A Straight Guy’s Nightmare Chapter 36

Chapter 36: A Really Sweet Chapter, Caution to the *Single Dogs.                                   *(Internet slang) person who is neither married nor in a relationship (used self-deprecatingly) “Mom, don’t worry. This year, my three roommates aren’t going home for winter vacation. They are going to celebrate in the house we rented, and it is very lively here.” Xia…

A Straight Guy’s Nightmare Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Morning sex evolved into a 3P double penetration, afterwards, there was fetal movement. Unknowingly, Xia Chuan fell into an uncomfortable position, sandwiched between the two men. One of Su Ming’s hands rubbed his tense chest, his other hand busy playing with his asshole. At the same time, he also slurped on his milk.…
A Straight Guy's Nightmare

A Straight Guy’s Nightmare

Not only did college student Xia Chuan have stage II advanced straight male cancer, he even had severe h*mophobia, much less being able to stand the existence of fujoshis. But then, he suddenly met with the greatest crisis of his life—

After waking up, he actually grew an organ only a girl would have between his perineum!

Was this not a dream?


Xia Chuan couldn’t stop his brain from recalling an ancient post on Baidu:

What if you turned into a girl one day?

—First, show your brothers a good time!

De! Fi! Nite! Ly! Not!!!! Xia Chuan pulled up his pants with gritted teeth and swore to defend his virginity to the death.