Chapter 47: You’d Better Pray

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Xiao Lebai frowned, a light flashed in his eyes, and he tilted his head to Qin Jiu, “Miss Qin, His Highness Anling is coming for you?”

Qin Jiu smiled bitterly, even Xiao Lebai could guess it, it seemed that the conflict between Yan Su and her was known by most people: “I guess so. I’ll get off the carriage now and won’t give you any trouble.” Before Qin Jiu moved and tried to open the curtain, it was lifted open by someone.

The snow was still falling, and the ground was covered in white. The carriage stopped at a hollow, on which both sides were higher. The three assassins must have leaped from there. But now, these three men in black were lying on the road, black blood clogged under their bodies, clearly dead because of poison.

Qin Jiu moved her body and felt the cold wind mixed with flying snow from the open door blowing in–it was very cold. She moved a little and then stopped.

It’s so cold! Qin Jiu shrunk her neck, she would be frozen to death if she went out, so she changed her posture again and hid inside the carriage.

A dozen jinwuwei had surrounded Xiao Libai’s carriage as if facing an enemy. They kept a grip on their swords with their right hands, as if they were ready to draw it at any moment. However, when they turned their cold eyes to the carriage, they were all slightly surprised.

Because Xiao Lebai’s carriage was carrying many people, the whole carriage was packed with the plums they picked. Those white and red plums opened in the carriage, more or less adding some comedic relief to this solemn killing atmosphere.

After a while, Qin Jiu saw Yan Su appear in her vision.

He seemed to have just come out of Su Wanxiang’s carriage, and he was walking over with big steps, his white fur coat rolling in the wind and the snow flying all over him. As he got closer, Qin Jiu found that the white fur coat he was wearing was stained with blood.

Yan Su wouldn’t be hurt, and the blood on the assassin’s body also wouldn’t easily splash on him. There was no doubt that the blood belonged to Su Wanxiang, otherwise he would not have been so cold.

She heard before that His Highness Anling Yan Su was ruthless and cruel when he took the enemy’s head with an arrow. She had never seen him like that, but today she thought she had.

There was a smile on his lips; he was smiling, but it was a very, very cold smile.

His eyes stared at her, like she was already dead.

Dead! Qin Jiu was really a little sad!

Yan Su really cared about Su Wanxiang, like his heart, his liver and his eyes. Or rather, he cared about her as much as his own life.

“Qin Jiu! How do you explain the three assassins of the Heaven Sect?” Yan Su questioned.

Qin Jiu frowned and said, “Your Highness, I don’t know if these three assassins belong to the Heaven Sect. Even if they are from the Heaven Sect, who said it was me that sent them? I have no grudge against Miss Su.”

Yan Su smiled coldly. He had worked in the Ministry of Justice for years, of course he knew that since the three assassins had died, there was no evidence against Qin Jiu. However, he didn’t stop her carriage to arrest her. His long eyes narrowed and stared at Qin Jiu’s eyes and eyebrows, before suddenly smiling, “Qin Jiu, you’d better pray that Wanxiang is fine, or I will let you go like this flower.” After he finished his words, he reached out his hand and waved. The red plum in the carriage was wrapped up and thrown out by the wind of his sleeve. It was foggy outside, and when the red plum tumbled through the air, Yan Su clapped on the branch.

Suddenly, blossoming red plums burst like fireworks in the air.

Later, petal after petal, slowly fell from the heights like a flower rain.

The scene was beautiful and bleak.

In Qin Jiu’s eyes, the action of falling petals became very slow…

So slow that she could even see a handsome face in the rain of flowers in the sky with a charming smile on his lips, “Susu, you can put this plum in your vase!”

“It’s so cold, how could you have gone to Mirror Lake again? I told you that I don’t like plum vases, it’s better if they open freely on the trees. Also, there are plum trees at home, you don’t have to go so far.”

Qin Jiu shook her head and felt more and more dizzy, squinting at the red plum lying on the white ground like ashes.

Loquat sneezed coldly and he tried to stand up and go out, but Qin Jiu stopped him.

She looked up at Yan Su with fire in her eyes. Her bright and beautiful face was like an angry rose. She held the body of Yellow Hair and shivered. It was so cold that she felt dizzy.

After a long time, she sighed softly and spread her hands helplessly, “Miss Su is a beautiful lady, I wouldn’t do that to her. If Your Highness insists that I did it, I can’t say anything.”

Xiao Lebai glanced at Qin Jiu and said to Yan Su, “His Highness Anling, please listen to me. After the festival, I met Miss Qin and she was picking the plum flowers in the forest and had no chance to tell anyone to do something. You are always fair and strict, and it would be better to find out more about this than to do wrong.”

Yan Su smiled coldly and left in a hurry. For him, the most important thing at the moment was to be with the wounded Su Wanxiang.

“Miss Qin, are you ok?” Loquat asked with a worried face.

Qin Jiu shook her head, her head grew heavier and heavier, and her body seemed to float up. She opened her eyes weakly to Xiao Lebai and smiled, “Master Xiao, this time I really have to bother you to send us back to the house.”

She wrapped up her clothes and fell asleep.

She was dreaming not a dream, but something that really happened before.

She heard the voice of Loquat with a begging tone and a trace of crying, also accompanied by the sound of knocking, “Please, I beg you, please, you must save her life.”

A light voice accompanied by a low sigh, “You are lucky that you met me. Yes, I can save her life, but for her present condition, she might as well die rather than suffer the pain of purgatory.”

“No! You must save her! We didn’t meet you by chance. We have been looking for you in the mountains for ten days. She’s struggling to stay alive!” Loquat continued to pound and kowtow.

“To be alive? Has she really struggled for ten days?” At last, there was a ripple in the calm and unruffled voice. The man stepped forward and began to examine her wounds, and finally said calmly, “If so, I will save her life.”

Then there was pain.

Pain in the marrow.

Pain from the heart.

Pain, never ending pain…

She didn’t know how long this lasted.

There seemed to be numerous points of light, Qin Jiu slowly opened her eyes and saw embroidered birds’ silky curtains.

She moved her fingers, the fingers were flexible; she moved her legs, the legs were flexible. She sighed with relief and realized that she had caught a cold, not wrapped like a mummy again.

She wiped the cold sweat from her head and realized that she had dreamed.

Lychee was with Qin Jiu the whole time on the side. When she saw Qin Jiu wake up she said happily, “Miss Qin, you finally woke up.”

Lychee’s smile was sincere, which at least let Qin Jiu understand that the evil Yao Xi-er didn’t want her to die yet. Otherwise, Lychee wouldn’t be so happy that she woke up.

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