Chapter 46: Fear of Cold

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There was a luxury carriage outside the plum forest. A man stood near the carriage, and Qin Jiu recognized him as the music chief Xiao Lebai who was one of the judges on the platform.

The people who came for the snow festival saw snow falling from the sky, and after praying, rode away in all directions. Others stayed to enjoy the flowers in the plum forest.

Xiao Lebai was undoubtedly one of those elegant people. Perhaps he went to see the flowers.

Although Bai Suxuan and Xiao Lebai were both among the four famous musicians, Xiao Lebai joined after she left, so Qin Jiu didn’t know him.

Xiao Lebai leaned on one side of the carriage. He was no longer holding a wine bottle and instead held a red plum branch which was almost two feet high, five or six feet long, the twigs intersecting each other. There were blossoms red as blush with a wonderful smell. It was more beautiful than the one Durian was carrying.

Flying snow, red blossoms, flower shadows, and white clothes.

The man in white leaning against the carriage looked like a handsome young man reciting poems on a bridge, with gentle eyebrows and didn’t look like a man who practiced martial arts all year-round. From his appearance, Xiao Lebai appeared to be a very nice scholar.

After Qin Jiu came to Lijing, she found all the details about the people around the Emperor.

Speaking of Xiao Lebai, he was one of the most famous people in the last two years in court whom people like to make friends with. He liked wine a lot, and he was also a very proud person. He didn’t favor any powerful man in the court. It was said that Yan Min, His Highness Kangyang, asked Xiao Lebai to play on his birthday, but Xiao Lebai refused. He didn’t even favor His Highness Kangyang, truly a person that was too proud of himself. But even though he was not a good man, he still had some integrity.

If Qin Jiu was like before, she may not have paid attention to him, but now she had changed and would not ignore Xiao Lebai. She walked over and smiled, “I was wondering who was here. So it was you, master musician. This plum looks really beautiful.”

Xiao Lebai’s eyes moved from the red plum to Qin Jiu, a gentle smile on his lips. He asked in doubt, “Who are you?” 

Qin Jiu stated, “I am Qin Jiu from the Heaven Sect. I just arrived in Lijing a few days ago and am now working in the weaving department. We haven’t met before.”

“Qin Jiu. Oh, you are the Miss Qin who is famous in the capital recently.” Xiao Lebai smiled back at Qin Jiu quietly, his voice low and pleasant, with a little bit of teasing but no condescension.

Of course, Qin Jiu was indeed famous in Lijing, but not with a good reputation. Hearing Xiao Lebai’s teasing words, Qin Jiu smiled carelessly.

“Just now I was sighing that this red plum is beautiful, but few people can match it. Unexpectedly, I met the right people so soon, I will give this branch of red plum to Miss Qin!” Xiao Lebai stared at Qin Jiu and said slowly.

Qin Jiu didn’t expect that Xiao Lebai would give her the red plum, she smiled charmingly and took over the red plum in Xiao Lebai’s hand, and handed it to Loquat, “Thank you, Master Xiao. But I think you also like plum, so please take this white plum and put it in the vase.” Qin Jiu said and indicated for Lychee to hand the white plum to Xiao.

Xiao Lebai didn’t refuse and told the servant to take it, smiling, “You are very generous, Miss Qin. You didn’t come by carriage? Please allow me to give you a ride.”

Qin Jiu came with Yan Su and planned to hire a carriage to go back, but she didn’t expect snow at this time, so it would be more difficult to find one. She watched the snow drift faster and faster in the air, and felt colder and colder, unable to resist the chill of the mountains.

These days, Qin Jiu noticed that after she practiced “Mending Heaven and Heart Sutra” every time, her internal force indeed improved a lot, but at the same time her body was also affected. When she didn’t use her internal force, her body would easily get cold. Today, she stood in the cold wind in the mountains for a whole day and couldn’t take anymore. She hugged Yellow Hair in her arms to warm herself and smiled, “Then thank you very much.”

Durian saw Qin Jiu hook up with a man so quickly, choosing to ride with anyone. He couldn’t help thinking that the demoness had broad tastes, she could even take an ordinary man like Xiao Lebai.

A group of people got on the carriage and went down the hill, gradually leaving.

When the carriage almost got onto the main road, Qin Jiu vaguely heard the sound of fighting ahead. She had good hearing and could tell there were people fighting.

Qin Jiu glanced at Xiao Lebai, saw him slowly take a drink looking very satisfied; seemed that he didn’t hear the noise outside.

The carriage stopped and a servant reported, “There is a fight in front, seems that the minister’s carriage was attacked and blocked the road.”

Qin Jiu was a little shocked. Su Wanxiang was attacked? She wrapped her clothes around her but still couldn’t remove the chill, and she knew she would definitely catch a cold.

Xiao Lebai put down the wine gourd and sighed, “Really? Can’t find a quiet place to drink.”

Qin Jiu frowned and asked Loquat to inquire about the situation. After a while, Loquat came back and reported, “Three men attacked the Prime Minister’s carriage and wanted to kill Miss Su. However, they were defeated by the subordinates of His Highness Anling.” 

Qin Jiu touched Yellow Hair’s feathers and thought, ‘Who would want to assassinate Su Wanxiang here?’

“Did His Highness Anling find out who were the assassins?” Qin Jiu asked.

Loquat was silent for a moment and said slowly, “Miss Qin, these people are from the Heaven Sect. They had taken poisoned medicine before the assassination attempt and died immediately after being caught. I heard that they all have the mark of the Heaven Sect on their bodies.”

Qin Jiu frowned. They were from the Heaven Sect? Who sent them?

Concubine Hui? She didn’t need to do this to kill Miss Su.

Li Yunxiao beside Yan Min? That also wasn’t possible because Yan Min liked Su Wanxiang.

Other officers of the Heaven Sect in the court? Qin Jiu couldn’t think of anyone that would do this.

“Is the road open?” Xiao Lebai asked quietly. He seemed interested in nothing but music, poetry and wine.

“Yes,” said the servant, “but… our way is blocked by men under His Highness Anling.”

Qin Jiu smiled, slowly leaned against the carriage. She knew why Yan Su came to her.

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