Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 25: Walk Over Ripples

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“Evil woman, there are no good people in the Heaven Sect. I will take my revenge even after my death!” Cherry shouted.

She was clearly frightened by Qin Jiu’s cruel and bloody description, and her face was as white as snow. But even so, she stopped Durian, which surprised Qin Jiu, but those words surprised her even more. Cherry said that there were no good people in the Heaven Sect.

No good people in the Heaven Sect? Qin Jiu raised her eyebrows in surprise.

From the establishment of the Heaven Sect till now, there were quite a number of outstanding people. They served the imperial court and had tremendous amounts of achievements, and the power of the Heaven Sect grew stronger and stronger. In the kingdom of DaYu, the Heaven Sect was righteous and admired by many. Those who were able to join the Heaven Sect felt honored. As Cherry was also a disciple of the Heaven Sect, her words really surprised Qin Jiu.

There were two possibilities. First, Cherry truly hated the Heaven Sect. Second, she was really frightened by what Qin Jiu said, and just wanted to provoke her for a quick death.

So which one was it?

Qin Jiu raised her eyebrow once more and said slowly, “No one’s good in the Heaven Sect? Hm?”

Cherry looked at Qin Jiu who had a smile like spring flowers, but when she thought this evil woman might skin her, her fear grew and her body couldn’t stop shivering. She flung herself to the ground to pick up the pill Durian threw into the carriage. When she moved her body, she felt a sharp pain in her fingers. When she looked down, she saw that all tips of her ten fingers were punctured with embroidery needles. The pain was so severe that she couldn’t pick up anything.

The silk threads attached to the embroidery needles were in gorgeous and frightening colors.

Qin Jiu held the embroidery frame in her left hand and stretched out her right hand, playing the thread as if it were a string instrument. Cherry was in so much pain that she couldn’t stop crying.

“How dare you defame the Heaven Sect, you should be dead 10 times over! Wait and see how I’ll punish you!” Qin Jiu said with a smile, “Yellow Hair, you haven’t danced for a long time, right? Come have a dance–walk over ripples!”

When Yellow Hair heard “walk over ripples”, he got excited and let out a strange cry, flapping his wings. He landed on the silk threads and started to dance.

The silk threads throbbed with the dance of Yellow Hair, sinking from time to time and tightening Cherry’s fingers. The embroidered needles piercing the fingers could not be pulled out at all.

Cherry was crying with grief; Durian on the other side was terrified.

“Cherry, do you know that I have an even better way of killing? Yellow Hair, you tell her.” Qin Jiu squinted.

“Weaving! Weaving!” Cried Yellow Hair.

Qin Jiu smiled and said, “This weaving method does not take off your clothes as I am not interested in women’s bodies. Instead, it will weave using your flesh and blood. Do you believe it or not? Now, I will throw out the shuttle, and it will pierce through your flesh, binding it with silk threads. What will your body look like after this cloth is finished? Are you still going to say that there’s no good people in the Heaven Sect?”

Durian stared at the smile on Qin Jiu’s lips. His eyes rolled and he almost fainted.

Cherry was still holding on and declared with her hoarse voice, “Even if you kill me, I will still say that the Heaven Sect doesn’t have good people. The Heaven Sect had already thought of betrayal, you think I don’t know? All of you will end up worse than I am today.”

Qin Jiu smiled at Yellow Hair, saying, “Yellow Hair, come back, you seemed to have gotten fat again. This wave over ripples was like a sorcery dance.”

Seemingly deeply hurt by Qin Jiu’s words, Yellow Hair landed on Qin Jiu’s shoulder and began to tilt his head to look at his body. Finally, he admitted that he probably did get fatter and became depressed. He flew to Durian’s head and practiced dancing to lose weight. Durian had been scared all the time, so when Yellow Hair flew onto his head, he couldn’t take it any more and fell to the ground.

Yellow Hair pecked his face angrily to get him up.

Qin Jiu turned to Cherry and smiled, “You are tough, so I will give you one last opportunity, if you tell me the person who passed the message on to you, I will spare you.”

Cherry smiled sadly, “No one told me. I guessed.”

Qin Jiu smiled cruelly and said in a cold voice, “So you just want a quick death, then I will help you.”

As she spoke, Qin Jiu pulled out the shuttle from her sleeve and was about to throw it at Cherry, but then she heard Durian cry out, “Please spare her, I told her that!”

Qin Jiu turned her head and said with a pampering smile, “You are too kind, but you can’t just recklessly take the blame. I know your loyalty to me and that you won’t betray me. If you can’t bear to see this, cover your eyes, or go out and stay with Loquat. Go!”

Durian didn’t move, he got up clumsily from the ground, as if he suddenly found power in himself. His handsome face had a ferocious shade as he pointed at Qin Jiu, “Who said that I am loyal to you? That’s because I am afraid of you! Today, I am not afraid anymore. Who doesn’t know that you are the Red Ghost, using virgin men to practice martial arts, even taking the lives of many good boys. I just want to expose you and use His Highness Anling to punish you. Unexpectedly, you didn’t touch the four young boys last night, but you are just lucky to have escaped this time. Weren’t you going to weave a human leather? Just use me! Let Cherry go!”

Qin Jiu burst into laughter, her fingers moved lightly, and the ten embroidery needles flew back. It looked like she was not wrong about him. Even with her daily bullying and intimidation, the boy still maintained a pure heart of justice.

Holding back her smile, she looked hurt and said, “What are you talking about, Durian? You know what you said could cost you your life. I really like you, so I didn’t take you with me to practice martial arts. However, I hate to be betrayed by people around me, so if you really have betrayed me, I will kill you.”

Cherry covered her fingers and pleaded, “Durian, I know you are a good man, but you don’t need to take the blame. I don’t need you to save me.”

Durian was sitting in the carriage, his back straight, enunciating word by word: “I will take the blame. Evil witch, you can start!”

The calmness as he faced his impending death allowed Durian to emit righteousness.

He had always obeyed in front of Qin Jiu, but he suddenly looked different.

Qin Jiu slowly took back her smile, her black eyes full of coldness. She raised her hand slowly, and the sound of silk threads could be heard in the carriage.

Durian closed his eyes, waiting for the embroidery needle to hit his body, but after a while, the expected pain didn’t come. Emboldened, he slowly opened his eyes and saw Qin Jiu sitting on the carriage seat and sipping tea.

Durian was suddenly confused, “You’re not going to kill me?”

Qin Jiu narrowed her eyes and said, “How boring that is! I’m gonna keep your life for further torture. I’ve just remembered a new way to let people die…”

Durian felt coldness rising from his back.

In fact, sometimes people were not afraid of death, they were afraid of waiting for their death.

That kind of torture, only one who had experienced it would really know what kind of fear that was.

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