Distance between them

“Arum san is a commoner isn’t he?”

Misty asked, poking her cheek.

“Ah, yes!”

“It’s amazing that you were able to get admission. Since normally only nobles can enter the Beralt School of Magic.”

“Ah, that’s because I had a master.”


Evelyn tilted her head in confusion.

But when Arum was faced with that question he smiled happily.

Misty was a little fascinated by the unexpected bright smile of Arum that seemed to be akin to that of a child about to brag about his toys.

“Yes, she seemed to have traveled a lot but he taught me magic when she came to Carrera about 10 years ago and said she wanted me to become a wizard.”

Misty held onto her chin in thought.

“So, there was such a person…”

“I remember jumping around her whenever she came to the village with a big wand in hand and her body covered in a hood.”

“Yes, that’s …”

Misty was able to discern what kind of wizard she was.

‘She is either someone who is not blessed with children or who could not inherit the magic of her clan.’

The world was a cruel place even among the nobility. There were many who were dubbed as trash. A black sheep in the name of the family.

Many wizards have clan specific magic that the house inherits.

It was the privilege of the house and the crystallization of their long history.

Unlike the magic that one learns and acquires themselves this was a trump card that could only be acquired with their bloodline as the key.

And conversely, there were many trash sons and daughters who could not inherit the clan’s bloodline ability. They are treated as black sheep who are not a part of the clan. Or would it be better to say that they were not suitable to be one?

They are branded as a shame to the name of the house and are kicked out of the house. Sometimes they don’t get rid of them but there was nothing good with that either; it was like a life long sentence as a tool used by the possessors of bloodline magic.

No one can understand the plight they go through. Only the victims know of the cruelty of the world.

There are also those who are not blessed with children. Branded as ‘infertile’ they are doomed for a life of shame. Not to mention that the clan slowly dies down as there is no one to inherit.

But, there are records of such people resorting to adopting a child. Lucky or Unlucky? Only they themselves knew.

Perhaps because of such precedent the cornered wizard branded as ‘infertile’ goes on a journey to find their miraculous adopted child.

Misty knew quite a few wizards who had to go through this misfortune because they were quite well known due to their achievements.

“Do you know who that person is?” Misty asked.

“Ah, even if I ask the master for a name. Master refused me to tell any. I used to call that person master so everyone in the village followed after me and called her master too.”

“Oh, looks like you received quite a bit of help.”

Misty nodded.

“Oh, Master came to the village once a week for some reason. If my teacher didn’t help me, I wouldn’t be able to get admission here. So I’m indeed grateful.”

Arum had no way of knowing what kind of person his master was.

But the person who he calls master was like a shining star in his life just like the blooming smile that he had on his face.

The society had quite a disparity. The have nots had nothing while the nobles had it all.

Even if a peasant had talent he couldn’t learn magic because they didn’t have the opportunity and money to learn.

Only aristocrats can be wizards.

For Arum, it was a turning point in his life and memory that he wanted to share with everybody because he knew that it was his master that gave him the opportunity to study here.

“By the way, there is a rumor floating around Carrera recently.”


Arum tilted his head in worry. How come he himself didn’t know about a rumor regarding his own village?

As they came closer to the academy Misty suddenly remembered a rumor and told Arum about it.

“ ‘A tower of light is erected in the middle of the mountains’ that’s what I heard,” Misty continued. “Is there any such event that takes place in the village?”

It’s was a strange rumor that floated a while ago. A rumor basked in mystery.

Around dawn, a mysterious tower of light stands tall in the Carrera Forest.

But, The tax Lords who went to the village for tax collection all refused such claims.

[I never saw such a thing.] was what they claimed.

So it was soon concluded that it was just a false rumor… a hoax that shed Carrera, which had nothing to do with reality. It was most certainly an aim to attract tourist to the village and empty their pockets. A scam.

So Misty couldn’t help but remember about the rumor once she heard of Carrera’s name from Arum.

“… …”

But Arum suddenly became silent. His face became stiff refusing to move.

Misty had brought out the topic as a casual thing to chat on. But it seemed to create a heavy atmosphere between them.


Misty poked Arum and called him causing him to snap back to reality. It was only then that his mouth began to move.

“No, I think it is just a baseless rumor. We don’t even have any harvest festival let alone doing such an extravagant thing. Not to mention that no one in our village can use any magic.”

“That’s right…”

‘There seems to be something wrong,’ Misty thought as glanced at Arum.

But she immediately dropped the topic since the rumor was denied by the very people who lived there.

Misty doesn’t have a hobby to pester someone when they don’t want to say something about their personal life.

But for some reason Arum moves awkwardly as his body shivered.

“Arum-san, Is there something wrong?”

“That… something tickles…”


Misty tilts her head without knowing what Arum wanted to say.

“Being referred to as ‘san’ by an aristocrat when I am just a commoner is a little…”

Arum was a peasant. In the circle of nobility there was no respect for a peasant like him let alone doing formalities. As time passed by, peasants got used to such a treatment.

And now? They felt more awkward if they were treated with respect rather than as trash.

Misty didn’t care at all. But it seemed to be a problem for Arum. Indeed, he looked embarrassed by how the situation went.

“You don’t have to…”

Misty tried to say that he didn’t have to worry about that but she was cut off in between.

“Well. Can I call you Misty?” Arum asked.

But Misty’s body shook in shock.

In the circle of nobility, dropping formalities was an act of disrespect. No one had called her in such a manner in her entire life.

“Ah sorry if it offended you. It just sounded easy to call you that. Welp, then I will call you Misty… san”

On the other hand commoners had quite the opposite ways. They never used formalities. That was why Arum felt awkward when Misty greeted him formally. Not to mention that Arum felt awkward to use formal speech himself as well.

The difference between the peasants and nobles was becoming apparent.

The difference between the wild and the ones that carried themselves with etiquette was apparent.

Misty seemed dissatisfied by the turn of events. It was clearly apparent on her easy to read moody face.

Her beauty and cuteness didn’t change even with such a face but it was a matter of life and death for Arum.

Misty bore a tight lipped smile.

From his past experiences with his sister, who was also his parent, Arum knew that his situation gets terrible whenever he angers a woman.

It was almost a rule. Whenever his sister got angry the dinner for the day disappeared. Not only that! Whenever Arum angered his master, she didn’t talk to him for quite a while stalling his studies.

Thus, a tight-lipped smiling woman was the biggest fear of Arum.

“If so, let me call you Arum.”

Arum’s proposal was blatantly refused by Misty even though it wasn’t normal for her to do so.

Misty’s earlier grumpiness had been because of her own commitment, and Arum wasn’t at fault.

She hates getting overly friendly with people.

It is just a difference in how they called each other. But Misty was dissatisfied earlier that the first sense of distance between them seemed to have opened up.

‘But since things have progressed so far, there was no point in turning back.’

“Eh, but…” Arum rebuked.

“You’re Arum. And I’m Misty. Is that clear?”

Misty spoke with a lovely smile.

However, Arum felt pressure from that smile.

Arum knew that it was better to not go against that smile.

“… Yes”

His counter argument never left his mouth. It retracted at the back of his throat.

Because Misty’s smile was the same smile as the ones given off by those two woman who he had angered in the past. His master and his sister.

“Oh but I feel relieved with the formalities dropped.”

The ticklish feeling that Arum was feeling had stopped. Now he could converse more freely.

“FuFu. What’s that? You are a weird person.”

Misty smiles as she saw Arum muttering as if he was relieved. This time it was a natural smile without the killing intent along with it.


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