Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 33: Robe Sleeve Hunting

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Zhaoping heard Yan Su’s words and the tears in her eyes stopped, but her body began to shake, even her hairpin was shaking. However, she still obstinately raised her head, her face full of tears, looking exactly like three years ago when she often fawned over him, but her eyes looked at him like he was a stranger.

This man was her brother.

She looked at him quietly.

Looking at his handsome face, looking at his tall and straight figure, looking at his heroic spiritual eyebrows, looking at the elegance and coldness in his smile.

His body still contained a kind of perseverance and strength, like a shining sword blade that would hide its power in the sheath and never showed its edge.

But, she had never hated him as much as now.

“I know you will not tolerate anything dirty in your eyes. During your training in the department of justice, you solved several cases in a month, beheaded thirty-seven people who deserved their punishment, and put seventy-nine people in prison. Even the most fiendish person, you would send the Jinwuwei to catch. I admired my just, awe-inspiring brother so much before, but since what happened three years ago, I’ve hated who you’ve become. Even if the Bai family was guilty, I won’t believe Susu was guilty!”

“Dear Sister, the evidence was conclusive and had been finalized! What can you do even if you don’t want to believe?” Yan Su played with the lid of the tea cup, removed the floating tea leaves, and said without expression.

“Good, good!” Princess Zhaoping’s face turned pale with the words squeezed from her lips. She said with a sad smile, “I will not argue with you any more, I will just ask you this: do not please another woman here, is that fine?”

Qin Jiu frowned, she had never heard Zhaoping beg with such a humble tone, even to her brother.

After hearing what Zhaoping said, Yan Su’s eyes got darker. He lowered his voice and said softly, “Dear Sister, it’s just a dress, why do you care so much.”

This meant he refused her request.

Zhaoping finally gave up. She knew she could never convince him since childhood. Her eyes were red, lips tightly pressed, eyelashes quivering, and her pink face was a little pale. She was going to cry again, but she gritted her teeth to hold back her tears.

Outside the carriage, Yanrui whispered, “Your highness, the Snow Festival has started, please hurry over!”

Yan Su answered quietly, then turned to Zhaoping and said, “My sister, go back to your palace, don’t wander around outside.”

Zhaoping was still smiling, and the stiff smile fell on Qin Jiu’s eyes, where she only saw endless emptiness.

“Why should I go back? I want to compete with Su Wanxiang!” Zhaoping declared angrily and stood up to get off the carriage.

Qin Jiu finished the last thread and said with a smile on her lips, “Wait, Princess, do you like this dress?”

Zhaoping stopped, suddenly looking back at Qin Jiu and sneered, “So what? It doesn’t matter whether I like it or not. It’s not for me.”

Qin Jiu smiled quietly and gently, the natural charm on her face made people see the illusion that she was an elegant woman.

“If the Princess likes this dress, I’ll give it to you. My sewing skills are not that good, but I hope you won’t dislike it.” Qin Jiu spread the embroidered dress out as she spoke, and the carriage was instantly brightened by the dress.

The base color of this dress was originally white pear flowers, very bland. Now, there were embroidered light colored peonies scattered on the corners. Maybe because the embroidery was delicate, maybe because the silk thread color matched perfectly, but the dress looked simple yet elegant with vivid colors.

Zhaoping couldn’t help but to praise it in her heart.

When she heard Qin Jiu say that she wanted to give this dress to her, she was surprised and glanced at Yan Su, and saw that his face suddenly changed. Although she didn’t know why Qin Jiu could give this dress to her, she still took it and said, “Then thank you.”

Princess Zhaoping stretched her hand out to get the dress, but before she touched it, a slender hand in front stopped her.

Yan Su stretched out his hand and pressed down on the dress in Qin Jiu’s hand. He lifted his eyes and glanced towards Qin Jiu; the bottom of his eyes shone with a cool luster. He said word by word, “Qin Jiu, don’t you forget, this is my dress, you don’t have the right to give it away.”

Qin Jiu smiled lazily, but the smile came with pride, which confused Yan Su.

“My Lord, I can give this away because this dress is made with Xiang silk I personally purchased and personally embroidered. If I can’t make the decision, who can?”

When Yan Su heard what Qin Jiu said, his black eyes suddenly burst with coldness. He put his hand on the dress and touched it carefully before his face changed. From his purple sleeve, he suddenly attacked Qin Jiu, and his hand grabbed Qin Jiu’s slightly raised chin. He put strength in his fingers and forced Qin Jiu to look at him.

Qin Jiu could clearly see anger in his eyes.

“How dare you cheat me?!”

His cold finger slowly dug into the chin, his five fingers almost piercing Qin Jiu’s skin.

Painful! Very painful!

But if a person had experienced pain beyond the limits of the human body, this level of pain was a piece of cake.

Qin Jiu endured the pain, and her eyes slightly narrowed, she stared at him without blinking, smiled slightly and said: “How could I dare cheat Your Highness? Your Highness’ warm silk dress, I really did take back to the house, only, this one that I embroidered was not. How could our weaving house dare to neglect Your Highness’ order? It was already finished last night.”

In fact, the needle bureau was almost done with the warm silk dress yesterday. Qin Jiu threw it to Lychee for her to finish the remainder. She naturally disdained pulling sweet embroidery for Su Wanxiang personally. The dress design of the warm silk with its weave embroidery and the dress she embroidered in her hand were exactly the same. The only difference was, hers was xiang silk and that one was warm silk.

Yan Su smiled coldly and hid the knife in his smile. “Where is the warm silk? Speak!”

“Your Highness’ warm silk was sent to Miss Su this morning in the name of Your Highness. By this time, Miss Su should have put it on!”

Yan Sur realized that he had been fooled by Qin Jiu. He sneered and said, “You have such a kind heart? You’d better stop lying!”

“If Your Highness does not believe me, you can personally go and ask!” Qin Jiu replied.

Yan Su fingers slowly loosened up and he was about to let go when Yellow Hair who was originally dozing off in Qin Jiu arms, suddenly exploded all of his feathers. He flew up with a ‘whoosh’, straight at the back of Yan Su’s hand.

“Yellow Hair!” Qin Jiu shouted in fear, extending her hand to stop him.

Unfortunately, she was still a step late, only seeing a purple light billow, the sleeve of the gown blowing past as Yellow Hair was swatted out.

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