuehang also bent down and placed his palm over Xia Chuan’s plump belly. He envisioned the baby in his belly, and his voice unconsciously reached the pinnacle of gentleness, “What should the baby….. call me? *Uncle Jiang?”

                                                                                              *father’s younger brother 

Xia Chuan and Su Ming looked at each other. They couldn’t find a suitable name even after thinking for a while.

“What does it matter about what he calls you? What matters is what should the baby be called?” Shang Yuzhong then brushed away Jiang Xuehang’s hand, protecting his territory. He switched to embracing Xia Chuan’s belly, “Wife, we haven’t named our baby yet!”

Xia Chuan only had a few experiences in naming dogs, so he could not really help.

For the next few days, Shang Yuzhong held a Xinhua dictionary at all times, flipping through, with a few papers for writing the draft on his side. On it, several names were written that he had come up with by brainstorming a lot and then rejected one by one. 

Su Ming and Jiang Xuehang also came up with many ideas, but Shang Yuzhong didn’t take any of them.

When Xia Chuan saw his *frustrated expression, he couldn’t help advising him, “Or just let Jiang Xuehang help you think about one since he is a person of culture.”

                                                                    *to tweak one’s ears and scratch one’s cheeks (as an expression of anxiety, delight, frustration, etc) (idiom)

Shang Yuzhong hurriedly said, “That is out of the question. This is our kid, so I will name him.”

“Then just think about it with your goldfish brain.” Xia Chuan shook his head helplessly. Then, he remembered a very important matter and said, “Before anything, just let me say that the kid will have my surname.”

“What!” Shang Yuzhong was really shocked. For the past few days, all the names that he had thought of starting with the *character Shang. And now, all his plans were overthrown. “But I am the kid’s….”


Xia Chuan immediately said the words that Shang Yuzhong was about to say, “I am the kid’s father! If you want to be his parent, you can only be his mother! You have a problem with that?”

“…………Ok.” Shang Yuzhong said fearfully.

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