Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 22: Qin Jiu’s Fist

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Diaochan? Zhaojun? Yuhuan? Xishi?

Qin Jiu raised her eyebrows, these names were enough for anyone to see how lustful their master was!

These four beauties were talking one after the other, destroying the solemn atmosphere of the court completely. Even the guards wanted to laugh.

Although Qin Jiu didn’t expect this kind of situation, she didn’t feel surprised at all. Besides, with his attitude laid bare, it seemed ‘like master like servant’ was very much true.

It seemed that Menghuai also didn’t expect this kind of situation. He coughed and intended to remind the beauties to control themselves. But his cough wasn’t loud enough to overpower their voices, so he had to turn to Yan Yu with a smile and say, “Lord, my Lord Yan, you…”

Yan Yu was leaning back in his chair, one hand under his jaw; his charming eyes were full of light. He smiled and looked at the four beauties over there. As if he didn’t even hear Menghuai’s words, his eyes didn’t even sweep over him.

Menghuai was choked off and his face turned ugly, but he didn’t dare to offend the person in front of him.

Yan Yu was also known as the king of hell. He got this nickname not only because of his curse that caused people to die, but also because he didn’t follow the standard rules and was a devil who was an expert in stirring up trouble. If he was unhappy and merely coughed once at home, the whole capital would catch a cold for several days.

Menghuai glanced at His Highness Anling.

Yan Su, who invited this uncle of his, appeared to have foreseen this kind of situation as it seemed to be a common occurrence. He slightly narrowed his eyes, glanced at Menghuai’s face coldly, and Menghuai’s forehead became sweaty.

He couldn’t afford to offend His Highness Anling, so he struck the court wood block with a merciless clap.

“Silence!” Menghuai shouted seriously.

“Heed!” The guards shouted too.

“Uncle, this is the court.” Yan Su said faintly.

Yan Yu stopped smiling, squinting at the four beauties and lazily saying, “This is the court, you know? If you continue being this rowdy then you’ll have to be careful with the rouge on your faces when we go back.” Although it was a very light-hearted tone with joking words, the four beauties immediately fell silent, quietly standing behind Yan Yu without a word.

Yan Yu tapped on his leg a few times, smiling, “Yan Su, why did you call me to the court so early in the morning? I want to go back home to make up for some sleep, since I didn’t sleep well last night!”

“Uncle, I want to ask you what happened last night. I saw a pot of purple peony in your carriage when I ran into you, did you get this from Zhaoping’s Palace? You went to the backyard of Zhaoping’s hot spring last night, right? At that time, you warned me not to go, saying it would stain my eyes. Could uncle tell me what you saw?” Yan Su asked.

“Yes, I did go to Zhaoping’s Palace last night. Don’t tell Zhaoping that I took her purple peony.”

Yan Su smiled gracefully and said, “Uncle, I won’t tell Zhaoping about it. Did Uncle meet this woman in the hot spring? What was she doing at that time?”

Yan Yu turned his head slowly, squinting at Qin Jiu. His smile gradually got bigger with thrilling charm, but his long and narrow eyes were murderously cold.

“If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have forgotten. Last night in the hot spring, I just wanted to take this purple peony back home and didn’t expect to meet this woman. I almost, almost lost… Well, almost… raped by her.”

Qin Jiu’s face turned extremely cold right away, her chest kept rising and falling. She clenched her fist to suppress the shock and anger in her heart and slowly exhaled. In fact, she didn’t expect any good words from him, but after hearing Yan Yu slander her, she still couldn’t stand it.

Qin Jiu said with a cold smile: “Do you really think yourself as handsome as Pan An? I don’t like your type at all.”

(TN: Pan An is a famous literati in ancient china, also known for his looks.)

Yan Yu suddenly got up and quickly walked over to Qin Jiu, his ink color clothes rich in tone like an evil devil. He raised his eyebrows and said, “Who is Pan An? I am much better than him.” He leaned over to her, and whispered in her ear seductively, “Well, if you don’t mind me being so old, I’ll save you today.”

Qin Jiu slowly clenched her fist, and turned to him with a smile.

‘You gave me this opportunity, so don’t blame me.’ she thought.

She suddenly punched Yan Yu in the eye.

In fact, she wanted to punch him as early as three years ago. But, at that time, she was a dignified and virtuous lady, the most talented woman in the capital, and didn’t want to have trouble with him. But now she was an evil woman accused of raping young boys; she didn’t need to care so much!

Qin Jiu had a cold face, eyes like quenching ice.

This sudden smile, like a bud suddenly blooming, was so charming and beautiful.

Yan Yu suddenly lost his mind.

It was precisely at that moment Qin Jiu’s fist arrived.

The punch, mixed with years of accumulated rancour and infuriation, could be heard as the wind blew through the air.

The dull voice shattered the solemnity and majesty the court had just gathered.

After the sound, Yan Yu’s nose began bleeding. By raising his head, he avoided the attack to his eyes but not the nose.

If Qiujiu’s fists had hit him in the eye, he might really have become blind.

“Oh!” “Ah! “My God!” “My Lord!” …

Four beauties were screaming loudly.

“You! The shameless evil woman, how dare you to hit our King Yan?” The four shouted in a high pitched voice.

The court suddenly went into mayhem.

Qin Jiu watched the commotion coldly, the anger in her chest finally subsiding.

She didn’t do anything to the four boys last night! So of course she didn’t need him to save her!

Yan Yu didn’t expect he would get punched in front of so many people. His dark eyes seemed to ignite flames of destruction and cold anger but just for a moment. He narrowed his cold eyes and turned to a complicated sight. He grabbed the brocade from Diaochan, put it on his nose, and strolled back to his chair and slowly sat down.

Yan Su didn’t expect that Qin Jiu would still dare to make such a powerful impact at this moment. He glanced at Yan Yu, with a light smile around his thin lips.

“Are you alright, Uncle?”

Yan Yu covered his nose and replied while muffled by the brocade, “I am fine, Yan Su. This evil woman must be punished. I’m telling you, not only did she try to force herself on me, she even tried to force herself on the four boys as well.”

“Qin Jiu, do you have anything else to say?” Yan Su asked.

Qin Jiu slowly raised her head and sneered, “May I ask King Yan, with which eye of yours did you see that I forced myself on them?”

“Oh, Yan Su, I didn’t see it myself! I only saw that she wanted to undress the boys, so I was going to watch for a bit, but she suddenly turned her interest on me so I ran away in fear.” Yan Yu said slowly.

When Qin Jiu heard the first half of his sentence, she raised her eyebrows in surprise. She sneered upon hearing the second half.

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