Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 4: I Want These Clothes

If a normal man heard this, he would’ve have been enraged. The onlookers felt a little angry when they heard this. Even Durian muttered in his heart repeatedly, ‘This evil woman is too shameless. She actually wants to exchange this man with a lantern!’ However, His Highness Anling was not an ordinary man. He didn’t even raise an eyebrow when he heard that, merely revealing a mocking smile.

“I’m sorry, but I already have a girl in my heart so I can’t take this business. I must get this lantern, so just give me a price.” he said slowly, but his words told people that he thought of Qin Jiu as a prostitute.

If Qin Jiu was a normal woman, she would be angry after she heard this. However, Qin Jiu was also not a normal woman. She stroked the parrot’s feathers with a lazy smile on her lips, “You don’t want to exchange yourself, so let’s exchange one of the things on you!”

After she said that, she started to circle around His Highness Anling. Her glittering eyes stared at him and wandered again and again, until they landed on the black golden horse whip held by His Highness Anling.

“Good whip!” She stepped forward and touched the whip.

“If you like it, take it.” he replied.

Qin Jiu shook her head, “I don’t like horseback riding; it’s useless to me. That’s a good knife.” Her eyes turned to focus on the knife hanging on the waist of His Highness Anling.

The scabbard of this knife was black with a primitive and cool murderous air. You could imagine how cold the knife would be when it came out of its sheath.

“Durian, don’t you need a weapon? Do you like this knife?” Qin Jiu pointed to the knife on the His Highness Anling’s waist and asked Durian.

Durian sweated like the rain.

His heart said, ‘Please grandma, don’t include me. Is the sword of His Highness Anling available to just anyone? I am not daring enough to take this!’

Now he understood one thing: he would die sooner or later in her hands, or in her enemy’s hands.

“No! I don’t like it at all.” Durian shook his head like a rattle.

“I’m afraid you can’t afford this knife!” Finally, the servant who led the horse for His Highness Anling came forward and stated, “This is the sword that the Emperor gave to His Highness Anling. There is a symbol on this sword that can be used to order the army. Can you afford this?”

“Oh!” Qin Jiu looked disappointed and turned around His Highness Anling again. Her eyes suddenly shone as if she had found a treasure. She approached King Anling and glared at his cloak, which was covered with dark brocade and fur.

She was very close to him.

The bun on her head rubbed against the chin of His Highness, and a faint fragrance from the woman’s body penetrated his nose.

His Highness suddenly felt like cargo waiting to be appraised. He took a step back in disgust, brushed off her hand, and narrowed his eyes dangerously.

Qin Jiu slightly lifted her lips and said slowly, “Your horse riding outfit is very nice. As the saying goes, the person depends on the clothes while the horse depends on the saddle. I want this horse riding outfit! Durian will be like royalty if he wears this.”

Durian had been struck by numb by Qin Jiu, holding the lantern and standing silently.

His Highness Anling sneered, “This is easy, even if you want ten sets it is not a problem. I will send my men to deliver it to your house if you give me an address.”

Qin Jiu shook her head and her eyes filled with a smile, “His Highness may not have understand my words. I only want this one on you, and I want it now. Please take it off. Oh, I forgot to mention that I want the layer under that too.”

The parrot fluttered to Qin Jiu’s shoulder, squinted its black eyes and encouraged, “The layer, the layer….” It seemed to know that if he took off this layer, he would have no clothes on him.

Not only the crowd of onlookers, Durian also couldn’t pretend any more, he almost wanted to kneel down.

His Highness’ attendants could not help but rush up and sew up the mouth of the parakeet as it glared back at them.

The calm face of His Highness finally broke like ice on a lake, showing an angry crack.

“Are you sure you want this outfit?” he asked coldly.

Qin Jiu nodded, and the parrot nodded too.

His Highness Anling did not speak, but took off his cloak and threw it to his attendants. Then, he began to untie the waist of the jade belt.

“Lord, you don’t have to do this. I don’t want this lantern anymore,” the woman in fur said as she pushed her way through the crowd and hurried up to His Highness.

“It’s okay, I said I will give you it. Stand down.” Yan Su spoke while he untying the jade belt. The black brocade riding outfit was open, exposing the white layer. He sneered as he took it off and threw the clothes ferociously towards Qin Jiu.

The clothes came mingled with a hint of anger, which made the parrot shriek with fear and have his feathers stand up.

Qin Jiu reached out her hand from the sleeve of a red wide robe, and took the clothes with ease and draped it on her shoulders.

His Highness reached out his hand again, and his white clothes fell down like clouds.

“Is that fine?” His Highness looked at Qin Jiu, with a faint smile on his thin lips. His long eyes were slightly narrowed with sharp edges looming in them.

But no matter how cold he was, or whether he was undressed, it didn’t hurt the fact that he was good-looking.

Even though he only wore white pants, standing in the chilly winter streets, he seemed to not fear the cold.

The lights of the colored lantern poured down through the crevices of the crowd like gauze and covered his body. He stood proudly as the lights showed the lines of his body, looking strong and fluid.

He just stood there, as if he was supposed to stand there, and didn’t feel ashamed without clothes.

He had a slight smile on his lips and cast a long, narrow, sidelong glance at Qin Jiu.

Qin Jiu looked at him, just looking…..

Colorful lights, bustling streets, and this posture.

She seemed to forget where she was.

She felt nothing but the coldness in her heart.

The parrot stood on her shoulder, with its black bean-like eyes staring at His Highness without blinking, as if it was drunk and stand steady.

Qin Jiu reached out her hand and patted its head, smiling, “Yellow Hair, don’t forget that you are male!”

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