Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 34: Everywhere Were Peony Dresses

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“Gah…” Yellow Hair was hit by Yan Su’s sleeves and made a strange noise as it shot straight towards the carriage corner. This should have killed the little parakeet.

Even Zhaoping felt sorry for the parakeet.

However, no one expected that just when Yellow Hair’s head almost hit the wall of the carriage, the red mouth and white feathered parakeet would suddenly turn his body, his claws scraping against the wall as it flew back like a white rainbow to peck at Yan Su’s wrist.

Yan Sun showed surprise in his eyes as he didn’t expect the parakeet to be so dexterous. He smiled coldly and stretched out his hand to slap it again. Yellow Hair seemed to expect that, and flapped his wings to fly to the top of his head.

At the same time, Qin Jiu shook the embroidery frame in her hand. Imperial red, light green, moon white, dark green, vivid blue, flow yellow, bright purple, seven-colored silk threads flew at Yan Su’s hand without stopping.

Yan Su stretched his hand and hit the table on his side, the table rotated and blocked in front of his body; Qin Jiu’s embroidery needles were all shot to the table, the rotation of these colorful silk threads twisting into a thin hemp rope. Because of her movement, Yan Su had no time to catch Yellow Hair flying to his head, so he had to bend down. He had thought that Yellow Hair was going to peck his eyes, but his target was the top of his head. Because he lowered his head, Yellow Hair took the opportunity to peck his green jade hairpin and pulled it out, before flashing his wings and flying out the window.

Yan Su’s black hair suddenly flew down like a waterfall in the mountains, making his coldness disappear a little bit. He didn’t look one bit pitiful and appeared even more elegant. But his black eyes were like the dark night, a flower blooming in the dark, emitting a crushing coldness……

He hadn’t expected a little parakeet to be so sneaky, it looked like he’d been trained. Only a demon girl like Qin Jiu could raise such a shameless parakeet.

Qin Jiu’s chin was very painful, pinched by Yan Su. There were several red marks on her white face, and she couldn’t help frowning. But seeing Yan Sun’s cold eyes, she was worried that he would hurt Yellow Hair again, so she said with a smile: “My little parakeet is naughty. He has a bad habit of liking good-looking men, and he must like you so he took the green jade pin as proof. Your Highness, please forgive him!”

Yan Su’s swordlike eyebrows tilted, with no expression on his face and said, “Really? If so, can I get something from him as proof too?” Though his voice was very calm, anyone could hear the hidden anger in his words.

Qin Jiu covered her face with an embroidery frame and said with a smile, “Sure, sure, what do you want from him?”

“I want all of his feathers.” Yan Su said coldly.

Qin Jiu had not answered yet when she heard Yellow Hair’s angry voice from atop the carriage, “I don’t like him at all, I am male!”

Yan Su’s face turned slightly black, and quietly picked his eyebrows.

Princess Zhaoping covered her mouth and laughed.

Her brother was defeated, and the most interesting thing was that the other party was a bird, just a bird.

As soon as Yellow Hair spoke, the green hairpin he was holding in his mouth slid down the roof of the carriage. Durian was standing outside the carriage and instinctively reached out his hand to catch the green hairpin.

Durian held the green jade hairpin and scolded Yellow Hair, “It’s not good behavior to take other people’s things, you know? If it fell down and broke, how could you pay for it?”

Yellow Hair was not happy with Durian’s words, he pecked Durian’s hand and tilted his head, “I especially like to take other people’s things.”

Durian touched the scar on the back of his hand, almost wanting to cry.

Qin Jiu saw the coldness turn deeper in Yan Su’s eyes. She smiled and said, “Durian, give His Highness his jade hairpin back!”

“No, I don’t want it!” Yan Su coldly raised his chin, his eyes sliding over Qin Jiu’s face, and sneered. The coldness in his smile combined with the sunlight streaming in from the window reflected the color of ice, “Since Yellow Hair likes it, I will give it to him! I won’t fight with a bird with flat hair.”

