Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 31: Snow Festival

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Yan Su’s eyes turned darker. He never imagined that he would one day suffer a loss from Qin Jiu when he put her in the sewing bureau. If he had obtained this warm silk a month earlier, he wouldn’t have to send it to the sewing bureau as the maid in his house could have gotten it done herself. But now it seemed there was nothing he could do about it. If it was any other kind of silk, he could have just given up on the dress; but this was warm silk, he specially got it for Su Wanxiang.

“I don’t wish to bother the Reed Branch Leader, I will take this dress. Please return it.” Yan Su glanced at Qin Jiu, his eyes swept over her hands as she picked up the needle.

Qin Jiu picked up the dress in her hand and pointed to a peony that was being embroidered on the corner of the dress. She smiled and said, “Your Highness, are you afraid that it wouldn’t be enough time for Miss Su to wear it before she goes on stage? I can understand your worries, but only two petals of this peony have been embroidered, and this embroidery method is my original creation, no one else knows how to do it. How about this? We can go to the Snow Festival together, so I can finish this on the way there, and you won’t miss the time, what do you think?”

Yan Su narrowed his eyes and said in a cold voice, “Servants!”

The curtain was lifted, and two maids dressed in pink came in.

Yan Su said calmly, “Yubin, Fenxue, you two go and take a look, can you embroider that flower Qin Jiu’s doing now?”

“Yes.” the two maids replied. These two turned to Qin Jiu and bowed before slowly getting closer to see the flower Qin Jiu was embroidering.

Qin Jiu maintained a soft smile on her face and put the embroidered dress on her wrist, lifting it up to the two maids, “Please take a careful look!”

Qin Jiu’s eyes glanced at the two maids’ beautiful faces. Yan Su named his two maids from the words in her poem. It had been three years and he still didn’t change their names.

The two maids looked intently at the flowers Qin Jiu embroidered and looked confused.

“I don’t know this kind of embroidery method, it looks like a spin needle but it is also not.” Yubin muttered.

Qin Jiu lifted her eyebrows, pointed at the flower and said, “It is not a spin needle. This petal is embroidered by using a new embroidery method: it is a combination of spin needle and base needle, which intends to show the bloom of the flower. As for the stamen, the method of doing that is not unique, but you need to be good, otherwise you can’t get the vivid result.”

Yubin and Fenxue slightly frowned and suddenly understood. The two girls turned to Yan Su and said with shame, “Your Highness, we are not as good as Qin Jiu, please forgive us.”

Yan Sun narrowed his eyes. His inquisitive eyes glanced over Qin Jiu, as he wanted to guess the reason why she did this. Of course he knew that she wouldn’t plan anything good, but what washer intention? Now, he couldn’t send out the unfinished dress, so the only thing he could do was supervise Qin Jiu so she couldn’t play tricks.

“Well, in that case, I’ll have to bother Reed Branch Leader. Please get on the carriage, I will take you to Jiuman Mountain myself.” Yan Su said lightly. His face appeared calm, the tip of his eyebrow enigmatic.

Durian gawked in surprise. He didn’t expect that His Highness Anling would send them to the Snow Festival.

With a lazy smile, Qin Jiu held the embroidery frame, and ordered Durian to take the bamboo basket with silk threads and Lychee to hold the dress, taking a parcel from the inner room to give to Cherry. Loquat was holding a sword while Yellow Hair was holding a wool string of beads to play with. Everyone was busy with their hands.

All of them went out one by one.

The carriage of the royal house stood outside the door.

The carriage was very big, with a dark blue canopy and dark blue body. Its dark blue curtains covered the body, and adhered to Yan Su’s low profile style. If there were no carved dragons on the body, and if the four white horses pulling the carriage weren’t the fastest horses, and if there were no armed soldiers behind the carriage, you wouldn’t be able to tell this was the carriage of His Highness Anling.

When His Highness Anling’s bodyguard Yanrui saw Qin Jiu and other people come out, he was surprised and raised his eyebrows.

“Allow the Reed Branch Leader to get into my carriage and let the others ride horses.” Yan Su commanded.

Yanrui didn’t say anything and opened the carriage’s curtain.

Qin Jiu climbed into the carriage, lifting the curtain from the window and saying with a smile, “My Durian has to sort the threads for me.”

Yan Su frowned and waved his hands, “You get on too!”

Durian took Yellow Hair and climbed onto the carriage. Cherry, Lychee, and Loquat rode one behind them.

There was a small table in the carriage, a delicate painted bronze teapot was sitting on it. There was steam coming out from the hollow lid. Yan Su leaned on the side of the small table, holding the brewed tea Binyu just made. His handsome face was covered by steam, except for a pair of sharp eyes which were as bright as falling stars.

Qin Jiu didn’t say a word, but sat on the mat in the carriage; her fingers were flying through the air, her embroidery needles moving up and down between the silk cloth, embroidering petal after petal.

The carriage was unusually quiet and the atmosphere was strained.

Durian and Binyu felt a sense of tension, only the two masters seemed to feel nothing. One was enjoying the tea while the other one was embroidering.

In less than an hour, the carriage finally got close to Jiuman Mountain. Durian heard the loud voices outside. He glanced at the dress in Qin Jiu’s hand, and the last petal was just a few stitches away.

Right at that time, the bodyguard followed the carriage and reported, “Your Highness, the road ahead is blocked by Princess Zhaoping’s carriage.”

Yan Su frowned, put down the tea cup in his hand, and asked, “How far is it from the lake?”

Yanrui reported, “Less than a mile.”

Yan Su said, “Park the carriage by the side of the road, and we will ride there later.”

Yanrui acted according to his words and drove the carriage to the side of a wasteland. When the carriage stopped, he heard a charming voice coming from outside the carriage. “My brother, why did you avoid the carriage of your sister? Are you afraid that I would not let you pass?”

After these words, the curtain of the carriage was lifted by a white hand, and a woman stood outside in the clear sunlight.

She was about twenty years old and wore a golden embroidered Palace dress with a brown fur coat and a translucent white shawl over her face. The forehead skin showed outside was as white as porcelain, the eyebrows were sharp like a knife, the eyes were like autumn water. Her long black hair was tied like a bun, with a gold-plated jade hairpin on it.

There was a pleasant smile in her eyes, warm like sunshine, and she seemed very happy. But when Yan Su saw her, his face turned unsightly.

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