Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 15: Evil Practitioner

Because she lived not just for her alone, but for thousands of innocent souls.

“I remember there are other hot springs in Jiuman Mountain,” Qin Jiu said with a slight frown.

There were many mountains around the capital, but only Jiuman Mountain had hot springs, big or small, in four or five places. Qin Jiu remembered that one of the biggest hot springs was in the Emperor’s vacation house, where only the emperor and his concubines could go. The other two smaller ones were in the Palace of Yan Su and his eldest brother Yan Min. Princess Zhaoping‘s hot spring was not big, but she remembered that there should be two other hot springs like hers.

To be cautious, Qin Jiu didn’t want to go to Zhaoping’s Palace. Although it was safer than other places, if Zhaoping knew this, she would doubt her identity. In this world, only a few people knew her relationship with Mu Yufei, and Zhaoping was one of them. At that time, she did not want people to know that the Pavilion was hers, so she asked Zhaoping to support the Pavilion behind the scenes.

Knowing what Qin Jiu was worried about, Yufei said, “Other hot springs have been taken by the Emperor. There are no hot springs that we can go to. I know what you are worried about, but when I asked Zhaoping for her jade, she did not ask me why I needed it. If you are afraid to cause trouble for her, we can go in by climbing over the wall and only take out her jade if we’ve been caught.”

Qin Jiu thought for a moment and spoke, “Since we climbed over the wall to get in, don’t show her jade even if we’ve been caught.”

Mu Yufei nodded, let the sedan chair with four young men go first before he led Qin Jiu and Loquat through the mountain road. Turning a corner, there was a palace hidden amidst the trees. They went around to the back door of the white wall while Mu Yufei ordered someone to send the four young men to the hot spring first.

Before Qin Jiu went in, she asked Mu Yufei to hide the carriages. She also told Mu Yufei to not show up no matter what happened to her. It was better not to let others know his relationship with her.

Mu Yufei was forced to agree.

Qin Jiu took Loquat to climb over the wall to the inside. There were no other people there; Zhaoping must’ve taken them to her place, so they came in unimpeded. She used to come here often and was very familiar with the layout of the palace and quickly moved along the cloister with Loquat.

After a while, she felt that the oncoming wind was no longer cold but as warm as the spring breeze. She blinked her eyes and saw a large bamboo house. Qin Jiu let Loquat guard outside while she opened the bamboo door.

When Mu Yufei came inside he had already lit the candle, so it was bright inside the house.

Qin Jiu stepped in. There was a hot spring in front of her, faintly discernible through the white fog. By the side of the pool there were many pots of flowers and trees, some of which had already bloomed due to the warmth. The misty room was like a fairyland dotted with bright and dark incense.

In the mist, Qin Jiu saw four teenagers lined up by the edge of the hot spring, looking at each other with fear.

Qin Jiu smiled and kicked down the small soft boots of stone-blue sheepskin on her feet, and stepped on the cool marble ground to the poolside with her bare white feet. She stretched out her hand to explore the water temperature of the hot spring–it was just right. She looked up into the sky and saw the full moon through the crevices of the curved bamboo ceiling.

In the dark sky, the icy moon was clear.

Hot springs, full moon, young men, these were all necessary conditions to practice “Mending Heaven and Heart Sutra”.

Qin Jiu stood up, lazily sitting on a bamboo stool to the side, looking at the four teenagers with a smile: “You four must already know what you are going to do tonight. Are you willing?”

The four boys hurriedly nodded. One of them stepped forward and declared, “I know. I volunteered my life to help you practice.” The other three boys nodded and agreed, “We are willing to.”

Qin Jiu heard Mu Yufei say that these four boys were all his subordinates. He had saved their lives before, so the four boys were willing to do this for him.

“Then of course I will not let you die!” Qin Jiu chuckled and took out four purple pills from her dress, “Don’t be afraid. Take these four pills first, they will make you feel more comfortable.” Then she waved her sleeve and four pills flew to them.

The four teens reached for the pill, pinched it in their hands and stared at each other, not knowing what to do. Finally, they took the pills after hesitating for a while.

“Take off your clothes!” Qin Jiu stretched out her fingers and pulled out the coral phoenix hair clip. Her black, silky hair fell down immediately, like a fountain of ink running down to her waist. Her slender fingers flicked and her red lotus cloak dropped onto the bamboo stool. She stretched out her fingers slowly again and tried to loosen her waist tie.

Her movements were slow and graceful, full of charm.

Finally, she untied it and her red flower dress was opened in the middle, revealing a peach-colored bra, making her look wild and charming.

Her pale fingers were folded over her chest as she turned slightly to her side.

The four teenagers had taken off their clothes, only wearing their underwear while standing there peeping at her embarrassedly. They were all stunned and their faces were all turning red.

Qin Jiu slowly stood up from the bamboo stool, her long black hair flowing freely behind her. She walked forward slowly, with a perfect charming smile on her face.

One step, two steps, three steps, four steps.

She counted: one, two, three, four, down!

The four teenagers fell to the ground at the same time, staggering and unconscious.

Qin Jiu looked at them with deep sadness in her dark phoenix eyes. She stood, stretched out to her big sleeve robe, and the smooth, soft, embroidered garment felt like a cloud on her feet.

She held out her fingers to open the bra and take off her underpants. The white jade carved woman’s body was exposed to the air.

She stepped over her dress and stepped into the pool.

The steaming water drifted over her slender ankles, her slim waist, and her chest.

The light of the bright moon fell on her bare shoulders through the cracks in the roof. She floated in the pool with her eyes closed and breathed.

Everything outside was separated for a moment, but everything inside her body was clear. The beating of her heart, the flow of her blood, the contraction of her lungs; all was felt by her. Warmth drew slowly from her stomach and began to flow through the meridians of her body while the moonlight on her shoulder seemed to be chilly, slowly spreading and disappearing.

Cold and hot, ice and fire–the two opposing polarities began to fight in her body.

“Mending Heaven and Heart Sutra” was a kind of internal power women could practice. Your power would grow very fast, but when you practice, you must have sex with virgin boys to get their body’s warmness to drive away the coldness in women. This method wouldn’t harm women, but it would harm men a lot. Sometimes it would even take their lives.

But there was another way, just use the blood of young men. This method was relatively simple and didn’t harm men so badly. However, this method was extremely harmful to women. This method could help a person obtain great internal force in a short time, but also overdraft a person’s health.

In another words, it was suicide.

Qin Jiu used this method.

No one would use it, but she had to. She didn’t have enough time to practice martial arts, but she had to have martial arts. She didn’t want to hurt innocent people. She had no choice!

Because she lived, not for her alone, but for thousands of souls.

No one knew she was using this method including Loquat. So, what she gave the four teenagers was a drug with hallucinogenic drugs in it, and what they saw before they passed out would make them feel like they did something with her. This way, Mu Yufei would not doubt. She could not let him worry about her.

Cold sweat oozed from Qin Jiu’s forehead and the blood vessels on her body stood out, beating eerily. She moved slowly to where the four boys were lying, and began to remove clothes from one of them, preparing to take blood from him.

“Oh, what the hell is this? Do I have to see this?” A lazy voice came suddenly from the side.

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