Chapter 37: The Pure And Kind Woman

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After the initial uproar, the crowd went silent again.

If you thought Yan Yu’s fireworks at the Shangyuan Festival was shocking, then today’s peony was more than that, it made people feel moved.

Not to mention the current cold weather, even in April or May, it was not easy to collect seven different colors of peonies. What was more, these seven colored peonies that bloomed today were all fragrant and gorgeous.

How precious this kind of gesture was!

If he was not using his heart, how could he have made that happen?

Although Yan Yu was the demon that all women in the capital tried to avoid, now, every woman was jealous seeing him personally holding peonies for Su Wanxiang.

“Miss Su, take it!”

“Take it!”

Someone shouted, and others followed suit.

On the high platform, Yan Yu held the peony and stood in front of Su Wanxiang, his lips holding a breathtakingly gorgeous smile, but it was difficult to guess what was hidden in the depths of his black pupils.

Su Wanxiang finally stopped coughing. She tightened the cloak on her body and looked at Yan Yu, then turned her sight to the peony in Yan Yu’s arms.

In the pot that Yan Yu was holding was a white peony.

Two or three flowers were blooming; two or three of them were still buds.

The open flowers were as big as a plate with white jaden color, blooming gracefully in the wind.

The buds that were not open were like beautiful women with a smile on their faces, hiding among the green leaves and releasing their fragrance discreetly.

Su Wanxiang’s eyes moved from the flowers to the green leaves. The leaves seemed to have wilted a little, and there was a bud hidden among the leaves that looked pale. She didn’t take the peony from Yan Yu, but instead frowned.

The people were still waiting for Su Wanxiang to take the peony from Yan Yu, but from a distance, they saw her seemingly unhappy and couldn’t understand why.

“Why is she unhappy?” Durian was puzzled, “Doesn’t she like peonies?”

Qin Jiu picked up the glass on the table and slowly took a sip. The contents gently slipped through her lips and the red color contrasting with purple wine made her appear even more charming.

“Maybe Miss Su is a true flower lover.” A smile raised from Qin Jiu’s lips, her clear eyes narrowed with some sharpness.

“A true flower lover?” Durian quickly understood. These peonies which should bloom in May could not stand this cold weather. Su Wanxiang was not happy now because of these pitiful peonies.

On the high platform, Su Wanxiang covered her mouth and coughed. She didn’t take the peony from Yan Yu, but she took off the cloak that the maid had just put on her and carefully wrapped it around the white peony in Yan Yu’s hand.

She took two steps back and bowed, “Thank you. But I can’t accept your deep love. There is no sun house in the prime minister’s house, nor any gardener who can take special care of these peonies. If I take these back home, they will not last after tonight. Wanxiang likes flowers, but I never treat flowers like toys. Flowers also have spirits, and since His Highness Yan can plant peonies in the harsh winter, you must have put a lot of heart into it and must also be a flower lover. If you don’t want to see these peonies die in the cold wind, please take them back to the sun house quickly. Wanxiang will be grateful,” Su Wanxiang said slowly with a trace of sadness in her eyes.

She didn’t speak very loudly, but it was so silent that these words were carried by the wind to people’s ears under the platform.

The crowd was silent, no one expected Su Wanxiang to say this. After being stunned for a moment, everyone quickly applauded.

Yan Yu raised his eyebrows under the applause, his black eyes staring straight at Su Wanxiang, bursting with affection.

Su Wanxiang was standing in front of Yan Yu, the cold wind blowing up her sleeves, revealing her slender body. Her entire being was like a blooming flower on branches that could be blown away at any time. She bowed to Yan Yu again and wanted to leave.

Yan Yu quickly stepped forward, his tall figure blocking Su Wanxiang.

He handed the peony to the servant behind him and took off his cloak.

“Although the peony is precious, it can’t compare with Miss Su. Miss Su mustn’t only deeply care for flowers but also your own body. Since Miss Su has given your cloak to the peony, please accept this cloak from me in hopes it will protect you from the cold wind.” Yan Yu smoothly said and came forward to put the cloak on Su Wanxiang.

Su Wanxiang stepped back and smiled, “Thank you very much, but men and women shouldn’t get so close, I can’t accept your cloak.” After these words, she quickly got off the platform with the help from her maid.

Yan Yu was still holding the cloak on the platform, his entire being frozen on the high platform.

The cold wind ruffled his clothes, but he didn’t seem to notice. His burning eyes had been following Su Wanxiang until she got off the platform. Then, he ordered his servants to hold the peonies and go down with him.

Inside the shelter, Durian sighed softly and said, “I never thought Miss Su could be so pure and kind-hearted!”

Qin Jiu smiled and said nothing as she continued to drink.

Li Yunxiao said, “Your Highness, it seems that His Highness Yan really likes Miss Su.”

Yan Min nodded thoughtfully with a gleam of regret in his eyes.

Qin Jiu put the glass down and said with a smile, “All men like graceful ladies, not to mention that His Highness Yan is a sentimental man. However, it seems that Miss Su has no interest in him. However, I heard that His Highness Anling seems to like Miss Su too?”

When Yan Min heard Qin Jiu’s words, a gloomy look appeared in his eyebrows. He put down his wine and replied, “I’ve heard about this. These years, my brother wasn’t interested in any women, but has unexpectedly fallen in love with Su Wanxiang. I would rather have Miss Su like His Highness Yan than him.”

Qin Jiu knew why Yan Min said so.

Prime Minister Su was originally close to His Highness Anling Yan Su. If Yan Su married Miss Su, they would be even closer, which was worse for Yan Min. But if Miss Su and Yan Yu married, he would not be affected very much.

“Your Highness, don’t worry. From my point of view, it is hard to say who Miss Su will marry. Let these two fight with each other and maybe the one who will benefit in the end…” Qin Jiu stopped and nipped a cake with her mouth.

Although Qin Jiu didn’t finish, Yan Min still immediately understood. If neither of them could win, perhaps he might have a chance too. Thinking of this, Yan Min could not help but to stand up and pace back and forth in the shelter.

“Thank you very much for your hospitality. Your Highness, those peonies are very pretty and I want to take a look. By the way, I will give some advice to His Highness Yan so he won’t be discouraged,” Qin Jiu said slowly.

Yan Min was very happy and sent Qin Jiu out in big steps and thanked in a low voice, “Thank you, Miss Qin.”

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