Non-attribute Magic


The thunder claws were slammed on the floor and remained there as they held down their prey.

Even if one were to escape the deathly claws of the beast, they would have been crushed by the palm alone considering its size. And even if one managed to dodge that, their bodies would be paralyzed because of the very nature of the lightning attribute that paralyzes any target that it touches.


Mana leaked in all directions from the claw taking the form of lightning as it threatened to paralyze anyone who might have dodged its attack.


There was a deathly silence in the stadium. As there was no movement, Lux continued to channel his mana in the claw with care.

Even though the floor was made up of very sturdy material, there were a few scratches caused on it due to the power of his spell.

“… Did he die?”

One of the audiences from the galleries murmured as he was unsure of the outcome. The usual stillness of the battle floor didn’t give many clues to guess.

Even from a professional wizard’s perspective, the spell used was a fairly decent one. And if it hit properly, there was no chance that Arum could survive it, since he couldn’t use any defensive magic.

Most people didn’t think that he was dead, but they believed that the match was already decided.

The match had proceeded as they had expected. And all they got to see was a daredevil commoner whose only fate was to be sandwiched between the floor and the lightning spell.

“Arum… Arum…?”

Misty’s light whisperings reached nowhere as she scanned the floor with her disturbing eyes looking for the peasant boy.

But she couldn’t find him anywhere.

‘If he is nowhere then he must be really under that claw.’

It was then that Misty noticed an unusual change around her. She turned around only to find a girl holding onto her chin.

‘Since when was she here?’

Misty couldn’t help but have her cheeks flustered. She realized that the girl had already heard her whisperings of that boy.

And as if to confirm her thoughts she spoke.

“It’s okay, I am also vouching for that person.”


Misty tilted her head in confusion.

The girl was the same girl who was asked by Lux to start the match. She was the one who was acting as their referee but she seemed to have backed off in between.

The girl took a glance at Misty from the corner of her eyes.

“That person is interesting.”

Misty noticed that the girl next to her was looking above instead of below as she spoke.

“Lux does not use unusual spells.”

Misty followed the girl’s line of sight causing her eyes to shoot out wide. Arum for some reason was standing at the far edge of the gallery on the raised floor. He too noticed Misty’s and the girl’s gaze as he turned towards them.

The right side of his uniform was torn apart as it was difficult for him to completely dodge Lux’s attack. The whole stadium was covered with the sparks of Lux’s thunder so Arum had no choice but to jump up above the raised floor of the stadium among the audience to avoid getting his paralyzed. His anti paralyze spell could only help him so much.

Arum smirked as their eyes met.

“It’s just a little enhancement spell that I used, it’s not the magic of Manalil.”

“Rather it’s a magic from my master’s country and it suits my style more.”

Lux too noticed the tone of the voice coming from the stadium to be a little unusual. He turned around to find Arum there only for Lux’s brows to twitch.

He removed the claw magic from the floor but of course, there was no loser commoner there causing the audience among the stadium to gasp in surprise.

“Where is he?”

Lux was finally able to solve the mystery of Arum’s unusual spell that he had used before. And he was finally able to figure out why he hadn’t heard of it before.

Arum didn’t immediately go back to the stadium as their gazes met. Rather he took a glance at his torn uniform with a look of awe as if he loved its new form.

He always felt that he was wearing his uniform in the wrong way. It looked weird on him for some reason despite it being the same uniform that others wore.

But now, after it being torn, everything has changed.

“Cool! It’s fierce, rough… but even then it looks amazing! Thank you, Lux…”

“… what?” Lux almost stumbled upon hearing that claim.

Arum’s soft voice seemed to be grateful for having his shirt torn.

But unlike what Lux thought, it was heartfelt praise for him and not a sarcastic remark.

Arum didn’t realize that his words had angered Lux’s heart all the more as he jumped out of the gallery seat.

His reinforced legs aided him to make a perfect landing from the second floor as his eyes met with Lux again.

“Are you fooling around?” Lux snorted

That was the only conclusion that Lux could come to. Arum seemed to be using non-attribute magic on purpose. It was as if he was shouting to the world that ‘I can fight Lux with basic magic alone!’

It was indeed a disrespect to Lux who was at least using his attribute.

“Nope, I am very serious about this.”

“But you are using just non-attribute magic since the very beginning. Even the unusual spell you used now seems to be only countering mine and strengthening your spells. But it seems to have decreased your casting speed. Are you sure you want to continue like this?”

Lux couldn’t help but admit that Arum had some skill. The speed of casting of his spell and the fact that he could successively cast one after another spoke for itself. Not to mention that Arum could dodge Lux’s spell showing that he was somewhat talented.

What Lux couldn’t understand was why Arum was using only non-attribute magic. Was it just to mock him? Could a commoner have such balls to mock a noble? Would he be able to bear the consequences if he did?

Lux had no idea why Arum was hell-bent on destroying himself when he could very much have a respectful defeat. After all, no one would mock a commoner for losing against a noble.

‘It is only natural that commoners would lose to the nobles.’

No matter how fast Arum casts his spell and no matter how many times he casts it, it wouldn’t make up for the lack of power in his spells. The quantity could never make up for quality. Not to mention that Lux had enough reserves that he could cast a lot of quality spells too.

‘Looks like he is trying to hold back his cards maybe? But if I let him survive without showing his hand, then I would be only disrespecting myself.’

But soon Lux changed his opinion as Arum tried to answer all of those questions of Lux with a simple nonchalant line.

“No, I can only use non-attribute magic.”

Arum shook his head. To Arum it didn’t matter what form of magic he uses as long as he becomes a great wizard. But the same wasn’t true for Lux and the others.

“… What the hell?”

It was an answer beyond anyone’s expectations.

One must note that these nobles who were spoon-fed from their birth had never seen a single magic-user who couldn’t use one of the attributes. Non-attributes? That was common to all of them. But no one used it due to its lack of power.

A shocking silence befell on everyone as they couldn’t believe what they had just heard.

The voice of Arum that even reached the gallery thanks to the reverberation continued.

“My mana vessel doesn’t allow me to convert mana to any other attribute by its very nature. So I can only use it directly as non-attributed magic.”

Arum presented a more logical explanation.

Everyone wondered whether Arum was joking. There was a silence that waited for the next words as the audience gazed at him with a stupefied expression waiting for him to confirm that it was a joke.

But no words came for Arum’s voice as he seemed to be not the least bit bothered by his physical shortcomings.

The moment everyone realized that there was no lie in Arum’s serious expression, the gallery burst out into laughter.

“Ha Ha Ha! Seriously!”

“There was such a guy alive!”

“Look what that fool claims! He thinks he can be a wizard with that. A cripple can be a wizard. Ha Ha Ha!”

Everyone ridiculed Arum as they burst into laughter.

No one knew whether Arum was used to such mockery or if he didn’t care at all, but there seemed to be no change of expression on his face.

The spoon-fed audience jumped to the conclusion that Arum was indeed used to such mockery from his very birth. After all, in the circle of nobility who wouldn’t laugh at a cripple such as him?

But one thing they failed to notice was that Arum had never come into contact with the circle of nobility. Thus he was never ridiculed for not being able to use attributes. And why would he be? The people back in his village couldn’t use magic at all! Let alone using attributes.

Yup, that was the scenario. Arum indeed didn’t care all all, as he passed it off with a shrug.


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