Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 14: Bai Suxuan Is Dead

“Qin Jiu, I was not a virgin from since long ago.” Durian shuddered.

“Oh, really?” Qin Jiu looked at Durian with a smile on her lips and slowly said, “Let me guess when you lost it.”

Durian put the jar on the table with a bitter face, afraid that he might accidentally break it.

Qin Jiu’s smile deepened, “According to Loquat’s reconnaissance, you were a beggar in the street three years ago. During those three years, you didn’t have money so you couldn’t go to a brothel. I don’t think any woman liked you that time either, so it must not be then. Loquat took you into the Heaven Sect after that and you have been following me. I didn’t touch you and others know you are my person, so they wouldn’t touch you either. So to speak…” Qin Jiu drawled her voice, looking surprised, “You lost your virginity three years ago… You are seventeen now. Three years ago, you were fourteen. Fourteen… Durian, you lost….. “

Durian sweat on his forehead, “I didn’t!” Durian angrily cried.

“Not fourteen? Then thirteen? Or even smaller?” Qin Jiu continued with a smile.

Durian was sweaty and embarrassed, but didn’t know how to refute her.

He thought it was wise of him to put down the jar, or he might’ve thrown that at the witch.

“Ha ha ha…” When Qin Jiu saw Durian’s silly appearance, she couldn’t help laughing in his face. She reclined on the bed, picked up the wine pot on the table and raised her head gracefully. The raised wine pot tilted and red liquor poured into her mouth accurately. Her raised neck was graceful and slender, her pointed chin, like it was carved from white marble, lifted with haughty highness.

Light and shadow lingered inside the room, the carmine clothes wrapped her body, beautiful and enchanting.

Durian looked at her and was stunned again.

“Qin Jiu! Cheers! Cheers! Yellow Hair wants to cheers with you too…” Yellow Hair was unable to resist the smell of the wine; he jumped on the jade table and asked for wine.

Qin Jiu smiled, poured the glass full, looked up and flicked it over. The cup curved towards Yellow Hair. He glared with his black bean eyes, fluttered his wings, and held the cup with his beak. Then, he lifted his neck and gulped it down.

He finished drinking, opened his mouth and dropped the glass on the table.

“I want more, more.” Yellow Hair flapped his wings and went on begging.

Qin Jiu pet his head and said, “Although this red autumn leaves is famous for its soft and sweet taste, it has a strong power later. You can’t drink any more. However, Durian, you can come and have some. I thought you were still a child, but you were a man at thirteen. Which man doesn’t drink?”

“I didn’t lose my virginity at thirteen… I didn’t. I am still a virgin now.” Durian shouted out the truth with a bitter face.

Qin Jiu laughed and said, “Well, that’s good. Since you are still a virgin, I will wrong you tonight.”

Durian felt so regretful that he wanted to hit the wall.

He abruptly lifted up the jar on the table and started to drink.

Anyways, he would be bullied by the witch and would not be alive after tonight. He’d rather drink to death instead.

Qin Jiu looked at the drinking Durian who began to sway after he finished half the jar. The wine jar slid down his body and he collapsed on the floor, his face turned red from alcohol.

Yellow Hair, who had been fine, now began to sway drunkenly, wobbling a few steps and falling headlong onto Durian.

Qin Jiu sighed slightly; nowadays, the only pleasure in her gloomy life was teasing Durian. She put the jar on the table, rolled up from the couch and stood up. Her bright red dress fell down like the last touch of red in the winter snow.

Her wounds were so painful they teared at her heart. After these two fights, the internal strength she tried so hard to accumulate jumped disobediently. She had to re-practice her internal strength tonight.

The residence the Emperor gave to Qin Jiu was in Guangzhai Fang, a residence specially prepared by the imperial court for the Heaven Sect disciples who had come to the capital to work for the government in previous dynasties. Concubine Hui lived here before too. This house didn’t cover a big area, but the layout was chic and unique.

A few days ago, the imperial court had sent someone to clean up, so when Qin Jiu arrived, she could just move in without cleaning.

That night, Qin Jiu finished dinner early and found an excuse to rest; she sent Cherry and Lychee away. She took Loquat with her from the back door, and rode a carriage directly to the Lijing’s Xuande Gate. Exiting Xuande Gate, she rode along the official road to Jiuman Mountain.

