Chapter 45: The Cold Plum Opens in the Snow

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“Sister, you absolutely can’t agree with him. Unmarried women’s paintings can’t be held by someone else. If he takes your paint and spreads the word, it will ruin your reputation.” Bai Jinxiu warned in a low voice.

This was true and Bai Suxuan also understood, but she ignored Jinxiu’s advice, took the painting and quickly caught up to him, saying in a cold voice: “I give you this painting, and you give me your deer!”

Yan Su looked back at her and smiled like the spring breeze. He ordered his attendants to bring the deer over and handed it to Bai Suxuan himself. Bai Suxuan took the rope tied to the deer and gave it to Bai Jinxiu.

Yan Su walked over and reached out his hand for her painting.

The snow was all over the sky, the lake behind Yan Su showed green clear color, with stone bridge and xiangxue hai, like a landscape full of color. His figure with his clothes fluttering, made Suxuan think of an old poem.

Bai Suxuan knew he wanted this painting, so he said to kill the deer. She tilted her head and smiled. Just when she was about to hand the painting to his hand, she suddenly raised her hand and threw the painting towards the mirror lake behind him.

Yan Su was obviously stunned. Looking at his empty hand, he looked at her with a teasing smile. Suddenly, he jumped from the ground and turned over, trying to catch the painting.

Although they were close to the lake, the painting could not be thrown into the lake with Bai Suxuan’s strength. But the cold wind blew the painting over the lake.

It was just a painting, and Bai Suxuan didn’t take it seriously. She threw it to the lake and held her skirt and walked away. She ordered Bai Jinxiu to release the rope around the deer’s neck and let the deer go, until the deer ran into the mountains and couldn’t be seen, so she looked back at the mirror lake.

She saw him sitting on a stone by the lake with her painting. His purple coat was obviously wet, but he didn’t seem to notice it at all. He only held her painting and lowered his head and looked at it. As if aware of her sight, he raised his head and his handsome eyes caught hers.

Bai Suxuan looked at his eyes that were as bright as gems, she felt the heart suddenly flurried up, then she turned around and ran away.

Memory is like a bowl of medicine syrup, sending out a bitter smell.

Three years, Qin Jiu has been used to forget. But since she decided to come back to Lijin again, she is ready to face everything, she doesn’t mind, to go over the pain once again or even a hundred times.

Always hold bitterness on the lips, after a long time, perhaps taste will be numb.

She didn’t know when the snow drifted up.

The pure things in the sky, one after another, like a white butterfly silently falling from the clouds.

Cold plum and snow looked more beautiful.

In the past, she always loved to compose poems.

Now she was tired of these things, and she had no leisure, no mood, no energy to do them.

Qin Jiu turned and left, within a few steps, she barely saw a figure in the front, accompanied with a low cough. She hid behind an old plum tree, and soon heard the sound of footsteps.

Qin Jiu held her breath and looked forward. Through the leaves and branches of the plum shadow, Qin Jiu saw Su Wanxiang who was wearing a fur cloak. She stopped under a plum tree, looked up at the plum, and said in a low voice, ” Look at this white plum tree, how beautifully it opened!”

Qin Jiu squinted.

Right at this time, the sound of footsteps came closer, and Yan Su appeared in the plum forest.

He was still wearing the same long peacock purple cloak covered with white fur. The white fur collar swept over the fine line of his jaw, making him look gentle. His eyes were long and dark and handsome.

He walked around the stone bridge and approached Su Wanxiang.

Not far away was the blue mirror lake. There was an old plum tree blooming like a dream, the smell of plum diffusing into people’s bodies.

Under the plum tree, a man and woman stood together.

Su Wanxiang was holding the branch with the most beautiful blooming plum. Her head tilted up and she got closer to smell the flower. When she saw Yan Su come closer, she slowly let the flower go and covered her mouth.

Yan Su strode forward and stretched out his hand, grabbing the branch covered with flowers: “I will break it for you to take home.”

Su Wanxiang shook her head and whispered, “Do you want to break them because you like them? Let them stay sweet on the branches. Your Highness, why did you ask me to come here? If you don’t have anything, I’m going to leave.”

Yan Su slowly released the flower and took a big step in front of her. His eyes were full of deep feelings, “Wanxiang, I came to apologize to you.”

Su Wanxiang raised a faint smile on her lips and said slowly, “Your Highness, you have known Wanxiang for quite a long time. Have you ever seen me so narrow-minded? It was only a few peony clothes, and you didn’t send them out. Even if you were the one who sent them out, all I know is that the one I got is the best one, which is enough.”

Qin Jiu saw the moonlight-like smile on Yan Su’s lips and the touch of warmth in his eyes seemed to be able to melt the snow. He lowered his head and said, “Let me send you home.”

Su Wanxiang looked up and smiled, “The carriage from my house is waiting, I will not bother Your Highness.”

After that, she walked slowly down the path in the forest.

Only the trees with gorgeous red color were left behind her, and under the trees there was a straight figure, standing there proud and lonely.

Qin Jiu found Durian along another path.

Durian was arguing with Lychee. Lychee was trying to take the plum flower back and put it in a bottle, but Durian didn’t agree. Cherry was on Durian’s side while Loquat held his sword and didn’t say anything.

Lychee saw Qin Jiu come closer, and her eyes brightened and she shouted, “Miss Qin, this plum blossom is so beautiful, let’s take a few branches back.”

“No!” Durian called loudly, “Don’t ruin the flowers and trees.”

Qin Jiu smiled and said, “Durian, don’t you know that these flowers and trees need to be trimmed every year? If you let these branches grow, plum trees will not grow high. Just like the peach tree, if you do not prune off the excess flowers, the flowers will not produce large peaches. Lychee, go ahead and take some.”

Lychee gave Durian a charming smile, then took some branches and folded several flowers. There were red plums and white plums. Finally, Durian was forced to carry a red plum, and all of them laughed through the plum forest.

Their laughter abruptly stopped when they saw someone standing near the exit of the forest.

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