Questions that accumulated

 The name of their king was suddenly muttered. And it was such an unscrupulous muttering that it caused all of them to jolt behind and stare daggers at Arum.

It was certainly a bomb that was enough to incite the wildest fires. Arum had got himself in a troublesome position albeit by mistake.

Even the voice with which he had spoken was fluent enough that it couldn’t have been passed off as a misunderstanding. Considering the context of their studies it was indeed their king who was being referred to.

Ignorance was bliss indeed. But ignorance can sometimes even be quite terrifying.

It was an event that had disrupted the calmness of the classroom. Just by looking at their gazes, Arum was made aware of his situation.

But contrary to the three’s expectations Arum began to chuckle.

“I see, it can’t be helped after all. I am a commoner. All I have learned about is magic from my master and hunting from the village. It is understandable that I don’t know about these kinds of things” Arum replied to the other three sitting with him at the cafeteria.

Arum began to reason with himself. His words as if brimming with arrogance for no good reason!

It was as if he was proud of being a problem child and knowing about nothing but magic. He was a magic nerd indeed and didn’t care about the bias of his knowledge compared to the other students who were nobilities.

“Why are you so confident?” Lux asked tilting his head.

But he was soon to hold onto his chin.

“Maybe even in the writing exams of the admission tests you only solved the problems that were related to magic?”

Arum nodded.

“I only knew about those so it couldn’t be helped. I just ended up guessing the others with random answers…”

Lux smiled bitterly at such a response. It was as if such a thing was very natural to the Arum of today.

“Well, that’s why your scores are only about average,” Lux responded.

But that also went both ways. It also meant that Arum had scored full marks in all of the magic related questions!

“Because this is a magic academy, many of the questions were based on magic so it was kind of easy for me to pass…”

Everyone was stupified.

“How could you even sit for the exam without knowing about these basic things?” Elmira asked with her voice containing a stunning nuance that she didn’t even try to hide no matter how rude it was.

But Arum failed to notice the teasing coming from her side as he nonchalantly replied.

“I was just told that my master that I should come to this place because several magic practitioners of young age gather here every year.”

“So, all of us were told the same? Do you mean to say that…”

“Oh, I didn’t know. I didn’t know that it was a school at all. And I didn’t even know that they would be taking an entrance exam. I only got to know that I have to sit for an exam after the examiner reached our town.”

“Oh my God!”

For some reason, the others ended up believing every word that Arum spoke. If it was someone else they might not even have had bothered with it and passed it off as another one of unusual self flattery. But with Arum it could certainly be a possibility. He was a commoner after all.

The whole country of Beralt knew about the Beralt Magic Academy. It was a famous spot renowned among the circle of nobility and many a noble wants their children to be enrolled for the same. But for a kid that had lived all of his life in the boonies? The same law never applied.

“Somehow it feels like he there isn’t even a shred of falsehood. If you combine his miscellaneous background with his ignorance it could certainly be possible. Well, it was never possible for a commoner who knows about magic activities of the wizards so we can assume the same went true for the magic academy as well.”

Lux seemed to be a little reluctant in believing if it was possible and was trying to justify the statements in his own way. But Elmira seemed to be convinced.

“So what about you guys? What about you Elmira? Why did you come here?”


“Oh, I was just curious. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

Arum was almost talking to himself but by a slip of tongue, the message was relayed to the other thee instead, especially to Elmira. Arum was worried that Elmira would probably give him a sloppy reply and fume his curiosity even further.

But his worries were unfound as Elmira didn’t seem to mind it and answered normally.

“I am representing my Roapis house here. Irrespective of whether we are rich or poor, as long as we can prove our abilities here, I am sure that our house would be recognized. After all, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. An impartial stage where anyone can prove their skills.”

The word ‘impartial’ might have touched a sore spot in Arum’s heart but he chose to turn a deaf ear to it.

“So it was like that…”

Arum seemed to have fed his curiosity. But he hadn’t noticed the curious faces of the other two that were intently staring at Elmira.

They were surprised as soon as they heard the name of Elmira’s house as they looked at each other to confirm their thoughts.


It was a clan that was renowned as the master of fire based magic just a few generations ago. And it was also a tragic clan that had met with its decline in just a mere two hundred years.

A house that was once a towering giant in the world of wizardry wasn’t even acknowledged today. At a position that seemed to be solid turned out to be frail instead as the house went to its decline.

“It must have been hard for Elmira. But to be honest I thought that the House of Roapis have been completely wiped out,” Lux claimed.

“I apologize but actually I too…” Misty spoke as her voice sank into that of a mouse.

“Oh, it is okay. Actually, the wizards of the generation before me were all terrible. So doesn’t come off as a surprise if you thought that way.”

“By the way do you guys also have bloodline magic?”

Arum interjected his eyes sparkling in joy and curiosity.

“There is one. But it seems like anybody can hardly use it except for me.”

Elmira spoke nonchalantly. It appeared as if Elmira didn’t have any particular feelings for the clan. She was more concerned about herself rather than her clan. She wanted to prove herself rather than aim for the resurrection of the house.

Not to mention that she was quite confident in her ability and didn’t care about the inability of the other members of her house, who had failed to match her ability.

“Ah, and the main reason is that I want to trample on the annoying and rich nobles,” she recollected her thoughts.

“So that’s it?”

The other two knew about the condition of the house but Arum didn’t know, He could only wonder what drove Elmira in such a manner.

Was it her loneliness being aloof and different from the other members of the house? Or was it her intense ambitions that wanted to trample on the rich nobles that seemed to annoy her?

Two rich nobles were sitting on either side of her but she didn’t seem to care.

It appeared that Elmira was similar to Arum in ways more than one.

Just like Arum she had no qualms about declaring war against them irrespective of the situation or at least that was what Arum thought.

“You are talking to Misty and Lux every day like this…. Aren’t you completely fine with that?”

Arum couldn’t help but consider the hypocrisy in her words.

“No, I am not. I am just getting along with the Caesius and the Orrick families, hoping to get closer to them.”

Elmira didn’t even try to hide the fact that friendship for her was a computational thing and relayed that as if she didn’t care.

“Oh, that’s right…”

“So you are aiming to have good relations with their families?”

“I told you once already but I would tell you again…”

Arum had told Elmira in advance that she didn’t have to answer his questions if she didn’t want to. But Elmira did so anyway to the point of even repeating her answers.

“I just hate rich and well-known families, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be using them.”

Misty frowned.

“Oy! Do you hate me?”

But Elmira shook her head.

“No, I like Misty.”

“Well, that makes me happy,”


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