Non-attribute Magic

“It’s your turn,” Arum claimed with a smile.


Lux cracked his fingers as he stared at Arum with disdain.

The distance between Arum and the giant was still far off.

Arum knew how far the giant can go when he swings his arm down. Arum had to just stay out of the giant’s range to avoid being crushed like a bug.


The giant roared as it betrayed Arum’s expectations. Mana concentrated around the giant as it kept surging higher and higher making the air concentrated with it.


Then suddenly all of that mana was as if released from its restraints as they charged towards Arum of their own accord.

 An unexpected attack that was quite different from the ones the giant was launching. It was a blast of the magical power of the lightning attribute

Had Arum known of the existence of such a phenomenon, he would have dodged the attack.

But alas! He was unaware that the giant could do magical attacks at well.

Arum had been dodging around the giant’s physical attacks ever since the beginning and hadn’t expected a magical attack out of nowhere.

One must note, that although Arum knew about most forms of magic portrayed in books, he knew almost nothing about the effects of the bloodline spells making Lux’s surprise attack successful.


The spell of the thunder attribute mercilessly struck Arum. Only wizards can use spells created by them. The very fact that the giant could use spells of itself despite being just a manifestation was a miracle in itself!

A sharp pain rushed through his body as the electric forces ripped his body apart.


But Arum was somehow able to survive the attack as he gasped for breath.

‘If I hadn’t used Lightning resistance from beforehand, my body would have been numb enough for me to lose the match.’

The three auxiliary spells that Arum had cast one after another.

All three of them aided him to resist the lightning attribute. They were spells that were best suited for it. Through the years of knowledge acquired through books, Arum was well aware of the compatibility of the spells.

“Wow, that giant has a long range attack too….!”

While stretching the stiff muscles of his body Arum exclaimed in awe and amazement.

As long as the giant uses its long range attack the distance between them wouldn’t matter anymore.

“So cool…”

But his voice was soon interjected.

“Arum, please surrender!” Misty cried.

Her patience had reached its limits. No one had any faith in Arum from the beginning. No expected anything from a peasant. But at least she did. But her trust had crumbled to dust.

She knew how the battle would end up like.

The rate at which it was progressing made the future clear. Arum had no hope of surviving through it.

It was a worthless struggle. The pain that he was putting himself through would amount to nothing.

The other nobles were just enjoying the show. They took quite the pleasure In watching the fish squirm as it brought to the land waiting for only its death to end its squirming.

Arum had indeed come out of the waters. He should have stayed in the countryside, the place where trash like him belonged. There was no place for him on land in the circle of nobility. No place for him in the world of ‘wizards’.

But Misty wasn’t as heartless as others.

She could not watch him squirm in agony.

She felt the need to speak up.

“Lux is a wizard. The strength of the wizard is dependent on how vast their history is. It lies in studying the history and traditions of their predecessors. Did you think that a commoner like you would carry such magic and privileges history? You who have no history or tradition would inevitably be defeated here.”

Lux nodded to Misty’s claim.

Lux had no intention to cripple Arum even more than he already was. As long as Arum understands the difference between him and the nobles and walks out of the university with his tail in between his legs Lux would be satisfied. He couldn’t bring himself to be bothered with the likes of a commoner.

Lux understands that bearing a dream that can never come true is painful. It’s just a reality that couldn’t be achieved just by being stubborn. In the harsh world, the privileges received at birth were a major factor in determining what one could achieve and what one could not. And Arum certainly had no hope of achieving anything. Even a slave wizard was at a better standing than him.

It was but Lux’s conscience that led him to point out the reality of the situation to Arum. Unlike the other nobles who mocked Arum, he could only hold pity for him.

‘The sooner he gives up, the better it is for him. At least his heart wouldn’t have to bear the pain of failure even after he gave it his all.’

Lux stared at Arum’s eyes. The eyes that burned as bright as fire and gazed at his bloodline spell with awe.

No matter how much they tell him to quit, the fire in Arum’s eyes quite unbefitting for a commoner doesn’t seem to fade away.

Lux sighed.

‘It can’t be helped. I have to cut in further.’

“Do you have a teacher?” Lux asked.

“Yes I..”

“You are not bad, Arum. It is your teacher that is bad.”


Lux nodded as being quite sure of his analysis, while Arum had question marks on his face.

“The teacher who didn’t tell you that you couldn’t be a wizard would definitely be bad. He gave you half-hearted hope and asked you to pursue your dreams when you have not a single speck of chance. He must have been a scam, to begin with. Your teacher should have told you from the beginning that you couldn’t be a wizard aren’t worthy to be taught magic.”


“Your teacher is a terrible scam. I don’t know what your teacher was thinking and I even doubt his credibility as a wizard to a great extent. Or maybe he just wanted to keep a fake mask of a teacher-like attitude that kept encouraging their student in the subjects they teach no matter how bad the students are at them. I don’t know. But you should know that you cannot be a wizard if you can’t do Mana Conversion. You are a cripple ad you should know that.”

Lux was definitely pointing at the sole master at Arum had. Lux had no idea what that person was like and what he was even thinking.

Non-attribute magic wasn’t even considered magic in some places without the ‘mana Conversation. A thing for the wizard’s children to play with – that was the analogy that was used for this form of magic.

If one is a teacher why won’t he mention all of this to Arum?

Lux would even go to the point that such a person wasn’t worthy to be a teacher if he had to.

“Shut up you are noisy.”

Lux was so involved in his soliloquy that he hadn’t noticed that when Arum’s face had darkened up. The air around him seemed to have turned heavy too.

Arum’s usual casual demeanor that seemed to be stricken with excitement every time magic came into play was never to be seen.

Indeed, Lux had made a big mistake.

“Hmmm?” Lux raised his brows in anticipation.

“If you are not a fool… then take back what you said.”

Lux was glad till now that he was reprimanding Arum as he basked in his own sense of righteousness, but suddenly the reality of the situation hit him.

If the one who taught Arum is a bad teacher, then a righteous and upright noble would have directed the words to Arum’s master and not to him. He would have spoken them to his master’s very face!

But what he did just now doesn’t make him any different from those ‘girls’ who do nothing but gossip behind one’s back. It might have been a different scenario if he was just a random person. But he was the successor of the Orrick household. How could he stoop so low? He felt his dignity being trampled by himself. In a sense of superiority, he had forgotten his manners.

And why wouldn’t he? The presence of a commoner could only bring emotions of disdain in his heart.

“It’s fine if someone mocks me for not being able to use attributes, but I won’t allow anyone to belittle my master!”

For the first time, a wave of clear anger was directed towards Lux. Till now Arum had just thought of the other nobles as kids who would laugh like parrots with half-closed eyes at the tune of a bagpiper. So he couldn’t care less when they laughed at him either.

But making fun of his master? That was his borderline.


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