Non-attribute Magic

[Thunderlight Giant]

Voices overlapped as the whole army of wizards chanted at the same time. It was like a chorus of melody as a tribute to heaven.

The mana tributed to the heavens became a whirlpool of magical power and transformed into a gate of another world that threatened to suck Arum inside of it.

A chill that Arum had never felt before ran through his spine.

‘Something is coming… !’

“What’s is this…!”

His premonition soon became a hard reality. After all, that was the very essence of magic. It transformed imaginations into reality.

*Thump* *thump*

A deafening thumping sound resounded that caused the ground to shake.

The space in the building tore open as a giant like monster about eight meters long in size. It seemed to have a humanoid structure but its form was hardly visible, as sparks of lightning flew in all directions from it adorned with an armor of thunder.

Thunder ran like veins in the vessels of the giant, and it made Arum realize that the giant was the magical manifestation of thunder itself!

“Oooo… Gooooooo!!”

The giant roared causing some to cover their ears in fear.

The giant was an heirloom of the Orrick family.

It was a bloodline spell that was a privilege and trump card of the Orrick family itself. Only the ones having the pure Orrick blood flowing in their veins could use this ability.

The giant who had stood against the clan’s enemies in many a war had now emerged on this battlefield to crush Arum’s hopes and dreams.

“Bloodline Magic! Oh my God.”

“It was indeed worth to come to see…”

“He really used it!”

The gallery burst into hustle and bustle. Indeed they too were excited at the appearance of the thunder giant. After all, most of them had a tiny bit of urge to see it. But they knew that against a battle with a worthless commoner Lux would never have to use it. As such they could only gasp their breaths at the emergence of the thunder giant.

While the crowd had burst out into cheers, Lux had a frown on his face. He was dissatisfied with the result.

“… It’s a little small but it can’t be helped.”

The muttering of his was terrifying in its own right. It proved that the already prominent threat that rival a plethora of enemies on the battlefield was not at its full strength. That could only leave one wonder how strong the Thunderlight Giant would be at full scale.

“So this is Bloodline Magic…” Arum whispered in awe.

Arum who had only learned about magic from a single master can’t help but be ignorant of a plethora of spells. In fact, it was more reasonable to not know about Orrick’s bloodline spell since it was something exclusive to the Orrick family.

But so what?

Arum had a vast pool of knowledge about the nature of mana itself! He might not know a few exclusive spells but his vast knowledge only made up for what he lacked.

From the very beginning, Arum could only use non-attribute magic. That led him to be super curious about the magic of other forms. He was hungry for knowledge and he was a magic nerd. He had absorbed all the magic knowledge that was bought to him by his master and also from the book that his master brought for him like a dry sponge that absorbs water.

Indeed he was not just a sponge, rather he was a ‘dry’ sponge. His crippled state that didn’t allow him to use magic other than non-attribute was what had made him ‘dry’.

‘Of course, I don’t know about bloodline spells because I only have the knowledge that can be found in books.’

The bloodline magic.

It is a clan only magic that the wizards have passed down from generation to generation.

Unlike the many magics passed down to the public by books, this form of magic was a proof of the clan and was only passed down to the successor.

It was a trump card for wizards and only bloodlines could activate it.

No matter how much mana one uses, one can only create similar products. And no one else can truly reach its glory.

Bloodline magic is inherited.

Unlike the magic that the wizards of today’s age cast and created. These magics exist from ancient times and will continue to exist for the clan since it was cast by their ancestors.

Civilizations might pass. Countries might fall. But as long as the clan exists and has someone with the blood flowing in their veins, this magic too would continue to exist

Born from the existence of a single clan it was something that was considered magic while at the same time some disregarded it as magic altogether. It jumps over the frame of magic and appears in reality as a breathtaking existence.

“Do it!”

The giant lifts his right arm in response to its master’s voice. THe giant’s arm was stronger than Lux’s arm could ever be even when imbued with his [Lightning Knight] Spell.


The floor which had only scratches from Lux’s previous spell was mercilessly crushed.

The strength of the spell is determined by its influence on reality and Lux’s bloodline spell had quite the influence here.

The Orrick family bloodline magic was first cast 600 years ago. the magic that had been chanted more than 6 centuries ago had endured quite a lot of beasts and numerous wizards alike and had survived the assault of time. It stood as an unshakable solid existence that could be threatened by none. Throughout the 600 yeras, numerous wizards of the Orrick family had modified and only improved the power and efficiency of the spell.

A spell that had such a long history, how could it be simple?

The huge arm that had threatened to kill Arum was an ancient disaster that was chanted by Lux casually.

This was one of the reasons why even the greatest of scholars could not copy the bloodline spells.

A great scholar of magic might be able to imitate it to a certain extent and cast a thunder giant of similar form. But the effectiveness and power won’t be the same.

A single generation of scholars can’t make up for the trial and error that a single spell had gone through more than 600 years!

The true threat of the bloodline magic is the improvements it had received through time. It was almost t like the bloodline spells matured through time and gained superior strength.

“Amazing! That’s cooler than I had expected it to be…!”

Arum gasped as he couldn’t hide his sense of surprise and awe anymore.

The arm that had crushed the floor didn’t hit Arum. Rather it hit empty space. Lux intended to show Arum the difference in strength and crush his dreams. He didn’t believe that Arum would able to dodge this spell of his if he were to go all out.

Because of the specific rules of the academy, Lux was refraining from killing the commoner. Had he met with Lux somewhere else? Lux wouldn’t have hesitated at all! The death of a mere ant doesn’t count as any loss to society.

“You should surrender already since you can’t win this. If you prolong the match any further, the only destruction awaits you.”

Lux calmly spoke as he looked at Arum with disdain.

A worthless commoner.

A cripple who can’t use attributes.

A cheat who came into the university through unfair means dishonoring the nobles.

Those were the labels he had for Arum.

But Arum smirked.

“Only time will tell… it’s still too early for you to decide.”

With reinforced legs, Arum jumped to the gallery upstairs. No one could guess what Arum was planning next as they mocked and scoffed at him.

He aimed his fingers at Arum.

“[Mana Bullet]”

‘This is getting fun.’ Arum thought.

Lux didn’t know. That due to the effect of Arum’s spell [Stand By] Arum’s power was increasing every moment.

Five magic bullets formed on Arum’s five fingers.


*swish* *swish*

The crowd mocked as they watched Arum shoot his magic bullets again. But unlike the others, Lux squinted his eyes.

‘That direction…’

The body of the giant was essentially controlled using Lux’s own body. The direction from which the mana bullets came was such that if he wanted to destroy them, he would need to move his body in such a way that his very movement would cause a chain reaction and the giant would be crushing Lux under its arms.


Lux sighed.

It was a good move that others might have not been able to predict but Lux was different.

One must not that Lux was the successor of the Orrick family. Being in such a situation it was only natural that he would be trained in battle tactics from a young age.

“It’s useless…”

The move would have been fatal had Lux been a spoon-fed noble like the others. But Lux had seen through it and wouldn’t act carelessly.


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