In the Courtyard

“All hail Big Boobs!”


The magic power of the lightning attribute assaulted Arum. With no defensive magic up and being unable to dodge the attack thanks to his locked position, he couldn’t help but be subjected to the tyranny of the sparks that seemed to have passed by his own Lightning Cannon and threatened to paralyze him.

But Arum gritted his teeth as he bore onto the pain.

‘All for the glory of master and her assets!’

The pain felt from the lightning seemed to be meaningless to Arum. Because no matter what the giant does, it won’t change his resolve. As long as Arum defeats the giant in front of him, all the pain in his body would be paid for with good returns as he exacts revenge for the disrespect shown for his teacher. He would be able to prove that his teacher was the best!

Such was the bond that he shared with his teacher who had been with him in times of despair and always only propelled him to move forward despite his crippled state. It wasn’t just a matter of ‘emotions’. Arum had to do this and any upright person would have. The favors that his master had done for him weren’t easy to repay.

“Go Go Go!”

The lightning reinforced body of the giant got crushed under Arum’s continued assault. A heavy beam of light pierced through his torso and reached out to heaven as it rose further and further up at a slanted angle. The knight that had bought victory to its many a master of the same house now knelt on both of his knees.


Finally, the giant collapsed on the floor with a thud.

The streaks of light that went up to heaven built a tower of light in the sky for everyone to mesmerize.

“Go…. Oh….”

The last voice that the giant raised was not a winning battle cry, unlike its usual endeavors. Arum walked up to the giant to deal the death blow to it. The giant was killed by a mere man who was not even a noble… who was never supposed to be a wizard.

The magical power of the lightning attribute burst out with shimmers as the giant finally dissipated living its last breath.

“I Won!” A declaration filed with self-satisfaction resounded in the hall room. There was no response, it was just apt silence. Everyone was too shocked to respond.

It was then…

Arum’s eyes turned dim. The adrenaline rushing through the body that pushed him so far to subside the attacks of thunder was no more as concentrated as before.


He fell to the ground as his body gave out paralyzed. The only thing that hadn’t given out yet were his drooping eyes that gazed into the sky. The rising light had its source cut off and nothing of it remained. Now the only thing that was in front of Arum was a beautiful blue sky clear as ever.

It had totally slipped out of his mind the victory condition of the duel. The wizard who won’t be able to continue anymore would definitely be the one losing.


“I’m glad I opened the ceiling before…”

Someone’s muttering already told who the winner was.


What happened after that?

The duel that had rung out everything from both sides ended in vain with no clear result or official announcement. Everyone was left at their own assumptions to make an estimation. Alas, it was the teachers who had caused such a fate to a well-fought duel. As soon as they heard of the turmoil, they came running into the practical skill-building.

Arum also soon remembered, what the victory condition was. So he had no choice to get up putting every ounce of strength he had to resist his stiff paralyzed muscles to continue till the very end.

But alas, the duel was canceled by the teacher who saw the rundown state of the practical skill-building. The parties involved, Lux and Arum, were heavily scolded by the stableman for not respecting and preserving school property.

“… I didn’t think I would get so angry at the duel,” Arum whispered to himself as he walked into the courtyard.

The torn uniform on his body was already replaced with a new one.

On the first day of school, for Arum to get his uniform damaged and get a new one was a big deal or so was what he was told by the tailer who rushed to the site. Had the tailer known that Arum was a commoner he might have made a different statement.

There were also a few freshers who came to chat with Arum after the duel. They were the ones with sparkling eyes of interest whose curiosity overwrote their disgust.

Unlike Arum however who no one wants to approach. The other freshers had already deepened their friendship or so was what Arum though judging from their frequent conversations. Some were even friends with the seniors as they were already acquainted with each other.

Soon enough the entrance ceremony also commenced. And now that everything was over Arum had a lot of free time in his hands causing him to stroll around the school in solitude. After all, it was like a tourist spot for him. No matter how much he looks around he cannot help but be amazed.

‘But it’s indeed strange. I lost my cool in the duel and caused some major destruction. But aside from the little scolding, there was no blame put on me.’

Arum was able to act without any particular punishment. Arum who was naturally avoiding using the [Mana Cannon] from the very beginning so as to not cause any destruction, was prepared for any sort of punishment when he actually used it in anger.

He was overwhelmed with the result at first. Why wasn’t he punished? Thus thought bugged his mind. But everything finally became clear at the entrance ceremony.

It itself did not have any major physical trouble but it had many psychological ones, especially for Arum was new to all of this.

It began with Mr. Stubble, who Arum had met around in the school ground and also the one from whom he had received scoldings for the damage caused to the school, walked up to the stage in a drowsy manner and spelled out his little speech.

And after that, it was the words of the director of the school, which were the cause of major concern for Arum.

The director of the school was a young and handsome man, with an impressive facial mole adorning his face. Everyone claimed his name to be quite famous. But Arum had no recollection of him.

But after his little speech, he had become unforgettable for Arum. The dangers receptors in Arum’s brain were ringing loud as a horn as they warned him to stay as far away as possible from that man.

Just by remembering that man again, shivers ran down Arum’s fragile spine. Indeed his heart was too fragile to bear that madness.

The director walked up to his podium as he went through his notes to make a speech.

“Guu… He was a really weird man,” Arum wrapped his hands around his arms as he felt his body shaking.

The series of memories flashed across Arum’s mind as he couldn’t help his shivering self.

“Well, I was prepared to talk about this content in advance. Since it is an integral part of your school. But I decided to toss that aside since a much more interesting event occurred compared to this boring monologue. It was the event where two freshmen had a duel in one of the practical skill-building before the entrance ceremony. I too had just recently heard of it. Were any of you there during the event?”

At that point, Arum was prepared for punishment as he knew that the story referred to him as the one in limelight.

It was then that the director continued:

“Excellent! I am amazed indeed…!”

The director hugged his own body as he trembled in joy with his face portraying an ecstatic expression that resembled a beast that had achieved extreme pleasure with his mate.

Everyone who was present there was horrified to see such a sight. Never before had they seen a man act in such a manner even when they had peeked on their parents.

Arum was no exception.

“When I received the news I was trembling with joy. I didn’t know that we would have such brilliant students this year who would understand our academy’s policy so quickly…! Indeed we have a great batch this time who can pave their own paths.”

“Private fights are always welcome here. We allow any forms of magic as long as it does not make the opponent unrecoverable or severely injured that might pose a threat to life.”

It was then that Arum had understood why he had received no punishment for his actions. It was because they had such a director.


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