Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 24: Make An Example

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“I do not dare, I just want you to clear my name. If this ends up damaging my reputation, I will have to trouble you to be a matchmaker for me.” Qin Jiu provocatively looked at Yan Su and smiled like a flower.

Yan Su seemed to have heard the biggest joke, the smile on the corner of his lips was on and off but not a hint was buried deep in his eyes, “Are you even still a virgin? You must’ve lost it centuries ago, Red Ghost! Do you think you’re innocent just because you weren’t caught this time?”

When Qin Jiu heard ‘Red Ghost’, her smile suddenly turned cold: “Your highness, you sure know a lot about me.” Qin Jiu sneered.

“Mr. Meng, dismiss the court.” Yan Su said faintly.

Qin Jiu walked out of the courtroom slowly, the sun outside shining brightly on her clothes. Her body was warm, but her heart was cold.

She sighed, knowing what happened last night would now spread all over Lijing, and her reputation would not get better despite the fact she was not convicted.

“Don’t leave yet, wait!” someone shouted behind her.

Qin Jiu slowly turned around, watching Yan Yu walk closer to her. She walked up to him with a smile, “Here I am. What do you want from me?”

Yan Yu looked down at Qin Jiu in front of him; she was much shorter than him, but now that she was looking up, her playful eyes hung around him for a moment, and her beautiful eyes curved in a smile. She was obviously in a very good mood. He had always been the one to look at others in this playful way, but he had never had anyone look at him this way before, especially by a woman.

Yan Yu’s long narrow eyes narrowed, his thin lips hooked up in a charming smile. His voice was like the devil, “What do you want me to do?”

Qin Jiu turned her head sideways, blinked her eyes as if she was thinking, a pair of thick black eyelashes fluttering like the wings of a butterfly. Suddenly, she smiled, raising her finger close to Yan Yu’s face.

Yan Yu frowned at once. No one saw how he moved, but his body quietly stepped back. Qin Jiu smiled in satisfaction, “I want you to… stay like this, just stay away from me, far away from me.” Then she turned around and left, but after a few steps, she suddenly turned back, raised her hand to her left cheek and said: “Your Highness, you have a little blood that you didn’t wipe off. If your Su Wanxiang sees this, she will feel bad.”

Yan Yu’s face suddenly changed, and he picked up the napkin and wiped hard on his cheeks until it turned red, but there was not a drop of blood on his cheeks.

Xishi said in a small voice, “My Lord, your face is clean.”

Yan Yu squinted and shouted in a cold voice, “You, evil woman!” Maybe he shouted too hard, it caused his nose to start bleeding again, causing his four beauties to panic.

Qin Jiu stood still not far away from them, her lips curling up with a cold smile. She mentioned Su Wanxiang on purpose to test Yan Yu, but she didn’t expect Yan Yu’s face to suddenly change. It seemed that Yan Yu really loved Su Wanxiang.

“Qin Jiu!” A green carriage stopped not far from the court. Loquat and Durian stood in front of the carriage. Durian was holding Yellow Hair and lowered his head, his eyes erratic.

It was obvious that Loquat had waited for quite a long time, and finally sighed in relief when Qin Jiu stepped out. Yellow Hair screamed in a strange sound, spread its wings to fly towards Qin Jiu, and landed on her shoulders.

“Loquat, tell those four young men to leave by themselves, and bring Cherry back to me.” After Qin Jiu gave her instructions, she stepped onto the carriage.

Since Qin Jiu was innocent, Cherry was still her maid, and His Highness Anling couldn’t change that reality.

Durian was outside the carriage, dawdling and refusing to get on, begging Loquat: “Please get into the carriage, I will drive.”

Qin Jiu smiled, “Durian, come into the carriage.” The sound was charming, but to Durian, it was like the sound of a demon. The sweat on his brow glistened and gleamed in the sunlight. He lifted his hand whilst trembling, opened the curtain, and got into the carriage. Looking at the spot farthest away from Qin Jiu, he sat down in fear.

