‘What does he want?’ Arum squinted his eyes.

At least Arum wouldn’t have blamed Lux for not apologizing. Though he might have gone on a quest to find different means to prove his master’s worth.

But contrary to Arum’s expectation Lux burst into a burst of laughter.

“Pfft, don’t say such weird things.”

Lux laughed as he wondered whether Arum had some hidden masochism to his character. Indeed, he a noble could never have understood a commoner’s day-to-day struggle.

“I told you didn’t I? I believe that everyone has a place that they rightfully deserve. I had believed that the place that you had occupied you had done so by underhanded means. It was because of such a reason that I had stood against you. As an aristocrat, it is my duty to oppose those who chose to threaten the structure of society. You might not feel the same now but as you are exposed to the world more I am sure you too would come to hate those that don’t deserve their positions.”

Lux angers towards Arum was the very same reason. Often times kindness and mercy exist only for those who were equal to themselves. As such Lux had no mercy for Arum and didn’t even give it a second thought to crush him senseless or at least that was what he had intended to do.

“As much as hating those who use unfair means is important. It is also important for people like me to have good faith towards people who are indeed in the right place and have not threatened the social norms in any manner. It is my duty to treat these people with due respect no matter who it is, as a successor of the Orrick family.

May it be the cook who makes food for us to eat, the gatekeeper of the academy who protects the city, or the people who do manual labor, all of them ought to be respected for their work. And same goes true for a commoner who is qualified to attend the magic academy for it is something he has rightfully acquired. Otherwise, I wouldn’t deserve to be an Orrick. I would lose my identity.”

Lux gave respect and compliments to those who were faithful to their duties and carried out their role in society with all due faith. After all, wasn’t it due to the effort of such people that the noble house functions properly?

Lux was convinced that it was the most important duty of those who are born with a family name to bear for their life. This was the core of the nobleman like Lux Orrick.

Arum would always be a commoner. Lux would always be a moble. Their social standings could never be shaken. Lux was indeed, of higher standing than him.

But that didn’t mean Lux could ever disrespect Arum now that he knew that Arum only claimed what he rightfully deserved. Indeed, Arum was a commoner and Lux respected him for doing the job of a commoner. It was not a respect that was brought about by reverence unlike what one might assume but it was the minimal amount of respect that Lux must give to Arum for the sake of his duties.

“So I apologized for disrespecting you, who deserves to stand at the same place as us and I also apologize for disrespecting your teacher I shouldn’t have done that. This is also a way of atonement for my mistakes.”

It never had anything to do with profit or loss. It was always about Lux’s own morals and how he held himself in the face of the world.

Lux implicitly apologized and exposed that he would otherwise no longer be a noble of the Orrick family.

“Damn seriously…”

But arum still had plans to intervene on that sort of logic. In the first place, it was completely riddled with holes.

“Please quit with it and accept the apology!”

But Elmira and Misty didn’t allow him to continue as they glared at him.

“Ha Ha Ha.” Arum laughed wryly in fear of those beasts.

He can handle a lot of things but he certainly cannot handle the rage of women.

“I accept the apology of course. Did you think something else… Ha Ha Ha”


Lux didn’t know what to say anymore as his gaze switched between Arum and Misty.

“… Thank you,” that was all that he could say.

“It’s okay. Originally it was never an issue no matter how much you guys mocked me. But mocking my master was definitely my borderline which caused blood to crawl to my head…”

‘Shut up, you are noisy’ That was what Arum had told Lux during the match. But under the glare of the two women, he could not take out any rude words out of his mouth. It was like every word that he could think of was stuck in his throat.

‘Still, now that the situation is resolved we should be able to talk more normally shouldn’t we?’ Arum thought.

After all, technically he did accept his apology.

“He He, didn’t I tell you? That after the quarrel ends you two would get along quite well.” Misty beamed.

“…! Oh, that’s right… that’s right.”

Arum could reply so as he smiled wryly.

 It hadn’t been a long time since Lux and Arum knew each other. Yet so much had happened between them. Lux still remembered the time that they had met at the gate and Arum had claimed that he was a commoner. Today, Lux was able to gladly accept that one of his classmates was a commoner. If such a thing would have been forced onto him a day ago, he would have felt repulsed.

“Are you satisfied with the apology?”

Arum shrugged.

“It looks like it.”

Misty and Elmira who were watching the scene also looked at each other and smiled.

The Sun fell below the city wall as if it had never been seen. In such a way, a commoner had become the seedling for a great wizard. The long day was finally over and their school life was about to begin.


“I want to be a wizard,” a boy declared it again and again.

A natural flower garden spread in front of him as if it were a lake. It was quite counterintuitive but in such a vast garden of green, there was but a single flower in bloom indicating that spring had not yet come. The flower shone white against the moonlit sky.

At the center of all of this stood a boy as if possessed murmuring the same words over and over again.

It was a dream that Arum had ever since he was young. He had seen many a wizard in the picture books that the Sister of the Church had bought for him.

One must note that it was unusual for a commoner like him to have any other books. That was the very reason he had always cherished those books brought to him more than anything.

Those books were the only source that fed his longings in a rural village in the boonies that was completely oblivious to the existence of magic.

“What kind of wizard do you want to be?” a feminine voice whispered behind Arum. She had a hood covering her but even then she had an unusual charm.

The natural garden was surrounded by a thick forest making its existence completely hidden from the outside world and so was the boy and the person who was accompanying him. No one knew of their existence. Even the mana fluctuations in the area were completely sealed by Arum’s companion.

The woman wearing a hood stared at Arum waiting for his response to her question.

“What kind …”

That was a question that Arum was prepared to answer. He only knew about the wizards based on the books bought to him by his guardian who was also the sister of the church and also by the woman who asked the very question.

‘I want to be a wizard that can bring about change… that can …’

Arum had no answer.

The woman laughed from within her hood.

“Until you know that answer to that question, you ain’t a wizard. You are just a kid with mana.”

Arum’s brows twitched. He didn’t quite like being called a kid. The eye of the world can bear witness that he had matured faster than the other kids of his peer group.

“Tch, I am still treated as a child. I have grown enough! I am already at the height of masters’ boobs.”



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