It was already dark. There were no other carriages on the official road except Qin Jiu’s. It was very quiet. Qin Jiu leaned on the soft couch in the carriage, looking toward the sky. The full moon in the dark sky was high above the horizon, and in its clear light the stars around it were faint and indistinct.

Mu Yufei arranged a hot spa for Qin Jiu in Princess Zhaoping’s Palace.

Princess Zhaoping was the third child of the Emperor and the third sister of Yan Su. In the year of Qingdi 12, she married Xie Dichen and lived outside the Palace. At the beginning the couple had a good relationship and loved each other, but in the year of Qingdi 13, Princess Zhaoping unexpectedly asked the Emperor to divorce Xie Dichen because of health reasons. With the Emperor’s permission, she left to Jiuman Mountain for recovery.

When Qin Jiu arrived at Jiuman Mountain, she saw a carriage parked at the foot of the mountain. Mu Yufei was standing next to the carriage looking up at the sky. When he heard the sound of the carriage, he turned around slowly.

At this moment, even with the distance, Qin Jiu saw the deep sorrow in his eyes under the bright moonlight.

She had known him for six years.

She remembered that he was a sunny, calm, and intelligent man. Therefore, she felt comfortable to hand over LingLong pavilion and the other businesses under her name to him. Because these businesses were under the name of Mu Yufei, when her family got in trouble, these businesses were not affected.

She thought that he would always be sunny and calm, but in just one day, she saw the sadness in his eyes several times. She knew he was worried about her, but there was nothing she could do.

She got out of the carriage and walked slowly to him.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Mu Yufei couldn’t help but ask again.

Qin Jiu nodded and said, “Xuanli, you know that once I started practicing this kind of martial arts, I can’t stop halfway.”

Mu’s eyes became dimmer and dimmer; he sighed deeply with indescribable pain.

“Come with me, my Lord. Princess Zhaoping is not living here now. I sent people to ask her permission, and she gave this piece of jade.”

“You didn’t tell Zhaoping about me, did you?” “Qin Jiu asked.

Mu Yufei nodded, “I didn’t, I know you don’t want to let her know.”

“Remember, don’t let anyone know. There is no Bai Suxuan in this world anymore. Bai Suxuan has died, and I am now Qin Jiu, who lives for thousands of innocent souls.” Qin Jiu enunciated word by word.

The wind blew very strong in the mountain, her clothes rolled with the wind like countless spirits dancing.

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  1. ” That woman was called Bai Suxuan, who was the daughter of the Bai family, one of the four largest families at the time. Speaking of Bai Suxuan, durian is also known.

    After the accident at his home, he wandered on the street and was begging in the restaurant. He heard the storyteller in the restaurant talk about this woman. It is said that those who have seen her are shocked. Said that she is not only stunning, but also dignified, virtuous and talented. At that time, Emperor Qing was unable to go to court due to illness. At the age of fourteen, Bai Suxuan followed his aunt, the White Queen, to go to court and assisted her aunt to hold the court for three full years.

    In fact, Bai Suxuan showed her amazing talent when she was younger, and many of her handwritten poems circulated in private. Those verses just read a thought, and they all feel fragrant.

    I don’t know what a coincidence, Yan Yu got to know Bai Suxuan. Yan Yu was determined to marry her, not hesitating to rob her, and finally used his imperial brother’s imperial decree. But unfortunately, before Bai Suxuan had ever passed the house, something went wrong with the Bai family, and Bai Suxuan was also killed. At that time, people secretly spread rumors that Yan Yu’s fate was so hard that he killed his father and Bai Suxuan, and even the whole family of the Bai family was destroyed because of climbing relatives with him.

    Since then, Yan Yu has won the title of Yama, saying that he is a stunning Yama.

    Such a person, as long as the woman he admires, is naturally not lucky but unfortunate.

    The unfortunate woman now is Su Wanxiang.

    “I just don’t know who is that hapless Su Wanxiang?” Durian sighed.

    Qin Jiu stared at the sky where the fireworks bloomed, Dan Feng’s eyes seemed to be covered with a thin layer of mist, covering the emotions that flowed in her eyes, making her look a little ethereal.”

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