Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 23: Still a Virgin?

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But Qiu Jiu was surprised that Yan Yu didn’t say he personally saw her forcing herself on the four young men. She thought he would take his revenge on her because of her punch.

Yan Su was also surprised. In his mind, he was sure that Qin Jiu forced herself on the four young men to practice evil deeds last night. And today, the reason why he sent people over to Yan Yu this early was to invite him to testify in court, not only because he thought Yan Yu witnessed what happened, but also because he knew Yan Yu also hated the Heaven Sect just like himself. So he was a little confused when Yan Yu said he didn’t see it.

“Uncle, this matter is very important because it involves the Heaven Sect, so you must think about this more carefully. Could you have remembered wrong? Are you sure you didn’t see?” Yan Su looked straight at Yan Yu as he asked. He deliberately emphasized the three words ‘the Heaven Sect’.

Yan Yu lowered his head with a strange smile on his face, “The previous night hasn’t ended for long, so I remember clearly that I really didn’t see it myself.”

Yan Su stretched his finger and rubbed his forehead. Instead of looking at Yan Yu, he turned around and asked Menghuai, “Can you check on the four young men to see how they are doing now? Is Imperial Physician Zhang here?” He had thought that with the testimony of Cherry and Yan Yu, Qin Jiu would be easily convicted, but things were more difficult than he thought. Now, he could only hope that the four young men would wake up soon to testify.

Menghuai ordered people to bring Imperial Physician Zhang in quickly.

Qin Jiu smiled after she heard what Yan Su said. There should be a coroner here, but Yan Su ordered the imperial physician to come here instead. It was obvious that Yan Su was determined to convict her this time. Qin Jiu squinted and said, “Lord Meng, since you have called for a doctor from the palace to come here, how about letting the Imperial physician check their bodies to prove my innocence?” The doctor could tell if these four young men were still virgin by checking if their yang energy was released.

Not just Meng Huai was surprised by Qin Jiu’s words, Yan Su and Yan Yu were also very surprised.

They had thought of this method, but this wouldn’t help them declare Qin Jiu guilty. They had already determined Qin Jiu was guilty and concluded that the four young men were not virgins. Thus, if the examination showed that the four young men were not virgins, they wouldn’t be able to prove that they lost their virginity last night or from before. On the contrary, if the four young men were still virgins, it was enough to prove Qin Jiu’s innocence.

They never expected that Qin Jiu would propose to use this method.

Yan Yu pulled his mouth corner up gently and smiled faintly, “This is a very good method. Let’s try it!” Menghuai looked at Yan Su and saw him narrowing his eyes, looking straight at Qin Jiu calmly.

“Very well. Meng Huai, ask Imperial Physician Zhang to check on them using this method.” Yan Su quietly ordered.

The guard went to pass on the message.

The courthouse was in complete silence; the sound of birds could be heard on the trees outside.

Not long after, Imperial Physician Zhang was brought over by the guard. He quickly entered the hall and said, “Greetings to my Highness.”

Yan Su asked, “Imperial Physician Zhang, can you present me with a report on the condition of the four boys one by one?”

Imperial Physician Zhang reported, “Your highness, I checked the four young men’s bodies and found out that they were unconscious because of a strange medicine in their bodies. I gave them the wakeup pills, and they all woke up shortly. The energy in their bodies gradually restored, just as they were before.”

Yan Su raised his eyebrows, light shining in his eyes.

Yan Yu had already stopped his nose bleeding, leaning against the chair and asking, “But they are not virgins anymore, right?”

“Yes, they are all virgins!” Imperial Physician Zhang said.

The court fell silent once again because of this sentence.

After a moment, Yan Yu clapped and smiled meaningfully.

A surprised look showed on Yan Su’s face again. The light in his eyes condensed quickly, as if he turned into a sword to stab at Qin Jiu.

Qin Jiu slowly stood up, stretched out her fingers, and wiped off her dress. She looked at Yan Su’s cold eyes, her lips curling up, and smiled. She slowly turned to Meng Huai and inquired, “May I leave now?”

Meng Huai looked at Qin Jiu in astonishment, and then at Yan Su and Yan Yu, but they both said nothing. He stated, “Since the four young men are all right now, of course you may leave.”

However, Qin Jiu didn’t move and still stood there. If she had been so easy to be dealt with, she would not be Qin Jiu at all.

Her smile faded from her lips as she stared at Yan Su coldly. “Your Highness,” she began, “this time you captured me in such a grandiose fashion and tried the case in public here and it has completely ruined my reputation. As you must know, I am not engaged, but I had planned to find a good family to marry in Lijing. But after this, I’m afraid it won’t be so easy. Tell me how this problem should be resolved, your Highness?”

Yan Su narrowed his eyes, “So you mean, this is my fault?”

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