Chapter 43: Love at First Sight

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Durian became famous. Whenever he went out with Qin Jiu, the road was blocked and the crowd came in like a flood. Durian was stuck in the crowd.

Furthermore, there were many shameless people who were very brave, coming in front of him and whispering, “Such a handsome boy! Your skin is tender like water, and you have excellent music skills, …It’s a pity for you to be a servant, why don’t you come with me!”

There were also girls in Lijing in the crowd and they looked at Durian with shy eyes. A girl was crowded in front of Durian and said bravely, “Little Brother, my father is rich, you might as well not be a servant, why don’t you just marry me!” This female was big. When she was in front of Durian, her breasts almost knocked him down.

Durian had never seen anything like this. His face immediately turned red, and the sweat on his forehead dripped down.

He looked for Qin Jiu and saw her holding Yellow Hair, standing in the crowd watching.

Yellow Hair asked curiously, “Why is his face red?”

Qin Jiu smiled, “He is shy, because someone wants to marry him.”

Yellow Hair asked again: “Why is he sweating?”

Qin Jiu smiled, “He is happy because he will soon be a groom.”

Who wants to marry, who wants to be a groom!

Durian was about to explode.

Loquat and Cherry gazed at him with sympathy, and Lychee also covered her mouth and laughed.

Durian cried for help, “Miss Qin, help me!”

Qin Jiu sighed: “What a troublesome person. However, if you play a song for me every day, I will help you.”

He was a troublesome person? Who caused this? But Durian did not dare argue with Qin Jiu and agreed right away.

Qin Jiu then slowly shook her embroidered tambour, the colorful silk threads wrapping the wrists of the people close to Durian, and with a slight force, the fat girl and a few playboys were pulled away by the silk thread.

Embroidered with a large red mandala flower, the tambour moved quickly in Qin Jiu’s hands. She raised her head, and with the most gentle and virtuous smile on her lips, faced the angry eyes of the crowd, saying slowly: “Yes, I did it.”

People stared at this beautiful and enchanting woman. She approached slowly and elegantly. The smile on the corner of her lips was gentle, but people felt fear in their hearts. When she came closer, people stepped aside like she was the plague.

Qin Jiu seemed to be very satisfied with this effect and held Yellow Hair, Durian following.

Because of Qin Jiu, this evil woman, people did not dare to harass Durian and could only sigh at their backs.

The sky got dark, and black clouds lay on the sky.

Qin Jiu smiled, it seemed that Durian had good luck, there might be snow today. She wanted to go back, but Durian was so interested in the scenery that she didn’t want to let him down, so she agreed to see the cherry blossoms. 

Because she loved the cherry blossom’s pride and pureness.

This area of Mirror and Flower Lake was very big. Hundreds of cherry trees bloomed, layers of petals and red flowers filled with fragrance…

She loved flowers before: peonies, plum trees, cherry blossoms…..

Cherry blossoms bloomed in early spring, so even if it was cold, she would still put on a snow cloak, hold a hand stove, and get on the sedan chair, taking more than one hour to come to Mirror and Flower Lake to see the cherry blossoms.

At that time, she was accompanied by the maids Zirong and Zhiye, and Jinxiu.

Jinxiu was her adopted sister. Her father Baiyan brought her back from outside when she was thirteen.

According to her father, she was the daughter of one of his best friends. Her father had been banished to the north for disobedience, and all the women in her family were going to the palace to be servants. Before Jinxiu’s father died, he didn’t want to leave his daughter to suffer, so he asked Baiyan to take care of Jinxiu.

Baiyan saved her with his relationship in the palace. He didn’t want her to be a maid so he took her in as an adopted child and changed her name to Bai Jinxiu.

Jinxiu was not her original name. This name was given by Baiyan, meaning from then on, she would always be away from disaster, and her future would be beautiful.

Regrettably, she didn’t get a bright future, what she got was a bigger disaster.

Everything would collapse if the building collapsed.

Because of the Bai family, she was implicated and lost her life. If they knew earlier, staying in the palace was also good.

There were several red plum trees in the front which were blooming very beautifully. Durian, Cherry, and Lychee rushed over to see them. Qin Jiu said to Loquat, “You stay here with them. I will go to the other side and come back.” Loquat nodded and Qin Jiu walked along the lake winding through Mirror and Flower Lake. Across the white marble bridge on the lake, Qin Jiu saw that tall white plum tree.

This white plum tree was the oldest plum tree in Mirror and Flower Lake.

That year after the snow, when Bai Suxuan sat on a soft coach accompanied by Zirong, Zhiye, and Jinxiu here to draw plums, she chose this white plum tree.

At that time, she sat on the stone by the mirror lake, Zirong laid the jade table for her, set the painting paper, and Zhiye prepared painting ink and she began to draw.

She was just halfway into the painting when the silence of plum forest was broken by a dog’s bark.

Bai Suxuan looked forward and saw a group of people following a hound from the forest running over. There was a yellow deer jumping to hide, its eyes full of panic and fear, and ran straight towards their way. The deer came to her in a hurry, knocked over her jade painting table, and scared Zirong and Zhiye.

At that moment, the bark was louder and two hounds ran towards them. Then, a few horses appeared in their sight, the sound of thunderous hooves and men laughing atop the horses broke the silence of the forest completely, startling the birds in the forest and flying away.

The horses ran down from the path in the forest, and in a moment they were in sight.

Bai Suxuan saw the horse in the front. There sat a young man with bright purple silk riding clothes, a jade belt and black boots, the same colored embroidered cape. The young man was handsome and full of spirit.

With a bow and arrow in his hand, he watched the deer being cornered by several of them. He stretched his bow and aimed at the deer.

His riding clothes were bulked up because of the muscles under his clothes. The young and handsome face was still shining with sweat from riding.

The wild deer was whining and running here and there, but it was blocked by the hounds each time.

Bai Suxuan was holding a paintbrush, looking at the big bow pulled taut and the sharp arrow that was about to leave the string, screaming: “Don’t shoot!”

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