Chapter 39: Letting Go

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Qin Jiu’s face turned white, and she quietly brushed her sleeve to extinguish the spark. However, there were still tiny holes burned on her sleeve.

Yan Yu turned around and when he saw what happened, he joked, “Miss Qin is really a gorgeous woman, even fire sparks like you.”

Qin Jiu sighed and smiled, “Unfortunately, my sleeve cannot afford this fire’s affection. Look, my sleeve is burned, how will you compensate me?” Qin Jiu raised her hand, the cerise-colored wide sleeve slipping down. The sleeve had countless fluttering butterflies embroidered with very thin threads, like a beautiful silk painting. However, this beauty was destroyed by several big and small holes.

Yan Yu stood lazily with his hands close to his chest, his black eyes looking unbridled at Qin Jiu’s wide sleeve, a faint smile on his lips. His pupil was pitch black, yet it possessed a hint of disdain which disapproved of everything in the world.

“So, Miss Qin, you want to take the clothes off my body as compensation for yours? I am different from my nephew though–I am eager for Miss Qin to take off my clothes!” That night, Qin Jiu stripped off Yan Su’s clothes on Tianmen street, and this news had already spread to Yan Yu. This was why he had some interest in Qin Jiu. In this world, not many people dared to make fun of Yan Su.

“How could I dare to want your clothes, Your Highness? I just want…” Qin Jiu’s mouth gradually blossomed with a smile. Her eyes wandered and stared at the hanger behind Yan Yu.

On the hanger was the wind cloak Su Wanxiang had just used. White like the moon, with white fox fur on the edges. It was pure and luxurious.

Yan Yu glanced at the wind cloak and immediately understood Qin Jiu’s unfinished sentence. He refused, “Not this wind cloak!”

He took down the wind cloak and put it on his arm, his fingers slowly touching the wind cloak with a faint light at the bottom of his eyes. He held the wind cloak and slowly approached the corner of the charcoal basin. Suddenly he let go of the wind cloak, and like the white porcelain pot, it fell into the charcoal fire basin.

A puff of smoke rose above the brazier. The flame in the brazier wavered and widened, adding a big hole to the cloak.

Qin Jiu didn’t expect Yan Yu to throw Su Wanxiang’s wind cloak into the brazier and was shocked.

Yan Yu leaned down in front of the brazier. Qin Jiu thought he would pick up the wind cloak, but instead, he turned the unburned edges and corners into the basin. The light of the fire shone into his eyes, and his lazy eyes were like a mirror, reflecting a desolation similar to the petals that had fallen off the peonies.

In a moment, the cloak was burnt to ashes.

Qin Jiu frowned and then smiled, “Why do you do this? I didn’t say I wanted Miss Su’s cloak. Even if I had wanted it, what can I do if you don’t want to give it to me? It’s such a pity to burn a nice cloak!”

Yan Yu narrowed his eyes and sneered, “It’s just a mere cloak, why pity it so? If you want one, the weaving bureau can make as many as you want. You’ve already made a dozen peony dresses, what other clothes can’t they make for you!”

When Yan Yu gave peonies to Su Wanxiang on the platform, he probably saw the women wearing the peony dresses in the crowd below. However, Qin Jiu didn’t expect that Yan Yu knew she made these so quickly.

Qin Jiu was a little on alert, but her lips curled with a charming smile, “So you knew that I made those peony dresses. In fact, I just wanted to help you. At the Shangyuan Festival, you showed your love with fireworks, a touching display. Thus, since I knew that His Highness Anling wanted to send Miss Su the peony dress, I have been thinking about how to help you.”

Yan Yu lifted his eyebrows. He looked like he had heard the most ridiculous joke, and he couldn’t help but to laugh out loud. After a moment, his smile suddenly coagulated. Although he was still holding his arms as he looked at Qin Jiu, his eyes were as cold as frost.

“All this time, I thought that I was the most shameless person, but I had never thought, after meeting Miss Qin, I paled in comparison. Miss Qin is interested in my nephew and wants to prevent Miss Su from marrying him. You can just tell me straightforwardly, don’t use me as your shield!” Yan Yu said lazily, slight disdain on his lips.

Qin Jiu was puzzled.

He killed the peonies that were meant for Su Wanxiang by watering it wine, and he burned Su Wanxiang’s wind cloak. These unbelievable behaviors were just like Yan Yu, because he was always very difficult to understand. But if he really liked Su Wanxiang, how could he have given up? But if you said he didn’t like Su Wanxiang, there was no evidence of that either!

Qin Jiu sighed and picked up a fallen petal from the pot. This ‘scholar red’ peony’s petals had begun to wither. She held up the red petal and said with a charming smile, “Since you said so, I’d better admit. Yes, I do admire His Highness Anling, but unfortunately, the Heaven Sect only supports His Highness Kangyang, and His Highness Anling likes Miss Su very much. It would be very difficult to win the heart of His Highness Anling with just my own effort. It happens that Your Highness also likes Miss Su very much. Let’s join hands and get what each of us want. Isn’t this good for both sides?”

Yan Yu’s eyes suddenly narrowed. He went to the side of the bed and sat down, saying carelessly, “I do like Miss Su, but who told you that I have to marry her? Miss Su loves my nephew and I’ve decided to let them go! I advise you not to destroy their relationship.”

I’ve decided to let them go!

Qin Jiu was shocked after hearing Yan Yu’s words.

Let go!

No wonder he burned the wind cloak and poured wine on the peonies–because he decided to let go.

How good!

For Su Wanxiang, he learned how to let go, how to give them his blessings!

If he had let go at that time, she would not have been in this situation!

After Yan Yu finished, he took the jar from the table, poured the wine into the cup and drank. He went close to Qin Jiu’s side, and glanced at her face, his voice suddenly becoming lazy and frivolous, “Miss Qin is so beautiful, why do you like Yan Su? He is like an ice cube who doesn’t understand amorous feelings. Maybe the two of us can be together?” After these words, he took up the wine jar and poured another cup of wine, holding the cup to Qin Jiu’s lips.

Qin Jiu took the cup and put both the flower pot and the cup from his arms onto the table. With a shallow smile, she said, “I don’t mind being together with you, but wouldn’t you regret it later if you gave up too soon? I don’t think Miss Su likes His Highness Anling.”

Yan Yu smiled. He appeared calm, but there was a dark flash in his eyes.

“Where did you get that feeling?” He asked quietly.

Right at this time, Zhaojun from outside said in a low voice, “Your Highness, Princess Zhaoping is now on the stage!”

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