He whipped up his coat and stooped out of the carriage.

His bodyguard Yan Rui saw him and led the horse over, Yan Su took the reins and got on the horse.

His black hair flapped gently in the sunlight, like a bright cloud of fine black satin reflecting off the peacock purple robe he was wearing. He immediately looked back and down at Qin Jiu with cold dark eyes, “Qin Jiu, you’d better not lie to me, otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!” With these words, he pulled the reins and rode away with the Jinwuwei.

With iron trotters shaking the earth and raising smoke countless times, the purple shadow soon disappeared from people’s view.

Qin Jiu turned her sight away from him and got out of the carriage, handing the peony dress she just embroidered to Princess Zhaoping: “I just heard that Princess will also participate in the Snow Festival today. If you don’t mind, please accept this dress.”

Zhaoping originally thought this dress was the one Yan Su wanted to send to Su Wanxiang, which was why she accepted–to stop Yan Su from giving it to Su Wanxiang. Now, she knew it wasn’t the same one so said, “Thank you. You are an interesting person but you’re from the Heaven Sect. I can’t accept your gift.”

Qin Jiu smiled and replied, “Princess, I made this dress exactly the same as the one His Highness Anling gave to Su Wanxiang. I thought Princess would like it.”

Zhaoping thought for a while and ordered her maid to take the dress, “Alright, I will take it. I don’t want to accept your gift without payment, so I will take you to the Mirror and Flower Lake.” She turned to walk towards her gorgeous carriage and several maids helped her on.

Qin Jiu took the embroidery frame, Durian carried the silk baskets, Cherry held a large package, Lychee held Yellow Hair, Loquat held a sword, and a group of people sat in the carriage behind the Princess’ and went towards the Mirror and Flower Lake.

On the road, there were carriages with royal ladies passing by, wearing elegant dresses and fashionable hair buns. They peeped at pedestrians from their half-opened curtains. The men from royal families rode horses and passed by their carriages.

After a short while, they could smell a faint fragrant scent.

Qin Jiu opened the curtain of the carriage and saw the boundless peony forest ahead. It was the bloom season, and you could see the plum blossom from a distance, the scent growing stronger as you got closer.

Qin Jiu looked at this Sea of Sweet Snow like she was looking at a dream of herself from another time. Tranquil forest of plums, lovely fragrance of flowers, the wind sweeping over the thin branches, quiet and desolate for all eternity

The carriage stopped at the edge of the plum forest. Qin Jiu got off the carriage and bade farewell to Princess Zhaoping. She took Durian, Loquat, Lychee and Cherry with her to walk through the plum forest.

Thousands of trees were blooming, with a sweet fragrant scent.

No one made a noise when passing along the forest path, as if one feared to startle the goddess of flowers.

They got to the mirror lake silently.

The lake was still and smooth like a glass mirror; the light of the sun reflected on the surface of the lake, glimmering like tiny pieces of gold, with brilliant lights and vibrant colors. The old plum tree near the water curved its powerful branches, the plum blossom’s shadow reflected in the lake. It felt like it was reality but also like an illusion–beautiful.

On the other side of Mirror Lake, there was a high platform on the ground.

By this time, the Snow Festival had begun. People gathered and it was very crowded.

Qin Jiu ordered Loquat to inquire about the news. After a short while, Loquat came back and said he heard that Su Wanxiang had put on the warm silk peony dress sent by His Highness Anling.

Qin Jiu ordered Cherry to open the package she had been holding, which contained a dozen peony dresses, taking it all out.

The pattern of these peony dresses were exactly the same as the one His Highness Anling sent to Su Wanxiang, but the difference was that the peonies on these dresses were not embroidered but dyed because it took less time to dye than to embroider, but at first sight it appeared exactly the same.

Qin Jiu ordered Cherry and Lychee to give these dresses to ordinary families who couldn’t afford to wear these dresses.

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