Lux Vs Arum

Only a miracle could help Arum to win. That’s what the audience thought seeing the difference in their abilities.

The lightning magic attribute was something that could be generated extremely quickly as a means of attack. Why? Because even if the caster didn’t really cast any spell, as long as he channels mana and converted it to the lightning attribute it could do some damage to the opponent.

This was unlike the other attributes which seemed to be harmless without the spells.

Take the water attribute for example. Water itself is harmless. It is something that is essential for life. But couple it with the force of a few strong spells? It can even destroy mountains!

But unlike the water attribute that needed spells to back it up, every spark of the lightning attribute itself was a lethal weapon! That itself spoke of the superiority of the attribute.

Arum knew about all of this. He had studied other attributes meticulously even though he couldn’t use them.

Yet he chose to barge forward in hand to combat.

‘Looks like a hand to hand would be no good.’ Arum thought.

The only reason why Arum had chose to charge in despite knowing the dangers was simply because he was curious. He wanted to know the limits of Lux’s strength.

But witnessing Lux’s [Lightning Kinght] spell Arum changed his mind.

‘Well, even if I can’t fight him in melee anymore. The spells that I cast won’t be wasted.’ 

All three spells that Arum had cast might be just simple non-attribute supportive spells. But each one of them had its own value. All of them were specifically resistant to the lightning attribute.

“I didn’t use any high mana consuming spell anyway,” Arum whispered to himself.

What’s more? Arum was able to understand the ability of Lux to a certain extent. Those sparks of thunder that floated around his body and covered it from all directions were enough of a clue. Their intensity… their brightness… their noise… they were enough clues for Arum.

*Crackle* *Crackle*

Meanwhile, on the other side of the ring, Lux had his own thoughts.

‘Hmm, interesting. He’s been using only non-attribute magic till now. Looks like he is a person who adheres to his foundations… or is it something else?’

‘I have to say that I was surprised a bit before with his fast casting speed but the tables have already been turned to my side.’

‘It’s time to teach him his place!’

That is when Lux heard a weird whisper he had never heard anyone chant.



Arum cast a spell that Lux was not familiar with.

All of the spells that Arum had used were non attributed so far.

The attribute of magic that a wizard uses is bound by the shape of their mana vessels, which was largely hereditary. As such all wizards of the same house usually used the same attribute of magic.

But there was one big exception to this. Non-attribute magic. As the name implies it was a branch of magic that could be used by all wizards in common since it was independent of the shape of the mana vessel in the body.

But it was the most basic form of magic. Most talented wizards could use this magic without even having to learn it.

Lux was lost deep in thought as he watched Arum cast a spell that he was unfamiliar with. For some reason, he had assumed that Arum would keep casting Non attributes only.

‘Even I had learned non-attribute magic even though I never use it. Most wizards do the same… it is after all taught as an introduction to magic and is obsolete in today’s era.’ 

Lux squinted his eyes.

‘But even then, I thought that there was no spell of non-attribute that I did not know. But I can’t seem to recall hearing a spell similar to the one Arum used despite its short and simple wording.’ 

Lux’s eyes traveled over Arum’s body as he tried to figure out any sense of changes but he found out nothing!

“Is this one also a buff…?”

If the spell affects or assists the body it should have appeared as a fluctuation of mana somewhere. But that didn’t happen. 

There were no changes.

‘It’s stupid to not be on alert. But if I pay too much attention to it, it would only affect my performance in the battle as I would be paranoid about it.’ 

‘Since it has shown no effect till now, let’s just let it be for the time being.’

“[Mana Bullet]”


Arum cast another spell at Arum. But Lux could only try to hold back his laughter.


‘I thought he was trying to do something mysterious. But it’s just non-attribute magic again.’

‘Are you ridiculing me and thinking that you can win with your mana bullets alone?’

“You are getting on my nerves as usual.” Lux’s brows twitched.

“Go…” Arum whispered.

Under his command, five mana bullets of the perfectly same size and symmetry left his five fingers as they charged towards Lux with their maximum velocity.

“[Lightning Blade]”

Both of them fought with the same magic as they had released before. It was just that on Arum’s side the number of spell cast had increased to five. But even then Lux had confidence in his superior attribute. After all, even the last time. Arum’s mana bullet was only able to ‘deflect his blade and couldn’t destroy it.’

Lux’s reason was simple. If Arum wasn’t playing any cards, he didn’t have to show him any of his secret cards either. Why should he? When he could win the match with just his normal spells?

Lux smiled. But soon his smile disappeared. What he had hoped for didn’t happen.


“It’s a little more this time.”

Arum was only mocking him by calling it a ‘little’ as he smirked.

All the mana bullets collided with the [Lighning Blade] and they destroyed each other. The mana released dispersed into the air.

Arum had made his proper estimations. He knew properly that this time around he would only need five bullets to be on equal grounds. He truly was a genius for such accurate measurement was impossible by most of the audiences watching the show.

Lux stood astonished with his jaw slacked trying to find answers. But it was Arum’s smirking face that finally told him what he needed to.

“It is the one used in advance. He used it to increase the power of the spell!”

Lux was no fool either. He also knew how much power the mana bullets should have packed. His [Lightning Blade] should have been to destroy all five of them whole and still persist.

Thus he could only reach to one conclusion. It was the unknown spell that Arum had used before!

‘That must be the one which increased the power of the mana bullets.’

Lux clicked his tongue in annoyance for not figuring it out sooner as he glared at Arum.

‘What kind of magic it was? Was it a non-attribute spell that I couldn’t use due to the shape of my mana vessel? Is that why I don’t know about it?’

Lux pondered but soon he shrugged it off.

“So what? That doesn’t change a thing.”

Lux was using basic rank magic till now. 

‘If his mana bullets were just good enough to counter [Lightning Blade] then raising the rank would definitely do the trick.’

The balance that Arum had achieved was bound to collapse as long as Lux increases the output a little.

‘I have to say. Being a non-attribute user, your achievement so far was indeed great. But you would never be able to make up for your lack of power. The non-attribute has always been the weakest magic for use in battle. It was defective magic, to begin with that later improve into the attributed spells.’

Lux raised his right arm as his fingers closed in into a claw.

“[Claw Of Thunder]”


Arum took a step back.

And with that very chant, Lux summoned a huge thunder claw that was several times larger than his own height.

*crackle* *crackle*

They were the claws of a ferocious beast coupled with the crackling of the equally ferocious thunder.

The difference in mana used from Lux’s previous [Lightning Blade] could be easily seen at glance. Even a complete novice to magic would be able to judge how terrifying the spell was.

Even if Lux had prepared as many Lightning blades as there were nails on one’s body, they would have been wiped off like scraps of paper


The beast roared with its thundering noise ringing in the ears of everyone present in the room as its claw was swung down on Arum.


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