Hostility From the Nobles

“Why are the two of you fighting?”



As usual Arum’s mature remark had caught all the people on the stage off guard.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know what the reason was. He himself had seen everything. But Arum believed that it was not a reason fitting enough for nobles to fight over.

The mana and tension in the air that existed till now disappeared into thin air as they were stupified with Arum’s remark.

‘Is he a cretin?’ Lux thought

But Misty thought otherwise as she knew what Arum was like. She smiled and dropped her shoulders in dismay.

“Arum, don’t be so dull.”

“I’m sorry. But Misty at least you don’t need to get so angry. It’s an unimportant matter.”

“Why? Is there anyone who doesn’t feel alienated when she sees her friend getting insulted? Is there anyone who doesn’t get angry?”


Arum’s eyes widened. Arum had never thought Misty considered him to be a friend. After all, she was a noble. If at all, Arum was going to brag in his village that he had met someone like her.

Misty knew why Arum reacted in such a manner but she chose to keep silent.

Arum too finally realized his folly and held back his mouth but it was too late.

It was also at that moment that the misunderstanding between them was cleared.

“… Arum you are unexpectedly a heartless person aren’t you?”

“No. No”

Arum shook his head.

“I was just surprised. I was just surprised. I’m a commoner, so I don’t think that Misty would claim something like that…”

Arum didn’t believe in his inability for being a commoner. But he too was aware that the nobles and the peasants had different social circles. They don’t go well with each other.

Arum realized that he had angered Misty twice. Both on the way to the Academy and now too, even though they had just met.

It was more problematic for Arum to offend women than to be glared at by aristocrats. Arum had his own harsh experiences.

He knew that there was the double pain of counterattack from the woman and also of guilt in himself in case he had really done something wrong. That is why he chose to be careful around women.

“Okay, I am glad that MIsty got angry with me. Thank you.”

Arum chose the easy escape.

“Hope you understand.”

“But you don’t have to get angry the next time. I can manage.”

But that didn’t do a good work of changin Misty’s opinion.

It was time for the real thing.

Arum faced Lux head-on.

“Lux claims that he doesn’t like me. So there is a problem between me and Lux. Not you Misty.”

Arum didn’t need a woman to defend him. He had his own pride.

“You seem to understand it unexpectedly.”

“I don’t remember doing anything to you. But it’s not uncommon for guys our age to fight. It’s just that when the fight is over, I hope we get along.”

“Aren’t you a bit too optimistic?”

At last, they recognized each other as enemies.

At last Arum and Lux recognized each other as their enemies.

Arum shrugged.

“I don’t remember doing anything to you. What is it that you don’t like?”

“If you want to know then let me tell it to everyone here. Your practical skills are at rock bottom. You are utter shit! Your writing is not outstanding either. All you have is your mana reserves. You should have never got admission into the academy.”

“So what? I did get admission didn’t I?”

“I don’t like the fact that you, who entered with only mana reserves tries to take advantage of that luck and rub it against us nobles.”

“Do you think that you are standing at the same status as ours just by entering the same school? The clan of us wizards and you who happened to have high mana reserves are vastly different from each other. There is no merit the school can have in dealing with you. If you have some shame in you for entering the academy by unfair means. I want you to keep your head low and leave this academy immediately basking in your shame.”

“So, that’s it?”

Arum finally understood why he has driven away.

Rumors of commoners entering the Beralt Magic Academy had reached the ears of the nobles to some extent in advance.

There was a bit of noise for a while but it soon subsided. It would have been a different thing if the commoner had scored high marks in both practical skills and mana reserves in the academy’s assessment. But since he had only great mana reserves which were only something gained from birth and no practical skills in him it was soon passed off as a fake rumor. That was only until it was proven to be right.

Lux immediately concluded that Arum had entered the academy through unfair means.

In the eyes of the nobles, no, in the eyes of Lux specifically it appeared that Arum was just lucky with only great mana reserves and no talent and he was rubbing it against Misty, the second daughter of the famous Caesius family.

Arum held onto his chin. After pondering for a while Arum clasped his hands as he finally came to a fitting solution.

“Then if I win against you in a battle. Am I in the same rank as you?”


Other nobles who heard Arum’s words also began to rustle as they whispered amongst themselves.

The nobles received some magical education from an early age.

In addition to being able to use magic to a certain extent, they are also taught by their parents and instructors who are successful are already successful as wizards.

All the young masters who gather here already had some ability. But Arum was supposed to have none.

“Are you serious?”

“It is what you said yourself. Wouldn’t I just have to prove my skill if I have to be in the same rank as yourself?”

“…. All right!”

It was a simple conclusion from Arum’s point of view.

It was a statement with non-malicious intentions.

Arum believed that if they doubt his ability and thought that he only had good mana reserves. Then he would just have to show them that there was more to him than just high mana reserves.

“But you and I are both students of this magic school. It would be bad if we fight here on our first encounter. So let’s use the building for practical skills instead.”

“… Well then, but it would be a showdown of magic.”

“…? Of course, follow me.”

Whatever Arum proposed till now was logical from every standpoint.

But Lux seemed to think that Arum was a jerk due to his arrogance. He felt that Arum was just rubbing his luck on him.

“Is Lux and the commoner dueling?”

Questions begin to float in the air.

“Is it a match?”

This can’t be possible! The Orric family is certainly a prestigious family and Lux is certainly the eldest son!”

“Hey, hey. We would be able to see the magic of the Orric family.”

“There seems to be no loss in checking it out.”

The nobles were certain of the outcome of the match. A commoner couldn’t certainly stand against a noble, can he? They were only interested in witnessing the match since they would be able to see a glimpse of Lux’s power as he crushes the peasant under his power.

However, there was one amongst them who was worried sick.

“Arum, are you okay?” Misty asked.

“Yeah, I am completely fine.”


As Misty gazed into Arum’s face. Arum smiled a little.

The smile was unlike the trembling of a warrior stuck with fear before the battle.

Rather it was the smile of a pure and innocent boy who was about to catch insects in the forest.


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