Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 16: I Am Blind

Qin Jiu was shocked; her hand on the young man stopped abruptly.

In a flash, she had already picked up the embroidery frame from the ground, throwing it in the water. Crystal-clear water splashed as she jumped to the place where the sound came from.

Mist rose from the water and turned into rain falling. In the misty transpiration, a beautiful figure burst through the fog.

The first thing that caught the eye was the colorful silk thread. Red, green, white, blue, yellow….

After that was a pair of enchanting eyes, the indoor candle fire reflected inside, burning with killing intent.

Beautiful hair scattered behind her, blooming like an ink lotus.

Qin Jiu planned to kill the person with this attack, but suddenly stopped.

Her bare feet stood on the edge of the pool and because she stopped abruptly, her black air flew forward and slowly fell in front of her.

The flickering candlelight reflected her beauty.

She saw that man.

There was no sound in the big bamboo house, only the slight sound of spring water coming from the pool.

Princess Zhaoping’s bamboo house was very big; besides the white jade pool in the center, there were many other decorations. On the poolside, there were many flowerpots, some flowers were one feet tall while others were three or four feet.

Behind a pot of red hibiscus was a man lying on his side on a thick wool carpet.

He was a young man in his twenties, lounging lazily with his chin propped up in his hand, dressed with a dazzling black sash and brocade robe draped over himself casually, revealing a broad honey-colored chest and a graceful neck. He didn’t tie up his hair and let it fall loosely on his body.

Slender eyebrows, beautiful eyes, straight nose, thin lips, all of these constituted a delicate and handsome face.

He was Emperor Qindi’s seventh younger brother and Yan Su’s uncle, Yan Yu.

Qin Jiu held her breath.

This place seemed to like to go against her.

She met Yan Yu here before, but did not expect to meet him again after three years.

There was a small ebony table on his side, which had a fine white-glazed wine jug, a saucer of sweet-and-sour peanuts mixed with dried tofu, a saucer of pickled peppers with chicken feet, and a saucer of purple sweet potatoes spring rolls.

The man held a goblet of wine in his hand filled with orange-red liquor.

Qin Jiu never thought that she would be naked practicing Kung Fu and flirting with young men while another was drinking wine and eating peanuts, watching the play like she was a fool.

When did he come in?

It was obvious that he had already showered, and his black hair was half wet.

Qin Jiu was sure that he came earlier than her, even earlier than Mu Yufei. He might’ve hidden himself when Mu Yufei was checking this place and came out when she was here.

Qin Jiu was quite angry, but the needles on her hand did not fly at him.

One reason she couldn’t do so was because she really couldn’t kill him. The other reason was that his extremely beautiful eyes looked so dull and empty.

Apparently, he was blind.

Qin Jiu didn’t know when he went blind, but thank god he was. Otherwise, she didn’t know many innocent women would be harmed.

Yan Yu heard the sound as Qin Jiu jumped over; his slender hand slanted and wine poured into his body. He hurriedly put down his glass and began to touch the ground, as if he were looking for something.

Qin Jiu’s eyes wandered and saw a long spear trimmed from a bamboo branch not far from his palm.

“When did you come in?” Qin Jiu asked coldly.

With a flick of her finger, twelve embroidery needles swished out of her hand and pierced her clothes not far away. Qin Jiu pulled back her clothes across the pool with strength. She opened her arms and the red dress fell on her body, completely wrapping her enchanting body.

Qin Jiu stepped forward, stretching a foot, kicking the bamboo stick towards Yan Yu.

Yan Yu touched the bamboo; he sighed in relief and stood up from the carpet. Under the weak lamplight, he seemed to come out from the picture. Although his eyes looked dull and empty, his eyebrows showed an evil glint. He blinked his eyes with a smile on his lips.

“Not very early, but early enough to hear everything that I shouldn’t.” He spoke in a low voice with a magnetic power.

Qin Jiu raised her eyebrows in anger and finally suppressed her anger. Then, she remembered that he could not see so he didn’t know who she was no matter what he heard. She calmed down.

“Just listen as much as you like!” Qin Jiu said.

“Hi, I just heard you talking about doing something romantic. These young men are willing to do it, so you must be very beautiful… Actually, actually, I would like….” Yan Yu paused and raised his eyebrows.

“Like what?” Qin Jiu asked doubtfully.

“I am a virgin too! I wonder if you could let me…”

Before Yan Yu could finish, Qin Jiu was enraged.

“You are a virgin!?” Could you be more shameless?

If you were a virgin, then pigs could climb trees!

“Sorry, you’re too old! I like younger boys,” Qin Jiu teased.

Yan Yu sighed, “Are you sure you won’t consider me?”

“Absolutely sure!” Qin Jiu turned her face.

“What a shame. Though I am blind and can’t see anything, I’ll probably disturb you if I stay. This is Zhaoping Palace so you must be her guest. I am going to leave, you continue!”

Yan Yu declared, banging the ground with his long spear and walking away.

“In front is the pool. Turn left and go forward to get to the bamboo gate.” Qin Jiu watched him walk towards the pool and was going to squint her eyes and watch as a bystander. However, when she really saw him continue forward to the pool, the bamboo stick almost sweeping a flower pot into the pool, she reminded him in a cold voice.

“Thank you, young miss. Is there a pot of purple peony here?” Yan Yu asked with a smile.

The bamboo house was very warm, and Zhaoping planted a lot of precious flowers and trees, including peonies blooming in spring. Qin Jiu saw a pot of purple peonies not far away.

“There is one.”

“Can you help me to move it here, Zhaoping promised to give that to me.” Yan Yu smiled brightly and movingly.

Qin Jiu just wanted to get rid of this eyesore devil quickly to continue practicing martial arts. She was interrupted while channeling her internal energy, so she felt very uncomfortable now. She walked quickly, lifting the pot and handing it to him.

Yan Yu held the flowerpot, opened the bamboo door and went out.

Loquat was shocked when he saw a man coming out, asking Qin Jiu if she was fine through the door. Qin Jiu calmly answered, “I am fine. You keep on watching. I’ll be ready in a minute.”

Qin Jiu checked the house and made sure there was no one there. Then, she began to practice again.

She used an embroidery needle to draw blood from an unnoticeable part of the boy’s body, and after half an hour, when she was almost finished, she heard a noise outside, as if there were a large number of people coming.

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