Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 28: Enough Flavor?

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Durian had been obsessed with the delicious food here ever since his last visit to Linglong Pavilion. Sitting at the table, he waited for Qin Jiu to order. Qin Jiu originally wanted to go to Linglong Pavilion to get news of Su Wanxiang, but seeing Durian’s greedy appearance, she smiled and called the waiter, changing to a room on the second floor.

Qin Jiu ordered several signature dishes and asked for a jar of red autumn leaves and red wine.

Just now in the hall on the first floor, she found that Linglong Pavilion was much more crowded than three years ago. That year, she met Mu Yufei by coincidence and discovered his business talent. The court didn’t allow officials to do business, so Qin Jiu invested money herself without letting her family know and opened the Linglong Pavilion. Besides Princess Zhaoping, no one knew about this. When she opened the Linglong Pavilion, she never thought that one day it would be so prosperous, and it would be the only reliable place for her to stay in Lijing.

Linglong Pavilion was located in the most prosperous section of Tianmen Street, but the decoration inside was neat and simple with class. This allowed Linglong Pavilion to stand out from all the restaurants with luxurious and rich decoration in Lijing. Of course, Linglong Pavilion wouldn’t be so prosperous just because of that, the good food and wine was the key for its success. When you stepped in, a smell attracting your stomach would float through the air, making one unable to resist.

The glass of red autumn leaves had not been finished when someone at the door said, “What’s the matter? Don’t you know this room belongs to my master?”

The waiter smiled and apologized, “I am very sorry. I will arrange another room for you.”

“No, that won’t work. My master only wants this room. Change the room of these people immediately!” The voice was very rude and proud.

Qin Jiu frowned slightly, putting down the glass of wine and turned around.

She saw a servant standing menacingly at the door. The waiter walked to her and said with difficulty, “I am very sorry, one of my old customers insists on staying in this room, can you change to another room?”

Actually, changing a room was not difficult since Qin Jiu was the owner of this place. However, she was very interested in knowing the master of this servant, so she smiled and asked the waiter, “Who is the old customer you are talking about?”

“Don’t talk so much, just leave!” The young servant strode in and reached out his hand, smacking the table.

Before he finished his last word and took his hand back, he felt a cool thing on his neck with a burst of killing intent. He looked down in horror at the sword lying against his neck, and then looked at the man holding the sword. He was very handsome, but his face was cold, his eyes shining with power.

The young servant was also good at martial arts, but he didn’t even see this man move. However, even though he was afraid, relying on the identity of his master, he still shouted, “Who are you? Do you know who my master is? You dare touch a finger of mine? I see that you’re a beauty. If you let me go, when my master comes, I’ll help say a few good words about you. Perhaps, my master would even take you as his woman.”

Loquat narrowed his cold eyes, wanting to punish the servant, but heard Qin Jiu say, “Durian, you said this spicy lettuce is very delicious? He’s a guest, give him a try.”

Durian’s mouth was full of delicious food, busy eating with pleasure. After he heard Qin Jiu’s words, he picked up the dish of spicy lettuce, slowly walked to the servant, and said sincerely: “This spicy lettuce is really good, please give it a try.” He turned the plate and put the whole dish on the servant’s face. There was a sword across his neck, so the servant dared not move at all. The juice ran all over his face and it was so spicy he couldn’t even open his eyes.

Yellow Hair fluttered his wings proudly and asked: “Enough flavor? Would you like another plate?”

The servant shouted in anger. Right at this moment, someone at the door spoke, “What’s the matter?”

Qin Jiu looked up and saw a man standing at the door. He was dressed in splendid clothes, with long brows and starry eyes, followed by a young man in a blue shirt.

Qin Jiu narrowed her eyes–it was him! She turned to Loquat and signed him to take away the sword on the servant’s neck.

After he showed up, the servant wiped off the juice from his face and fell to his knees and cried, “Master, I told them this is the room you booked, but they still refused to leave. They didn’t pay any respect to you, and they wanted to kill me.”

The man snorted and kicked the servant on the ground with his foot, saying coldly, “So useless!”

The servant was terrified and couldn’t say a word.

The guy’s bleak and cold eyes swept across Qin Jiu’s face, stunned. He lightly apologized, “I apologize that my servant offended you. May I know your name?’

Qin Jiu knew that sooner or later they would meet. Since they met today, she wouldn’t avoid it. She picked up the wine and tasted it carefully, saying with a smile, “You are such a gentleman. I am Qin Jiu from the Heaven Sect, working in the embroidery department currently.”

The man’s eyes lit up and he laughed, “So you are Miss Qin. I have heard your name for a long time. It is nice to finally meet you today.”

The blue shirt man behind also walked forward, bowing in front of Qin Jiu, “I am Li Yunxiao from the Heaven Sect.” Then, he pointed to the young man, “This is His Highness Kangyang.”

Upon hearing the words, Qin Jiu put down her wine glass and stood up, “My Lord, so you are His Highness Kangyang. If I knew it was Your Highness’s room, I wouldn’t have dared to intrude.”

His Highness Kangyang was named Yan Min, the eldest son of Emperor Qin. His mother passed away a long time ago, but he was very close to Concubine Hui from the Heaven Sect. Even his consultants were all from the Heaven Sect. Although Emperor Qin hadn’t established an heir to the throne, he was the eldest son and supported by the Heaven Sect, undoubtedly one of the best candidates.

His Highness Kangyang said with a smile, “This servant didn’t know the rules, sorry he offended you.” Then, he turned to the servant prostrating on the ground and ordered in a cold voice, “Scram!”

The servant scrambled out of the room.

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