Commoner White Mage


The mysterious medium that materializes hallucinations to the real world.

Using mana as fuel, mages create illusions and influence the very essence of reality.

“Hmm, what an unusual child…,” a voice in the meeting room spoke out as he scanned the records.

“His attribute is a raw one, but it’s top-class if we just consider his mana content. What’s even more interesting is that he is just a mere commoner.”

The meeting was taking place at the renowned ‘Beralt Magic Academy’. It was a school of wizards that imparts education to its students on the ways of the mage.

The Academy is one of the leading educational institutions in the country, that welcomes many famous wizard families.

Of course, all of them were nobilities. The word ‘family’ itself was associated with the nobles for the commoners had no worth in their eyes.

But today, the atmosphere was different for teachers were discussing the admission of a commoner boy.

“But the boy has no practical skills. He can’t even use ‘conversion’ making his vast pool of mana practically useless. We can’t take him in our academy!” One of the teachers complained.

Everyone nodded in response to his rebuke. Except for a solemn man who neither agreed nor disagreed with him.

“It’s because of the peculiar form of his mana core that it cannot be converted into an attribute,” the man claimed.

The essence of magic was created in mainly three steps: “Assimilation”, “Conversion” and “Release”.

Assimilation is when a mage draws in mana in his mana core.

While ‘Release’ it to materialize the magic itself!

But raw mana can’t be materialized into the real world. A wizard needs to ‘Convert’ that mana into a specific magical attribute for its use.

‘There is also non-attribute magic. But… that is absolute in this era.’ The man thought.

It is common knowledge that mana’ itself is just phantom energy that is invisible and has no specific shape or nature and cannot affect reality.

It is the wizards that act as a medium for their conversion magic power that can influence reality by envisioning specific shapes, properties, and nature.

For example, when using magic such as “Sword of Flames” the sword has a specific shape and nature whereas the attribute of the magic is fire.

Thus, the skill of the wizard lies in how much mana he can convert into what kind of properties and attributes.

Someone who can’t even convert mana into magic power like the damnable commoner who was in the limelight can never hope to become a wizard. It is the most basic of basics of being a mage!

The so-called “no-attribute” magic was only being used in the early stages when magical technology was being established.

It might be the foundational magic, but it is defective weak magic that can never reach up to the magic of the present day!

“Hmm, he is inferior in every way. We should cancel his admission!”

“Well then… “

No matter where a commoner goes, he will only be met with scorn. The treatment he receives would never change.

Had he been from a noble lineage, the teachers of the academy would have to rethink their decision even with his defects.

But for trash like him? There was no need for them to be courteous.

The decision was easy. But the flow of fate changed with just a single voice.

“I think it’s better to enroll.”

The line of sight of all the so-called intellectuals gathered to a single man.

He was a stubble man who had a solemn expression as he picked up the document placed on the table.

“Why?” One of them asked with question marks on their face.

But the man didn’t reply. His eyes traveled on the enrollment letter of the commoner.

[I don’t know which master is reading this. But know this! I would become a wizard by hook or crook. By any means possible even if you don’t enroll me!]

The man squinted his eyes as he read those words. But his face became solemn once again.

The words of a commoner weren’t even of any importance to anger him.

His eyes traveled across the paper. It was the origin of the commoner that the man was interested in.

“He is from Carrera, an unattended countryside. The Academy of Gazas is closer from its origins than ours. If we decline him here he would be definitely pulled in by Gazas,” the man continued. “If his talent blooms over there after our rejection, our ability would be doubted by many.”

The circle of nobility had no hope from commoners. But it was his vast mana pool that enshrined the man in doubt. A ‘What if?’ floated on top of his forehead.

“Mu… Certainly,” the others nodded. They had no confidence in opposing the man’s decision.

“I don’t mind if my ability is suspected, but I don’t want to be stolen by someone next to me.”

Carrera is the eastmost village of Manalil. Gazas is a neighboring country and in a friendly relationship with Manalil. And Gazas is not particularly interested in his village. Not to mention no one believes in the skills of a commoner.

So, the probability of them picking up this commoner is extremely low. But in a world of magic anything can happen. Even this too could transpire.

There was also the possibility of that commoner rushing into that country because of the friendly relationships shared between the two.

If something like that ends up happening it would be a matter of shame for their academy.

“That is why I think it is better to enroll and see what happens here. If his talent blooms, it’s all well and good but if it doesn’t work, we will throw him out of the academy. Our responsibility would be fulfilled.”

“That’s true.”

The jury of men nodded.

“It seems unlikely for it to be disadvantageous for us.”

Given the school’s system, it didn’t matter at all if there were dropouts.

The people in the conference room recalled that it was natural for some students to fall out and it was a daily routine.

If those lower nobles who dropped out. couldn’t harm the academy in any way, then what could a mere commoner do?

The very reason why they were discussing the admission of this boy, was because he was a commoner. He would be just an eyesore to the others hence no one would want to be his practice partner. After all, won’t it be a disrespect to those nobles if they were to be paired up with a commoner?

There was nothing to expect from the talent of a commoner in the academy where the children of aristocrats and wizard families with hundreds of years of history came in.

“Then this child is going to enroll.”

“It’s a rule, let’s use it for successful applicants.”

“Ah, I’ll get rid of the material.”

“Oh, thank you”

“Then please.”

The participants indulged in the last bit of formality before ending the meeting.

In the end, everyone who was attending left as if they were busy except for the stubble man who had supported the admission.

“Writing skills are only so-so. And practical skills are at rock bottom? But only mana capacity is high… no top-class even. What a biased child. Or should I call him balanced?” the man muttered.

Not all nobles have high mana reserves. It was like what the commoner lacked in background, he made it up with his reserves.

There was only a single man in the conference room and there were only his mutterings that accompanied him. But his mutterings itself were insignificant to the sound of paper as he turned over the materials.

That was when his eyes traveled over to the commoner’s enrollment letter again.

[Oh, I am pretty good at writing skills. Why? That’s because I can solve magical problems… but I am not good at practical skills and etiquette alike.]

The man furrowed his brows.

The commoner was naive.

It was a claim that just because he can solve problems easily made him good in writing.

But what else could the man expect from a worthless commoner? Most commoners could hardly read and write.

The man’s frown subsided as he realized the naivety of the commoners.

The man throws the materials he has just finished looking at into the trash can and leaves the conference room. ‘Trash’ was the place that a commoner ought to be.

No one wants a commoner to enroll in the academy.

Thus the boy who is judged to only have high mana reserves could only be considered as fortunate to be getting a chance to be here.


[The day of admission to the academy.]

From the window of a carriage, a boy peaked out and glanced at the seemingly unusual destination.

“Coachman, what is that flat mountain?”

The boy asked pointing up ahead.

“Yes!? Mountain!? What are you talking about, it’s a castle wall!” the coachman shouted in a flustered state.

“Is it good?” the boy tilted his head to the side.

But his question left the coachman troubled.

“In what country do residents don’t know of walls… oh… that’s right… “

The carriage coachman appeared to be stupified as if he had given up.

He remembered the place. The place where he had picked up the boy was so rural that he had thought that it was a different era. Rather, it was a mountain top clustered houses that couldn’t even be called a village.

The mountains were the geographical barriers unlike the man-made barriers that surrounded the city.

Above all… this boy was definitely different than the other students which the coachman had picked up in his line of duty.

He was the only commoner who attended the Magic Academy, which was a hub for aristocrats.

“This place is called a city… !”

The boy didn’t notice that the coachman was stupified… He was thinking about life outside the village which was the place he was born.

“Over there, I’m going to become a ‘Wizard’.”

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