Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 32: She Deserved It

Editor: Snowy, Divine

Yan Su frowned and asked slowly, “Dear Sister, the Snow Festival will begin soon, why don’t you go now?” His voice was low and mellow, clean as water, warm as a breeze, and his voice was soft, but something was vaguely wrong with his expression.

Princess Zhaoping blinked her big eyes full of wisdom, smiled and asked, “My brother, you don’t want to see me? Why do you kick me out when we haven’t seen each other for so long? Brother, you are that anxious to go to the Snow Festival, who are you going to see there?”

Yan Su stroked his forehead, his genial face gradually covered with a layer of frost.

“I just want to ask my brother, what is so worthwhile at the Snow Festival without Suxuan?” Zhaoping asked quietly, her clever eyes showed a trace of sadness, which made people feel distressed.

Qin Jiu heard Princess Zhaoping mention the words “Suxuan”, and her hand on the needle stopped for a moment. She lowered her eyelashes, and concentrated on the embroidered dress in her hand. It was the first time she heard this name mentioned by others since she came back to Lijing. It had become a forbidden name for all the people in Lijing.

Yan Su slightly closed his eyes and his voice was as cold as water, “Dear Sister, stop spouting nonsense, I have no time for you today.”

“Nonsense? Unfortunately, my brother, I have a lot of free time today to spout nonsense.” Princess Zhaoping said slowly word by word. Her beautiful eyes turned to Qin Jiu, sneering, “Oh, no wonder my brother had no patience, did I disturb you two? I just heard that my brother fell in love with Suxiang’s daughter, so how come this time it’s another one?”

Yan Su leaned on the side of the table, his hand held a tea cup, and slowly drank. He tried to ignore the provocation of Princess Zhaoping, but turned to Qin Jiu and asked calmly, “Are you almost done with it?”

“Only one last petal left, please wait a moment.” Qin Jiu was holding a needle with a light red silk thread on the end, flying through the brocade.

“Qin Jiu?!” Zhaoping looked at her, with a smile on her lips, “You are Qin Jiu from the Heaven Sect who sneaked into my Palace to use the hot spring?”

Mu Yufei borrowed the jade from Zhaoping, but he did not tell her what he used it for. Qin Jiu didn’t end up using that jade, so she asked him to think of a different excuse. Thus, Princess Zhaoping didn’t know that Mu Yufei borrowed the jade to take Qin Jiu to the hot spring, and she also didn’t know that Qin Jiu and Mu Yufei knew each other.

Qin Jiu smiled and said, “I just arrived in Lijing, and didn’t know that the hot spring belonged to the Princess. If I had known, I would not have done that. Please forgive me!”

Princess Zhaoping sneered, “I don’t have time to punish you today.” Her clever eyes glanced and stopped at Durian, “This is your boy toy? Get down, and Yubin too! Make some room for me quickly, I have something to say to my brother.”

Durian was watching with interest and didn’t expect the fires to suddenly extend to him, and he was even scolded as a boy toy. He suddenly felt sad and said, “Princess, I am not a boy toy.”

Yellow Hair was resting in Qin Jiu’s arms when he heard the new word boy toy, so he screamed while playing with the wool wearing beads, “Boy toy, Durian is a boy toy!”

“No! I am not!” Durian angrily fought back against Yellow Hair.

“Boy toy!” Yellow Hair continued, glancing disdainfully at Durian.

Durian was furious while Princess Zhaoping grinned, “Pretty white face, get off quickly.”

So Durian carried the “boy toy” name and climbed down from the carriage with no tears left to cry. Yubin looked at Yan Su and nodded, then she also got out of the carriage.

Zhaoping got on the carriage slowly and sat on the side of Qin Jiu’s mat. Her eyes glanced at the dress Qin Jiu was embroidering, and her black eyes suddenly burst out with cold light. She questioned, “My brother, is this the dress you wanted to give to Su Wanxiang?”

Yan Su’s handsome face was still very calm, only turning colder after Zhaoping’s question. His eyes glanced at Zhaoping sharply and answered, “You are correct.”

“Ha… Oh… Ha, ha, ha, ha… ” Princess Zhaoping looked at Yan Su sadly and laughed, at first it was a single sound, then it became a string of laughs, she laughed till tears appeared, “My brother, you are so good!” This ‘good’ word was spoken through gritted teeth.

“Three years. It has’s only been three years since Susu died, yet you’ve found someone new. But I don’t blame you. After all, you’re still going to get married and have kids. But how could you give such a gift to another woman here, during this Snow Festival? How could you please another woman on this day, this Snow Festival day?”

Zhaoping was saddened, and after she said that, tears rolled down like rain from her cheeks, wetting her silk mask. “If you forgot, it was Susu who always got first prize at the Snow Festival every year. If you forgot how this festival came to be, could you have forgotten that this was the place where you and Susu first met, the place where you and Susu fell in love? Every plum blossom here has witnessed Susu’s love for you. How could you give away a gift to another woman who will win the first prize in this place on such a day? How could you? My brother, how could you?”

Yan Su’s face changed slightly, he wanted to reach out his hand to wipe the tears off her face, but in the end didn’t, allowing her tears to fall. His eyes narrowed, and there was nothing but darkness in them. After a long time, he opened his mouth and stated slowly, “My sister, in front of Qin Jiu, don’t say too much!”

He spoke in a tone of indifference, as if it had nothing to do with him.

Princess Zhaoping raised her tearful face, her eyes staring at Yan Su ruthlessly, and she coldly said, “Even in front of the whole world, I will dare say this: Yan Su, you are shameless!”

Yan Su’s bright eyes had some moving light. He picked up the tea cup, lowered his eyelashes and drank, through the water vapor he squinted at Zhaoping, saying indifferently, “My sister, I knew you and her were friends. But all that has passed, and she has been gone for three years. What difference can you make by behaving like this now? You know our Imperial Father doesn’t want to mention what happened, but you can never forget. You even divorced because of that. What’s the use of doing that? My sister, I advise you, forget it! The Bai family, after all… they deserved it!”

Qin Jiu’s fingertip was suddenly pricked by the embroidery needle, a drop of blood slowly oozing out. She felt some tingling and put her finger in her mouth and slowly licked off the beads of blood.

She narrowed her eyes, and the corners of her lips slowly broke into a faint, barely noticeable smile.

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