Arum vs Lux

“Can we use the facility without permission?” Arum asked.

“All of us here are already students here… at least for today,” Lux said glaring at Arum. The implications of his words weren’t lost on Arum.

“There are facilities that are already available to students like us except for the senior student dormitories and the staff buildings. The buildings for practical classes is one of them.”

“… then why were you being so considerate for using it before?”


Lux tilted his head in confusion.

“Must be because of the conversation,” Arum whispered to himself.

‘Why were you waiting in front of the gate?’ That was what Arum wanted to ask.

The question kept resurfacing in his mind. But Arum who was a commoner couldn’t come to a conclusion.

The entrance ceremony.

An event where many famous nobles meet for the first time in a single place. Arum a commoner did not know that it was customary for noble’s houses first in front of the gate and hopefully try to build strong connections and factions from beforehand.

When all of them arrived at the building for practical skills, Lux held his hand over the sphere placed at the front of the entrance.

“I have never seen a magic stone used in such a manner before,” Misty exclaimed.

Magic stones were minerals that could contain mana well and if one interjects their maa inside it, the stone is capable of creating simple magic all by itself depending on how it is crafted.

But it cannot go through complex magical formations that wizards use while creating their magic so its use is only limited to things like a switch at most.

But that didn’t mean it was any less useful. It will only react to mana that is registered with it. So not everyone can activate it. Thus it has excellent security.

There were other simple uses for magic stones too, such as putting mana into a mana tank, but because it is expensive it can only be used by wizardry schools like the Beralt Academy and some nobles houses who were particularly rich.

“This school really is filled with luxuries…” Misty nodded.

Even for magical Academy’s, it wasn’t normal for them to possess them. Beralt however was an exception.

Lux smirked.

“Is this your first time seeing one Misty-san?”

Misty shook her head.

“No, I have one. But I can never imagine using it for door locks.”

The inside of the building was large and divide into the first level and the second level. The second floor was lined with something that resembled gallery seats for watching tournament matches. On the other hand, there was nothing on the first level. It was just a few magic stones to operate the doors and windows with a wide and open space. The space was wide enough to accommodate both Arum and Lux and their heated battle.

“I’ll open the ceiling since it seems that the magical power from the outside is not allowed to enter here. Is that okay?”

Arum nodded.

“But even if you open the ceiling now, it won’t be enough to collect enough mana to fill up this large space,” Arum whispered under his breath unheard by Lux.

The ceiling opened up as Lux operated the magic stone attached to it.

As the ceiling opened up it lined itself at the same vertical position as the walls. SO much so that it appeared to be an extension of the walls.

The ceiling opened up and the sunlight seeped portraying the blue sky above. Arum felt as if he was out in nature instead of in a civilized city.


“Arum…” misty called out to him,


“I didn’t think that things would turn out like this… But please do your best!”

“Oh thank you. You don’t have to worry Misty”

After the ceiling finished opening up. Arum and LUx naturally moved to the center of the room, while the other nobles moved to the edge of the stage clearing up the space for them.

Misty too left Arum’s side as she was told. Now Arum was on his own terms.

“Since, you and I are both students of this school today. We will naturally follow the school rules for duels.”

Arum tilted his head,


“Both of us won’t use any forms of magic that can cripple the opponent. You should be aware that you and I are both students.”

Arum noded.

“I see, I can’t use that kind of magic anyway.”

“The winner will be decided when one of the participants surrenders or faints. The one who faints would be taken to the infirmary immediately so you don’t have to worry.”

Lux smirked as if challenging Arum.

“Who would be kind enough to carry me?”

Arum started laughing. He had no choice but to win.

“Don’t worry. Misty-san will carry you to the infirmary.”

Looking at how they were talking with each other they didn’t seem to be hostile. But the inner implications of the jokes and formalities weren’t lost to the watchers.

With that, the formalities were over,

“Someone come here and act as the referee.”

“Yes, yes, I’ll do it.”

One of the girls from the galleries took the initiative and stepped forward.

She was a cheerful girl with bright teeth missing. She smiled as if she was really looking forward to the duel. 

“Then, begin!” The girl shouted her lungs out.


Arum jumped in shock at the girl’s sudden screaming. Arum was definitely not accustomed to such duels.

Lux, on the other hand, chanted magic at the same time as the girl shouted.

[Lightning Blade]

There was no unnecessary movement in his body. It was just an effortless chanting that caused a blade of lightning to appear in front of him.

The blade charged towards Arum as soon as it was created.

[Lightning Blade] was a good starting move to gauge the opponent’s strength. It was a popular starting move amongst the nobles.

“Isn’t it Lightning- attribute?”

Arum was immediately able to identify the attribute that Lux used. He might be a greenhorn in the ways of the nobles but he wasn’t a greenhorn in magic.

Arum extended his hand pointing his finger towards Lux.

[Mana Bullet]

A white ball of condensed mana was deployed from Arum’s fingers as he sang his chant.

Arum shot too charged at his opponent.

“Non- attribute magic?” Lux muttered with a stupified look.


The mana bullet made a shrilling noise as it collided with the Lightning blade and bending its trajectory while being destroyed itself.

Thankfully [Lightninng Blade] had no operability. If its trajectory was changed there was no way it was going to hit Arum.


[Paralysis Resistance]

[Flash Protection]

Arum cast axially spells in rapid successions.

Arum’s legs and eyes shone brightly for a second.

He kicked the floor to cross-check the effectiveness of the spell.

The [Reinforcement] Spell reinforced his muscles while the Paralysis protections would protect him from any possible side effects from the lightning attribute. Lastly, the protection in his eyes was defensive magic for protecting his eyes from flashes.

“Fast… !”

Lux was astonished.

Even though Arum was using cheap non-attribute magic. What was astounding was the speed at which he was casting it. It was indeed abnormal. 

The speed and continuous casting of magical power were indeed proof that he was proficient in using magic unlike what they had assumed before.

Arum with the three buffs closed in the distance between him and Lux.

The three meters of distance was closed in within a moment. It was the effect of the reinforcement buff he had used.

But, Lux smirked.

“Are you aiming for hand-to-hand combat with me who uses thunder?”


“[Thunder Knight]!”

Arum jumped sideways instinctively due to the unpleasant chills he felt on his spine.

As Lux chanted mana wrapped around his body as his whole body appeared to have been charged with lightning.

This Lightning magic was magic of higher grade than auxiliary magic that was used by Arum in every way.

The spell {thunder Knight] was not just for strengthening. It was both offensive and defensive magic all at the same time. It attacked the opponent with the mana converted into the lightning attribute.

Even Arum with three different Auxially spells cast on him couldn’t compare to the defensive capabilities provided by it.

“So it is impossible after all?” Misty whispered under her breath.

The difference in abilities between Arum and Lux was clear as a day. Only a miracle could allow Arum to win.


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