Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 13: No Longer A Virgin

Mu Yufei couldn’t believe what he heard. These kinds of words like “virgin boys” could never come out of her mouth.

He calmed himself down and asked in a low voice, “You mean you want four men for bodyguards? I have a lot of them here; they are the ones you asked me to train in the old days. They all have good fighting skills and are more than enough to be bodyguards…”

“Xuanli, I’m not looking for them to be bodyguards. I need them to practice martial arts. Remember, they must be virgin boys, even better if they’re good looking, I can’t take average-looking boys.” Qin Jiu raised her eyebrows and said in a positive tone.

Mu Yufei froze.

He stared at Qin Jiu, his eyes burning like a sword back and forth on Qin Jiu’s face, trying to identify the authenticity of her words. His eyes almost bore a hole in Qin Jiu’s body. In the end, he bowed his head in disappointment and seemed to know that Qin Jiu wasn’t joking.

“My Lord, you… need four men, how to practice?” Mu Yufei asked.

Qin Jiu was playing with a small fan of goose feathers on the table. “Xuanli,” she started with a smile, “I am the leader of the Reed Branch of the Heaven Sect, but I also have a nickname you may not know called Red Ghost.”

When Mu Yufei heard “Red Ghost”, he felt like his brain didn’t work for a moment and turned breathless. He pulled out a chair and sat down in front of Qin Jiu, picking up the tea cup that had been placed on the jade table and drank the cold tea.

He was not familiar with the leader of the Reed Branch in the Heaven Sect named Qin Jiu, but he had heard of the Red Ghost of the Heaven Sect.

There was a merchant staying in the pavilion talking about the Red Ghost before. The merchant said that one year, he took a business group to stay in Phoenix County and met a woman in red in the same hotel. That woman was beautiful and seemed very weak, but she had a very charming aura. A few men in their group were very interested in her and looked at her constantly. The woman in red wasn’t shy at all and she even ogled back at them. Their group traveled to a lot of places and saw that she wasn’t like a good woman–they all thought she was a prostitute.

That night, a few men dared to go to her bedroom to look for her, but the woman was only interested in two young men. At that time, everyone in the group envied the two young men’s romantic luck. But on the second day no one envied. The two young men unexpectedly died, and the woman in red disappeared. The duty officer was called and after examination, he determined that the two men were killed by the ghost in red.

At that time they just knew that there was such a character called the “Red Ghost”. It was said that she learned some weird martial arts. The merchant didn’t know the name of it, but he knew that this martial art could be learned very fast. A woman who had never practiced martial arts could increase their internal power to the first-class master level in just two to three years. But this kind of martial arts was very evil; it was said that she needed a virgin boy for this practice.

Ghost in Red was such a woman, she looked beautiful and attractive, she had a very nice figure and after one night of romance, she would really suck off your soul and let you go to hell.

After Mu Yufei heard the story that day, he hated the Heaven Sect even more. He also disdained the cruel ghost in red very much. However, he never thought, the ghost in red would be her!

How was that possible? He wouldn’t believe it at all!

He knew her and she would never do anything like that.

“You’ll never be the Red Ghost, I know that.” When he calmed down, Mu Yufei lifted his eyes and quietly looked at Qin Jiu. There was certainty in his eyes.

Qin Jiu smiled.

She knew he wouldn’t believe it. He was too clever and knew her too well.

“You are too smart! You are right, the old ghost in red wasn’t me, she is already dead from going astray in martial arts. I am not the Red Ghost, but I practice the same martial arts as her, so many people now think I am her.”

Mu Yufei felt kind of relieved when he heard the first half of Qin Jiu’s sentence, but when he heard the second half, his heart suddenly felt pained.

“Why…Why would you learn that kind of martial art?” He almost shouted with a hoarse voice.

“You know, I didn’t have martial arts before, but now, I must know it.” Qin Jiu said lazily, as if she were talking about another’s business.

Mu Yufei was silent.

He suddenly took Qin Jiu’s wrist and looked at her hand, which used to embroider brocade and compose poems and paintings.

These hands had been so delicate and white, but now they were full of tiny calluses.

His hand trembled uncontrollably; he turned abruptly and asked, “When do you need them?”

“Tonight is the sixteenth. When the moon rises, find me a secret hot spring.” Qin Jiu said softly.

“I’ll send someone to do it now.” Mu Yufei turned around and opened the door, leaving quickly.

“Ah, Mr. Mu, let people serve now, and don’t forget a pot of red autumn leaves wine.” Qin Jiu shouted towards Mu Yufei’s back.

When she wanted to close the door, she saw Durian holding Yellow Hair standing at the door with his mouth wide open. She waved her hand and said, “Come in!”

Yellow Hair fluttered its wings and flew in, standing directly on the jade table in front of Qin Jiu.

Durian was still in the posture of holding Yellow Hair with his mouth open.

He was frightened and his mind was still whirling over the few words he had heard.

“When do you need those four boys?”

“Tonight is the sixteenth. When the moon rises, find me a secret hot spring.”

“Stinky, come in!” Yellow Hair yelled.

Durian wiped the sweat on his forehead, dawdled outside the room, but didn’t dare move any farther.

Just then, a servant from the pavilion began to serve the food.

When the food was ready, the waiter brought a pot of red autumn leaves wine, patted to open the seal.

Durian finally wiped off his sweat on his forehead. Only then did he dare to get closer and poured a glass of wine for Qin Jiu.

“Qin Jiu, your wine…” shuddered Durian.

Qin Jiu took the glass and slowly tasted the wine, she suddenly asked with a smile, “Durian, are you still a virgin?”

Durian was scared and his hand shook, the wine jar tilted and the red wine began to overflow.

“Master Jiu… I-I was not a virgin since long ago.” Durian trembled.

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