“It’s fine if someone mocks me for not being able to use attributes. I am aware that I can’t really do it. But I won’t allow anyone to belittle my master!”

As Lux was subjected to Arum’s intense glair a sudden realization dawned upon him. He hadn’t realized it before but now that he actually knows that Arum was a cripple the reality of the matter little by little became clear to him.

Arum’s words at the gate in front of all the nobles weren’t meant to challenge him, neither were they a show of arrogance. After all, how can a cripple ever be arrogant of his crippled magic?

‘I see, so he was aware all along.’

‘He must be wanting to prove his skills through this battle to prove because he wanted to prove that he is not inferior despite being a commoner. He wanted to prove his skills.’

Lux jumped to his own conclusions.

He believed that it wouldn’t make much sense otherwise.

But a sudden scream brought him back to the world.

“You don’t have the right!”

And at the same time, he realized that he had stepped into forbidden territory.

“Well, I apologize. It was my mistake,” Lux claimed.

He had his dignity on the line.

Arum shook his head.

“No, don’t do it yet.”

Arum said something strange causing Lux to raise his brows.

Arum didn’t want to receive Lux’s apology.

“I am sorry for using weak magic. But I can’t let you disrespect those big boobs! I will demolish you here and now.”

Arum said something even stranger.

“What are you saying? Don’t you only use non-attribute magic…”

Arum interjected Lux not allowing him to complete.

“You have crossed your line!”

Arum didn’t want to hear any reason. He would definitely not allow anyone to disrespect his master.

“… Well, that’s fine. I will apologize to you and your teacher.”

“Do you think I care?”


Arum’s line of sight intersected with Lux.

Lux was stunned while at the same time he received a piercing gaze from Arum that told how serious he was.

Arum descended from the gallery to the stage under everyone’s sight. It was like a completely different person had descended that caused them to choke on their own mockery.


A towering monster of thunder stood against him. The true battle had thus commenced.

Lux’s eyes widened for Lux knew the nature of the magic used now,

The Spell [Stand By] was not an attack in itself but it was only something used in the preparation of an attack. It was a preset spell.

Arum’s chant of such a spell was like a declaration of his attack pattern. It was like he had changed his tactic from defensive to a more offensive one.

“Accumulation,” Lux whispered under his breath.

Mana from the surroundings began to accumulate from his mana vessel for him to charge the very next spell.

Accumulation itself was no magic process. Rather it was one of the four foundational blocks of magic namely, “Accumulation”, “Mana Conversion”, “Transformation” and “Release”. “Accumulation” was a process that was usually done subconsciously and was the most underrated to the point of often being ignored.

But not for Arum, who took this process seriously. For some reason, unlike the others, he had to chant it in the same manner as spells were chanted. Others mostly could do it without chanting at all!

Mana erupted from Arum’s body. The fuel that slept in the depths of Arum’s body began to channel in his veins creating a mystic aura around him that was never seen before.

“What the hell…?”

Lux gasped at the sudden surge of vast amounts of mana around Arum. It was like mana was leaking out from him unable to be contained.

Lux shook his head as he gained back his composure.

‘No matter what you do. You cannot match me.’

There was no way that Lux could have lost from Arum by any means. But now that he had used his bloodline magic it was only natural that he would win.

How many generations did his bloodline magic pass through?

How many battles had his bloodline magic won?

There was no way he was going to be pushed back.

Lux awaited Arum’s next move and also pitties him for getting in his way.

Lux at least felt a bit of guilt for insulting Arum’s teacher in an ‘unethical’ way. And that’s was exactly why Lux was willing to go through Arum’s cheap pretend to be a wizard at his heart’s content, no matter how much time it took to make Arum realize.

“Is it okay for you to not defend yourself?” Arum asked.

Lux was standing completely defenseless without any defensive spell cast on himself. It was clear as a day that Arum was going to attack. Then why not defend it?

“Oh, I don’t believe that your magic would harm me in any way. And with your worthless spell, it would be proved and you would realize that my words were indeed true.”


Arum nodded with a pinched expression. His face looked grim as he stared at the cracked floor.

Soon a realization dawned upon him causing his lips to arch to a smile.

“In that case…”


He reached an amazing conclusion.

“Then I can prove that everything you said is rubbish if I defeat you..”

Lux raised his brows. Lux didn’t make any reply.

But Arum didn’t expect any reply. Arum’s body trembled at the number of things he could prove here. There was not just one mockery that he had received. He had received a plethora of them! He had a chance to prove all of them were rubbish and prove that he was right all along.


Arum activated another one of the foundations completely skipping onto the “Mana Conversation” step. It was another non-attribute spell indeed. For Arum this was the most important step as this was the one that manifests his mana.


 But this time he had a noticeable change compared to the other spells that he used before.

Magic should not have been released yet. The process of “release” had not been executed. But contrary to what one might expect, Arum’s veins bulged with a white glow. The others would not have noticed it if not for Arum’s torn shirt. The torn shirt along with his white veins gave him a wild appearance never to be seen before.

There was a perfect balance in his veins. The mana had not been released yet and neither was it leaking out due to an excess.

The white lines stretched from his right arm and then from both of his feet unnoticed by anyone covered by his trousers. The white mana branched off like a waterway with him as a source as they eventually drew something like a magic circle on the floor.

“Misty stay away”


Misty tilted her head in confusion.

“This is a bit dangerous. There might be some backlash.”

Arm advised Misty as he glanced at her with the corner of his eyes behind his shoulder. His mana surged as he prepares for his spell

‘I know what my magic is like.’

“Move!” Arum shouted at the top of his voice ordering her.


She squeaked as she moved as far away as she could.

“Good luck!”

Misty and the other girl retraced along as they said their wishes. Arum’s ears twitched as he heard the voice of someone he hadn’t heard before.

“A summon…?”

Lux observed Arum’s spell and muttered. The only spell in which a magic circle is deployed before activating the spell is the magic circle.

‘But something like that should not be possible.’

The summoning magic was also an attribution-based spell. The attribute of the magic depends on what is actually being summoned.

Take Lux’s Lightning Giant for example, while it wasn’t summoning magic by its very nature and Lux didn’t have to use a magic circle either. It indeed portrayed well how the summons represented the user’s attributes. Someone like Arum with crippled magic shouldn’t have been able to do summoning magic.

Arum was doing something that Lux had no idea about.

But lux wasn’t worried. No matter what Arum does, in the end, it would be another non-attribute magic. It was unlikely to be powerful enough to be a threat to Lux.

Because of the lack of “Mana Conversation” non-attributed magic can only manifest itself as auxiliary magic. Auxillary magic only strengthens certain parts of the body and does not actually exert any magical power. That is why it is not even considered magic.

Its defenses themselves were fragile, not to mention that the attack was non-existent. The act of simply applying the mana without any conversion had been sent to the dust of history and wasn’t able to find its place in the realm of magic.

“History would not be overturned by your efforts alone.”

A long history of magic. It was also a barrier for Arum to cross. He not only had to make up for the defects of his own magic but also the years of strength that Lux’s bloodline magic had accumulated.


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