Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 18: The Waters Aren’t Shallow

“Your Highness is sure interesting, running here in the middle of the night. Could it be that you heard this little girl was bathing here? Then, is Your Highness truly interested in me?” Qin Jiu smiled lazily, her eyes full of charm. Because she just spit blood, her lips were an attracting red.

Yan Su didn’t even look at Qin Jiu, instead ordering Xie Dichen coldly: “Check to see if you can save those four teenagers.” He looked at the four boys lying on the ground in their underwear, his face bad and his eyes were full of coldness.

Xie Dichen bent down his body and touched the boys’ noses and mouths, and had someone check whether there were wounds on their bodies. Finally, he got up and said, “Your Highness, they are still alive and there are no wounds on their bodies.”

Qin Jiu gently raised her eyebrows. Thankfully, she had used an embroidery needle and in a more obscure place. Even if they were more careful, they still wouldn’t see it.

“Oh?” Yan Su lightly lifted an eyebrow, as if he had already expected the outcome.

Qin Jiu smiled under the dim candlelight and looked calmly at the man standing in front of her.

Yan Su’s eyes swept over Qin Jiu’s face, and he squinted slightly and lifted his chin to create an imposing contour: “I also hope you are a good woman.” He stopped and inadvertently smiled, “Tonight, it is you who is really interested in this place. You came here secretly at this late hour to Zhaoping Palace to bathe and have four cute boys serve you. You are the truly fortunate one.”

Yan Su had thin lips and long eyes.

People say that a person with those lips and eyes were ruthless.

She did not believe it, thinking that he had always loved her. Now she knew, from inside to outside, he was cold and heartless.

Qin Jiu’s smile faded from her lips. She blinked her large, rippling eyes, withdrew her gaze from his, lowered her eyelids, and stared at the embroidery frame in her hands: “Your Highness, you jest.” She said slowly, “You called these four boys handsome? If it were you, I would truly be the lucky one.”

When Yan Su heard her words, he was not angry and laughed instead.

He laughed with coldness like an ice sword towards Qin Jiu. He raised his eyebrows and stated in a cold voice, “I still want to live for a few more years, so I can’t afford to have someone like you. However, I must ask the Reed Branch Leader why these four young men are unconscious.” He stopped smiling, his eyes sweeping over Qin Jiu, staring at her and making her breathless.

“Why?” Qin Jiu lifted her finger and smoothed her wet hair. A pure smile like a white lotus flower appeared on her face, but what she said was not pure at all, “Of course they were too tired after they served me.”

“Why these four young men were unconscious and whether they were in danger of their lives must still be investigated. Thus, I shall trouble the Reed Branch Leader to follow me!” Yan Su calmly declared, unperturbed like a falling autumn leaf.

“You want to arrest me? What crime have I committed?” Qin Jiu asked sadly with big, innocent eyes. There was a mist on her skin after the bath, and under the light in the room, her face was delicately white and soft. It made her eyebrows and eyes darker and her lips more scarlet, and the mole of tears at the left corner of her eye appeared more purplish and blood-like.

Yan Su moved his eyes from her and a sneering smile appeared on his lips, “Although you have just arrived at Lijing, you are one of our officers now. Even though you are only a small officer of the sewing department, you should also obey our laws. One of our laws is that innocent people should not be harmed by practicing evil deeds.”

Qin Jiu pinned her scattered hair behind her ear, her voice soft and slightly teasing. “You mean I am practicing evil martial arts?”

Yan Su glanced at Qin Jiu. It was hard to read his mind from his eyes. Even if his tone was calm, it hid a threat: “I hope you are not!” He said, narrowing his eyes slowly. His face looked normal and he walked slowly out of the bamboo house.

Xie Dichen sent men to take the four boys out, bent over and stretched out his arms and said, “Master Qin, please!”

“Please wait a moment.” Qin Jiu said with a smile. Then, she straightened her clothes, pulled back her black hair slowly into a bun, got up and put on the soft boots she had taken off.

She realized clearly from the chat that Yan Su knew she came here to practice evil arts, and he also knew the use of the four boys. Thus, she felt that Yan Su didn’t send someone to follow her to come here. If he just sent someone to follow, he wouldn’t know so clearly what she was doing here.

From Yan Su’s clothes she could see that he hadn’t changed and came directly from the palace, so someone brought the message to him.

Who could it be?

Qin Jiu narrowed her eyes coldly. Yan Yu? She quickly denied it because the times did not match. If it was him, Yan Su would not come so soon.

Then who?

Qin Jiu suddenly remembered a person. She closed her eyes and sighed heavily.

What an oversight!

If she really used these boys’ blood to practice “Mending Heaven and Heart Sutra”, it would be difficult to exonerate.

Qin Jiu whispered to Loquat and asked him to tell Mu Yufei not to make a rash move before walking out of the bamboo house.

Under the dim glow of the lantern outside, Yan Su slowly turned and smiled faintly with his hands behind his back. Immediately, two jinwuwei came forward.

Qin Jiu said with a cold smile, “Please calm down! I will not escape! I am also very interested in the hall of the superior court!” Then, she walked forward.

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