The Combat Baker and Automaton Waitress


Before, there was one giant empire that ruled the entire continent.

The name of that empire was Europea and the imperial capital stood in the middle of the continent. Hundreds of towers reached the heavens, ships that traveled between the stars floated in the sky, and it was said that its science was akin to magic, including the ability to raise someone from the dead.

However, one day the capital vanished.

Without any warning, on a day one thousand years ago, the capital disappeared as if by the careless hands of God, and was erased from history.

Often mocked as barbarian chieftains, those who remained were the lords of the lands far from the capital. They began to battle for sovereignty over the vast territory.

The war – a grand battle of inheritance, so to speak – continued for a thousand years with several fleeting periods of peace, and Europea was never unified again.

Then the great Europea War plunged the entire continent into turmoil for ten years until it was ended by the Allied Forces, headed by the Principality of Wiltia, who commanded the Hunter Units.

The tough armor of these steel titans nullified the small arms fire of enemy infantry, and the units were able to bear heavy weaponry. They brought about astonishing military achievements wherever they were deployed.

Despite the natural fortifications surrounding it, Makstia, the capital city of the August Federation, fell and a single platoon of Hunter Units demolished the pride of the Greyten Empire – their landship cruisers.

A peace treaty favorable to the allied forces was signed, and with it, the war came to a close.

With the fighting over, a number of events came to pass.

Some nations merged, others disappeared, and still others were divvied up. This gave birth to a number of hostile groups – the defeated, the oppressed, and those who detested the fact that their home country was gone or taken over. Although insignificant in comparison, in a little town a small bakery opened for business.

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