Moments later, the curtain was lifted and Loquat, who was outside, said, “Lord, I brought Cherry back.”

“Bring her in. I’ll interrogate her myself.” Qin Jiu answered.

The curtain was lifted again, and Cherry was carried in by Loquat. The carriage rumbled on.

When Qin Jiu opened the curtain then, she saw Yan Su standing in front of the court house, his entire being cold like ice. The dark red brocade imperial clothing was illuminated by the sun, flashing dazzling light. But the dazzling light couldn’t compare with the snobbish cold in his eyes. Qin Jiu felt the coldness permeating her slowly. She lowered the curtain and turned to Cherry.

Cherry had apparently been frozen by Loquat, sitting rigidly in the carriage. Only her eyes were able to move. She stared at Qin Jiu, a bloody color in her eyes.

Qin Jiu squinted and the coldness in her eyes made Cherry pale. Qin Jiu unfreezed her and stated coldly, “Cherry, you followed me for a short time. You really think I don’t know what you did? You were the one at my side. If I didn’t know you well, I would have been killed. How many times did your master try to kill me on the way to Lijing? Do I really think that they were assassins sent by the Imperial court?”

Qin Jiu hummed coldly and suddenly saw a hint of sadness in Cherry’s eyes. She was shocked and all of a sudden, reached out her hand and held Cherry’s chin with a little force. Qin Jiu dislocated her jaw.

Dead silence then lingered inside the carriage. Durian was scared by the sound.

“Want to die?! Not that easy!” Qin Jiu smiled coldly and raised her arm to strike ruthlessly on Cherry’s left face. The blow was no lighter than the one that landed on Yan Yu’s face earlier. Cherry’s face was hit to the side and she spat a mouthful of blood. Several teeth and a small pill wrapped in paper were mixed in with the blood and splattered all over Durian’s face, the pill just happening to fall into Durian’s mouth.

Durian had followed Qin Jiu for quite a long time and had heard from others how cruel Qin Jiu was, but he had never seen it himself. Because Qin Jiu had always been extremely gentle to him, when he saw how cruel she was, his brain just stopped working and he felt like the fist had landed on his body.

“Durian, spit it out! Do you want to die?” Qin Jiu calmly said as she turned to him.

The light inside the carriage was dim. As Durian stared at Qin Jiu’s cold eyes, he felt coldness from head to toe. He wished that he would die right away if he took this pill, so he wouldn’t have to suffer from the monster. The pill came out of Cherry’s mouth so there was no doubt that this was poison… But he didn’t dare to swallow it. With trembling hands, he took the pill out of his mouth and threw it into the carriage.

Qin Jiu turned her head, her face hidden in the shadow, eyes full of coldness. Her whole body was like that of a ghost. She stretched out her hand, put back Cherry’s chin and asked her lazily, “Cherry, I only want to know, how did you know I went to Jiuman mountain last night? You said you followed me at the court, and other people might believe you, but I don’t. So who passed the message on to you? If you confess, I will forgive you.”

Last night, Qin Jiu said she didn’t feel well and went to sleep early. If no one passed on the message, Cherry wouldn’t have known she went out, nor could she have followed her to Jiuman mountain. If so, Qin Jiu and Loquat would have discovered her much earlier.

Qin Jiu glanced at Durian with no expression, as she suspected the sweat on Durian’s forehead ran down at a faster rate now..

Smiling gently at him, Qin Jiu said, “Durian, are you hot? Why are you sweating so much?”

Durian quickly glanced at Qin Jiu–she was smiling at him without anger–and became even more scared. He raised his sleeve and wiped his forehead, saying while trembling, “Yes, hot… very hot!”

Qin Jiu took out a napkin from her sleeve and handed it over to him: “Don’t wipe with your sleeve.” Durian took the napkin with fear, feeling like he had taken a hot potato. He didn’t dare to wipe his forehead, nor did he dare to throw it away.

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