Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 20: Really Want To Poke Him Blind

Cherry walked forward slowly with her head bowed, knelt down in silence in the hall, and bent down and kowtowed, saying, “Servant Cherry kowtows to His Highness Anling and the Court Master.”

“Cherry, what is your relationship with Qin Jiu?” Menghuai asked.

Qin Jiu turned her head to Cherry, looking at her with a faint smile.

“My Lord, Qin Jiu is my master and I am her servant. I have served Qin Jiu for two years.” Cherry answered with her eyes on the floor.

“Last night, your master went to the hot springs. Why didn’t she take you with her?”

Cherry lowered her head and glanced at Qin Jiu. Qin Jiu raised her eyebrows, and returned her a lazy smile. Cherry lowered her eyes and her pretty face paled. She bent down and answered, “My Lord, because every time Master went to the hot springs, she would take young boys to practice evil martial arts, so she never brought me.”

“How did you know that your master is practicing evil powers?”

“My Lord, during her time in the Heaven Sect, Master would go to a hot spring every few days, and every time would be on the night of the full moon. Then, I accidentally found out that Master’s power grows very fast. The Heaven Sect has a kind of evil martial arts which you need to practice on the day of the full moon. It also needs a hot spring and virgin boy’s blood to practice. At that time, I was suspicious that Qin Jiu was practicing evil powers. However, this evil power is also forbidden in our Heaven Sect. Though I was suspicious, every time she went to hot springs, there were guards at the door, so I couldn’t get closer. I had no evidence on hand and was afraid to report her. But this time in Lijing, she got internal injuries when she competed with Xie Dichen. Last night, she sent us to sleep early and went out of the house. I followed her quietly and found out she was going to Princess Zhaoping’s Palace. I heard that Zhaoping Palace has a hot spring, and last night happened to be a full moon night, so I thought she might’ve went there to cultivate. If you want to confirm this, you only need to check whether the four boys were virgins.” Cherry said slowly, word by word.

“You mean that the evil power needs to be practiced on the night of a full moon, and needs the blood of virgin boys and the hot spring to complete?”

Cherry nodded and affirmed, “Yes.”

“Back in the Heaven Sect, did Qin Jiu call young men to serve her every time she bathed in a hot spring?”

“Yes, sometimes three, sometimes four.”

“How did they feel afterwards?”

“With the practice of evil powers, these young men lost blood and energy quickly, and their bodies got weak quickly, sometimes even losing their lives. In the Heaven Sect, they were unconscious every time after Qin Jiu took a bath, and I think they were dead.”

In the Heaven Sect, Qin Jiu had just begun to practice the “Mending Heaven and Heart Sutra”. She was more careful there because she couldn’t let the master of the Heaven Sect know. Cherry said she suspected that she was practicing but she was just making up a story. Otherwise, even if there was no evidence, Yao Xi’er would’ve informed the master about her. If she began to doubt, it would be close to the time they came to Lijing.

Menghuai listened to Cherry and asked Qin Jiu in cold voice, “Qin Jiu, what do you want to say now?”

Qin Jiu squinted at Cherry and said with a smile, “Lord Meng, is this your so-called witness? Has she ever seen me practice evil deeds? Did she see me have sex with four young men? Then, is every person who goes to the hot springs to bathe under the full moon and happened to call young men to serve practicing evil powers? If so, then everyone is practicing evil. Your Highness, have you not bathed in the hot spring on the night of a full moon, calling young men to service?”

Menghuai’s face was frozen and he stated in a cold voice, “I call young men just to wipe my back, but you did different things.”

Qin Jiu narrowed her eyes and smiled: “I called four young men to come also to wipe my back, rub my legs, and hand me a towel. Isn’t that fine?”

His Highness Anling was sitting on the side of the Menghuai and watched as Qin Jiu denied everything. He slowly turned his head. Sunlight came in through the lattice, falling on the side of his angular face. He squinted slightly with coldness in his eyes.

“Lord Menghuai, even though Cherry didn’t see what happened last night, there is one person who saw it. Lord Menghuai, please call my uncle!” Yan Su slowly said.

“You are right, I will call your uncle to testify.” Menghuai respectfully replied.

“Bring His Highness Yan to court!”


With a wave of voices, Qin Jiu’s heart suddenly beat faster.

Bring Yan Yu to testify?

She didn’t expect that Yan Su called Yan Yu as a witness. She thought carefully. YanYu must’ve met Yan Su when he went down the mountain last night, and Yan Su saw the purple peony in Yan Yu’s hand, which is why he knew that Yan Yu went to the hot spring in Zhaoping’s Palace.

But Yan Yu couldn’t see at all!

Qin Jiu sat up straight and tried to see outside the hall.

The hall was extremely quiet. Even with the crowd, no one was talking, everyone’s eyes firmly staring at the door.

After a long time, the summoned man didn’t appear, yet, a low laugh came from the door.

It was a woman’s voice–not one person, but a few.

The voice was as pleasant as a bird’s song.

Then finally, the summoned slowly appeared at the entrance to the hall.

Not one person but five.

Qin Jiu saw the person standing in the middle like a star and her mind was blown away. She couldn’t stop her hands from shaking and summoned everything she had to stop herself from killing him.

How she wanted to poke him blind!

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