Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 21: Yan Yu’s Four Beauties

There was a burst of bells, and Yan Yu was surrounded by four maids as he slowly walked forward.

The four maids were dressed in the same-styled maid clothes and the same green color, but each green was slightly different, from light to deep.

The four maids were beautiful with different styles and wore different shades of green to symbolize it.

Yan Yu was surrounded by them as he wore a wide robe with red decorative patterns, a golden silk beaded jade belt, proud and noble.

He slowly walked forward and it seemed that in the whole court, he was the only one this outstanding.

Qin Jiu stared as they gradually came closer. The maids were beautiful and the master was handsome. But, in Qin Jiu’s eyes, at this moment, she could see nothing but Yan Yu’s eyes.

What a pair of eyes it was!

The eyes’ tail flew upwards slightly with a sense of evil spirit.

His eyes were deep and black, deeper than the abyss, darker than the moonless midnight.

Most of all, his eyes were bright, bejeweled, and shone with an indescribable charm.

They were not as dull and empty as last night.

For a moment, Qin Jiu’s mind was blank.

Even if he was bald or dumb, or he lost an arm and a leg, or had a horn on his head and a tail behind him, she wouldn’t react so strongly!

Pretending to be blind!

With such eyes, how could he be blind?!

Every scene of last night in the hot spring flashed through Qin Jiu’s mind, and she suddenly felt as if she were a lighted cannon which would burst at any moment.

What was going on here?

He pretended to be blind and saw her naked body, and she even kindly handed him the pot of purple peony. Then, today, he came to court to prove that she raped the four teenagers last night.

Was there any man in the world more shameless than him?

Qin Jiu glared at Yan Yu; her eyes were like an icy knife as they tried to cut through his body.

Yan Yu didn’t seem to feel Qin Jiu’s anger and actually smiled back at Qin Jiu.

The two’s eyes met: Yan Yu’s eyes seemed to speak to her and utter sweet nothings. If someone didn’t see the expression on Qin Jiu’s face and only his, they would think that Qin Jiu was staring at Yan Yu with all her love and that these two people were flirting.

Qin Jiu clenched her fist, released, and clenched again. She exhaled and then suppressed her anger.

Yan Yu walked to Qin Jiu and stood, his lips tilted with a lazy smile, and said with surprise, “It’s you! How careless that you’ve been caught?”

Qin Jiu forced herself to lower her head and not look at his glittering eyes. She thought if she looked at him again, the needles in her hand would fly out and poke him in the eye. She hadn’t lost her mind yet that here was the court. If she fought with Yan Yu now, she would get in trouble. However, she would remember this and take it back from him sooner or later.

“Please sit here!” Menghuai said respectfully.

Yan Yu didn’t even lift an eyebrow as he bent over to Qin Jiu and whispered, “Do you still think that I am too old?”

Qin Jiu suddenly remembered that last night, he said he was a virgin. Till this moment, he still remembered that Qin Jiu said he was too old.

Qin Jiu calmed herself down and smiled at Yan Yu. This smile was like a blooming flower with a blurred charm.

“My lord, you are still young, not old at all!” Qin Jiu replied word by word, with clenched teeth.

Yan Yu seemed very satisfied with Qin Jiu’s words and smiled slightly. If you didn’t know what kind of person he was, you would surely be fascinated by this charming smile. Unfortunately, Qin Jiu already knew this shameless person so well she would rather see a pig laughing than look at him.

Qin Jiu turned her head. Yan Yu walked to the hall with satisfaction.

There was a seat prepared for him. Yan Yu bent over and stared at the seat for a moment, then frowned.

His maid saw this, quickly stepped forward, and took out a napkin to wipe the chair. Another took out a new, rich brocade cushion and put it on the chair; one took a tea cup while another kneeled down to massage his leg.

“Diaochan, this is the first time we’ve come here. It’s quite interesting,” the one massaging said while thumping his leg.

“Yes, very funny. What do you think, Yuhuan?” the woman serving tea asked with a smile.

“Yeah, but what did this woman do?”

“They say she raped young boys.”

“Really? Zhaojun?”

“I heard that from Xishi.”

“Oh, there are women like this!”

The four maids started to chat as if there was no one around them, and the solemn atmosphere of the court suddenly disappeared.

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