Suitable Place

“No, really. It’s not a big deal. It is something easy to figure out.”

Arum didn’t lie.

But Elmira frowned when she was denied her request. Arum appeared to be the type to keep secrets and there was no humility in his words.

Little did she know that she was completely wrong.

‘How can I explain that anyone can do that magic?’

Arum scratched his head realizing that he would have to do something bothersome.

“Non-attribution magic doesn’t go through Mana Conversion. So this magic is something that is an intermediary existence between attributed magic and mana.”

“Yes Yes.”

Elmira nodded. This was something she knew from her childhood.

“So if you create attributed to magic, you have no choice but to release it. But the same wasn’t true for the non-attribute. You can convert it back to mana. So I created a magic spell, that stores mana outside the mana vessel in our bodies with it being transported in the form of a non-attribute. Since mana has no physical existence, in reality, I can therefore store as much mana in it as I want.”

Arum’s magic was something that had overthrown bloodline magic, it was quite a simple form of magic. But the downside was that only a monster like Arum could bring such a spell to fruition.

As Arum continued to explain Elmira’s face bloomed to a half-moon smile.

“Well, is that really just non-attribute magic? Isn’t it just bloodline magic of your own?”

Arum shook his head. The spell might have countered a bloodline spell but by its very nature, it wasn’t related to Arum’s bloodline.

“I think everyone here can do it as long as they have enough mana reserves. Since my mana reserves are particularly high it was something that went well with me. That’s all, it’s nothing special.”

Arum said in a matter-of-fact tone. He felt that Elmira should have realized this much for now but he told her nonetheless.

Elmira poked her cheeks as she pondered over a topic unknown to Arum.

“Hmmm… then take me for example. If I cast that spell of yours can I defeat the thunder light giant in the same way?”

Arum shook his head again as he shrugged.

“No, that’s impossible.  Non-attribute magic has a higher consumption rate than the other attributes. If someone else were to use that spell all he will be able to produce would be a small gush of mana since the spell requires you to convert the mana into non-attribute twice! It’s a magic spell that works only when you have high mana reserves like the current me.”

“… Oh that’s right.”

One might assume that Arum’s spell had some advanced magical technology to it since it was powerful enough to destroy the bloodline magic of Lux. But that was hardly the case.

In reality, it was just brute force and nothing else.

Elmira sighed audibly. What could she do? Her expectations certainly had been betrayed. The majestic spell that seemed to be strong enough to defeat a towering giant was just about pumping more and more mana.

Arum didn’t respond to the sigh. From the very beginning, he was a commoner without any glittery background. The means that he uses were ought to be simple and he didn’t care as long as the job is done. Let bygones be bygones.

Elmira turned to Arum with a conflicted look as she continued.

“Sorry… Arum you fought well in the match so don’t worry…”

Arum shrugged.

“It appears I have not lived up to your expectations.”

“No, it was my fault. I had expectations without any base just because your spell seemed powerful… By the way, did the matter regarding your master came to an end?”

Arum raised his brows.

“What was supposed to happen at the end?”

“Didn’t Lux tell you that he would apologize for your master if you win the duel?”

“… Ah”

Lux had promised Arum that he would apologize for his misbehavior. But unlike Elmira Arum wasn’t expecting much from a noble like him. It was unlikely for a noble to apologize to a commoner no matter how grave a mistake they had made.

Not to mention that as soon as the giant was destroyed the duel between the two was canceled by the teacher making it have no clear winner. Thus, Arum believed that it would be childish to pursue the matter any further. He might have got angry then but at present, he had a cool mind.

Arum nodded.

“Nothing like that happen yet but it’s okay. I think I was able to prove that my master’s teachings are valuable. At least for now… by defeating them and shutting their big mouths.”

“Hmm, is that so?”

Elmira pondered as she poked her cheek. But Arum felt the need to make matters clearer lest rumors begin to spread about him. All the nobles had a weird fetish for gossip.

“And also I didn’t even win the duel. The duel was canceled so there is no point in pursuing the matter for the time being…”

Arum spoke nonchalantly but he was interjected in between by a scream from an unknown source.

“That’s no good!!”

A voice that denied Arum’s words was overheard by both of them. Instinctively they turned their heads to learn about the source. Their eyes flickered as they blinked several times wondering if something was wrong.

Two familiar figures were gazing down on them from the window of the second floor of the main building. There was Misty’s modest figure waving at Arum and also a breathless Lux who just seemed to have shouted out his lungs. Who knew for how long they were eavesdropping? Arum had no idea. But Arum wasn’t particularly worried about it.

NOthing that he spoke was something he didn’t want others to learn from anyone. Gossips about him were bound to spread and Arum himself wasn’t a fan of it.


“I am sorry,” Lux apologized in a light tone.

That was what Lux said as soon as they arrived in front of the gate. It was the same place where Lux and Arum had first met back at the entrance ceremony.

It was Misty’s idea to avoid the eye of the other nobles lest more gossip would spread. And Lux’s position wouldn’t be any good either, if others were to know about him apologizing to a commoner, his reputation would surely pummel to dust. Not to mention that Arum and Lux had already gone through a duel sturring the rumors about them like crazy.

‘Did it have to be like this?’

Arum didn’t care about the rumors.

But in the end, Lux’s reputation was more important than his apology. Arum could only wonder if there was any sincerity to it.

The academy gate was a quiet place. No student was going to enter the exit the academy at this hour. Not to mention that the residents of the city weren’t allowed to enter the academy. Why? A place meant for nobles was unwelcoming for the commoners.

Thus the place was as quiet as it could be.

In fact, there were only four people present there at the moment.

Arum and Lux, who was just bowing in front of him. And Misty and Elmira who were watching over it.

As Elmira watched Lux unexpectedly bowing she understood their intentions to bring Arum to such a place. They aimed to keep it a secret and prevent rumors. She turned to Misty with a conflicted look adorning her face.

“Should I leave?” she asked.

Her presence might be troubling to Lux since she could be the very person to spread the rumor. They just want their privacy so Elmira asked to clarify her doubts.

But Misty shook his head.

“I think it’s okay. I don’t think Lux would mind.”

It was Misty’s idea to find a less crowded place, not Lux. Misty didn’t know how sincere his apology was but it didn’t seem like he had a problem with Elmira being around for such an event.

‘Not to mention that she had already seen the important parts.’

“Ha ha,” Elmira smiled wryly, “I think I am on the verge of falling from shock.”

It seems strange to leave the place now, so Elmira will continue to watch. But besides the awkwardness, she felt there was also some shame.

“I have already apologized to Misty. Let me apologize to you too at this place for degrading you and your master.”

Arum was a little surprised that Lux would go to the extent of bowing to him. Till now all Arum had expected was a verbal apology and even that seemed to have a low possibility let alone this. He couldn’t find words to express what he felt.

‘I wonder if the other nobles would ever take such actions of their own accord if they are told to apologize.’


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