Chapter 38: Someone’s Frustrated

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Yan Min could tell from Qin Jiu that she intended to help him, so he was very happy. Qin Jiu smiled and nodded, then left Yan Min’s shelter.

It was very easy to find Yan Yu’s shelter because Yan Yu’s four beautiful maids were standing outside, all of them were clothed in green, catching people’s eyes. The curtain around the shelter was hanging down at this time, as Yan Yu must have felt that there was nothing left to see after Su Wanxiang was done with her performance.

Qin Jiu stood in front of the door and held Yellow Hair. Durian hurried forward and said: “Miss Qin wants to see His Highness Yan, may the four sisters report to him?”

Diaochan glanced at Durian and covered her mouth, smiling, “Sister? Who’s your sister? Yuhuan, since when did we have such a silly brother?”

Yuhuan smiled gently, “I don’t remember having such a brother either.”

Xishi said in a cold voice, “His Highness has no time today, you can come back another day.”

Zhaojun frowned and said, “Maybe Miss Qin really has something to talk about with His Highness. Diaochan, go and report to His Highness.”

It seemed that Zhaojun was the head of the four maids. Diaochen made a face at Durian and went in to report. After a moment, Diaochan walked out, her eyebrows wrinkled tightly and said in a cold voice, “Please come in, but only Miss Qin may come in.”

Loquat frowned and looked at Qin Jiu worriedly. Qin Jiu replied with a smile, “Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”

Qin Jiu lifted the luxurious curtain hanging on the door of the shelter, but there was another thick cotton curtain behind it.

Qin Jiu then lifted the heavy cotton curtain and many peony blossoms entered her view.

In the dim light of the shelter, the peonies were blooming quietly, like gorgeous silk.

Scarlet, water white, peach yellow, ink blue, bright purple, jade green, light pink. Different colors, layers of petals overlapping with each other. They were blooming on the table, on the blanket, on the bed, in Yan Yu’s arms, in Yan Yu’s hands and Yan Yu’s lips……

It was not easy for Qin Jiu to find Yan Yu in the sea of peonies.

In fact, he was lying on the thick hand-woven carpet spread in the center of the shelter, holding a pot of ‘green fragrant ball’ in his arms, a pot of ‘blue dragon’ by his side, and a pot of ‘luminous white’ near his face.

A white jade hairpin slanted down on his slightly open collar, his long hair scattered on his shoulder, drifting with the wind Qin Jiu brought in, but he was unaware of it at all.

The peony was beautiful, but Yan Yu was even more beautiful.

The man was lying there on his side and didn’t even raise his eyebrows when Qin Jiu came in, instead staring at the luminous white peony in front of him. His eyes were very affectionate, as if he was gazing at his beloved.

The white peony was blooming in the sea of flowers, seeming particularly proud but lonely.

Yan Yu’s other hand was holding a snow white porcelain cup with purple wine in it. His eyelashes drooped and one couldn’t see his eyes clearly. However, the decadence and loneliness that emanated from his body was so obvious that Qin Jiu couldn’t ignore it.

This shelter was much warmer than Yan Min’s, which was apparently to keep the peonies warm. In every corner of the shelter, there was a charcoal fire pot, in which the best charcoal crackled.

Qin Jiu instinctively wanted to stay away from the brazier, but the man and the flowers in the narrow room took up the entire space. There was almost no space for her.

“Your Highness is really leisurely,” Qin Jiu slowly opened her mouth.

Yan Yu glanced at her lazily and raised the porcelain cup in his hand, drinking the wine and then hanging down his hand to pour the wine into the flowerpot.

Qin Jiu was slightly surprised, Yan Yu was watering the peony with wine?

How could the flower stand it?

She took two steps forward. From the air filled with the faint smell of the wine, she recognized what Yan Yu drank was called “missing you”, made with red beans. It was said that the stronger you miss someone, the stronger this wine was. Qin Jiu drank this before and she was drunk for a long time. Actually, even if it was not strong, it couldn’t be used to water the flowers.

“You have taken good care of these peonies, but if you water them with “missing you“, I am afraid they can’t stand it!” Qin Jiu lectured.

Yan Yu glanced at Qin Jiu with a smile on his lips and asked, “Why is Miss Qin looking for me? Could it be that you missed me?” His mouth was making fun of Qin Jiu, but his hand didn’t stop pouring wine for himself, drinking and watering the flowers.

His tone was cunning, his smile lazy, his eyes charming, and his words shameless.

Qin Jiu completely doubted that the lonely man she saw before was just an illusion. Definitely an illusion.

Qin Jiu moved slowly and sat down on the couch where there was a pot of scholar red. She said with deep feeling, “Yes, I have been missing you since last time. The love sickness was so unbearable that I couldn’t help but come over to see His Highness Yan.” To deal with a shameless person like Yan Yu, you had to be more shameless than him. Qin Jiu lamented that she didn’t understand this truth before.

Yan Yu got up from the carpet and sat cross-kneed with a smile on his lips. He raised his hand and lifted the jug from the table. This time, instead of pouring it into the glass, he poured it directly into the flower pot. Luminous white, green fragrant ball, peach yellow…… Finally he stopped at the scholar red by Qin Jiu’s arms.

Qin Jiu could almost see the flowers perishing visibly. She really didn’t understand why he wanted to water the flower with wine, as this was undoubtedly watering the flower with poison.

“My Lord, why are you doing this? Watering the peony with wine will kill it.” Qin Jiu said with a smile.

“What’s the use of them if they can’t make the beautiful lady smile?” Yan Yu said lazily, the devilish smile on his lips even more conspicuous, but his long and narrow eyes were full of coldness, like the cold flickering light from the strike of a blade.

“However, if Miss Qin likes it, I will save this scholar red for you.” Yan Yu looked at Qin Jiu, saying emotionally, “You are really too beautiful, Miss Qin. More beautiful than this pot of flowers. This scholar red really matches you.”

If it was before, Qin Jiu would have taken it to save this pot of peony, but now she would not!

Qin Jiu was holding the bright red peonies, smiling and also saying emotionally, “I never liked flowers and plants. Your Highness is too kind, you don’t have to save this one for me. In fact, Your Highness is the most beautiful. This pot of blue dragon can’t match even one-thousandths of your elegance.”

The voices of these two were just loud enough to be heard outside the shelter.

Durian blushed.

Yan Yu squinted at Qin Jiu, a perfect smile on his lips.

But Qin Jiu felt a little cold.

To collect all these peonies, and to take care of them in the sun house would have taken much money and time. Now, Yan Yu wanted to give them up, and he really did so. Once he was displeased, he immediately destroyed it. However, was he really angry with these peonies because Su Wanxiang refused?

Qin Jiu looked at Yan Yu lifting his hands and pouring the rest of the wine in scholar red. Finally, Yan Yu shook the wine pot and couldn’t pour out a drop more, so he lifted the wine pot and threw it out.

The pot drew an arc in the air and fell into the brazier in the corner of the room. Shards and fragments of charcoal were scattered, and sparks splashed onto Qin Jiu’s cloud-like sleeves.

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