Chapter 49: Beautiful Actor

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Durian thought he had come to Wuyouju as a companion, but the evil woman made him act like a bastard.

He shook his hands right away, “Mama… Mama, don’t look for a girl for me.”

Mama Cui wouldn’t listen to Durian and turned to Qin Jiu with a smile, “The most beautiful girl here will accompany the Prince to sing in a drama. I will let Shuixian and Dujuan accompany him; they are the loveliest and gentlest girls here.”

Qin Jiu smiled, “Okay, please make the arrangements.”

Mama Cui called loudly, “Shuixian, Dujuan, come and serve the guest here.”

Two beautiful girls came over and smiled at Durian gently, one on the left and one on the right. One of them held hands with Durian, all ten fingers locked together and dragged him upstairs. The other one circled his waist, pushing and shoving. Durian tried hard to struggle and pushed with his hand, but he unexpectedly pushed on two soft balls and felt his fingers shocked by electricity, his body somehow growing soft too.

He stopped struggling right away, afraid of touching something he should not touch, and was brought upstairs by Shuixian and Dujuan.

Mama Cui smiled and said, “You are a friend of His Highness Yan and our VIP guest. His Highness Yan has already booked a room, please head upstairs.” Mama Cui personally led Qin Jiu and Loquat to the second floor.

The second floor was quieter than the hall downstairs. The room was exquisitely decorated with a few glazed palace lamps emitting a bright glow. There was a large rosewood table in the middle of the room, and four maids stood by the table. When they saw Qin Jiu come in, they went up to take off her windcoat. 

Qin Jiu looked around and didn’t see Yan Yu in the room, so she asked with a smile, “Mama, when will His Highness Yan arrive?”

Mama Cui smiled and said, “His Highness Yan has already arrived. However, he wanted to act in the drama today. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so you should take the chance to see it. I have some other things to do for now. Serve Miss Qin here carefully.” 

Qin Jiu knew that Yan Yu could act in dramas. Because of that, he was scolded by Emperor Qin. Acting was a low-class profession, and even ordinary families wouldn’t send their children to act if they could help it, much less rich or noble families. However, Yan Yu, as a royal, not only learned but also acted in dramas. Now, he was even putting on a show in a brothel, which was simply ridiculous.

Qin Jiu sat on a chair, and the four maids began to serve her tea and bustle around her like butterflies.

Qin Jiu didn’t forget about Durian, and glanced at Loquat and said, “Loquat, you go out to play.” Loquat understood and backed out with his sword.

Qin Jiu sat at the table, hearing the melody from downstairs, she raised her head and looked down through the curtain.

On the stage of the first floor, the red curtain opened, and one woman and one man came onto the stage.

The glazed lamps flickered, and the man and woman’s colorful costumes dazzled Qin Jiu.

She didn’t get the chance to see Yan Yu acting before, and now that she happened to be here, she wanted to see how well he did.

Qin Jiu stared at the man first. He was wearing a blue costume with a painted face, looking very handsome. She didn’t expect Yan Yu to look so elegant and virtuous in costume, really beyond her expectations.

She then studied the woman, who had her back turned to the audience at this time. You could only see the colorful dress and slender figure. She had a beautiful hairpin in her hair which stretched down to her waist. She stood silently and ethereally.

The man lightly patted his blue costume and shook his paper fan gently, “Don’t say a man’s heart is hard as iron. You can’t see, the red leaves are just like blood in his eyes! How can we say goodbye?”

The man sang, and finished with a long sigh. His voice was bleak and sad, but it sounded good.

Qin Jiu was shocked that Yan Yu could really sing.

Then, the woman sighed with sadness. She waved her sleeves and danced, singing in a beautiful voice, “How can we say goodbye! It just breaks my heart!”

The woman’s voice was very good, very clear with charm, and every word she sang was attractive.

All of a sudden, the audience cheered.

Qin Jiu smiled and thought that since the woman had such a beautiful voice, what would she look like? She remembered that Mama Cui said that the most beautiful girl in this place would be singing with Yan Yu, so maybe this was the most beautiful girl. She couldn’t help being curious.

With the end of the last tone, the woman waved her sleeve and turned to the audience.

Her wide sleeves covered her face, and she slowly moved her hand down with the music, slowly revealing her bright eyebrows like distant mountains, enchanting eyes, and small red lips.

Qin Jiu was surprised in her heart. She was really beautiful–the most beautiful woman here.

She took small steps and waved her sleeves, singing with the music, “When you get to the capital, there are many things tempting you. Don’t learn from others, don’t drink, don’t play around, please remember what I told you. I am here waiting for your good news.”

There were lights in her clear eyes, and she waved her white sleeves and folded them up, graceful in her every movement.

After singing, they looked at each other with many feelings in their eyes.

This drama played a scene of “Farewell in the Pavilion”. The husband was going to the capital for the imperial exam, and the woman didn’t want to say goodbye to him. She didn’t want him to go, but she couldn’t stop him from getting an official rank. However, she was also afraid that her husband would fall in love with someone else in the capital and had many complicated feelings.

The woman sang well and played well. She fully expressed the woman’s deep feelings, and the audience was moved.

You would always feel sad when you say goodbye. While holding each other’s hands, you would suddenly become speechless.

The sound of the music suddenly rose up and became faster. The husband was eventually gone, leaving the woman pale and singing in sadness. The voice was sorrowful like flowing water. Although she was beautiful, as time passed, she would one day become older. There was nothing you could hold onto forever, and the wind scattered clouds without feeling.

Qin Jiu followed her singing, and inexplicably felt sad. She picked up a cup of tea, took a sip, and asked: “Mama Cui said that the woman singing with His Highness Yan is the most beautiful woman here. What’s her name?”

A maid answered, “She is sister Panxin. Do you want to see her? However, it is hard for ordinary people to see her even once.”

Qin Jiu had heard before that some of the women in the brothol were more difficult to see than women in rich families. She smiled and said, “So, it is hard for ordinary people to see Miss Panxin. Who is allowed the honor then?”

The maid replied, “Sister Panxin plays the pipa and sings very well. She likes scholars with great talents, but doesn’t like men from rich families that much.”

Qin Jiu said with a smile, “I have no talents, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to see Miss Panxin.”

“Who said not?” A delicate voice was heard outside the room and the door was pushed open. Fragrance slowly filled the air, and a graceful woman came inside and said, “You four little scoundrels, saying something bad about me again? Miss Qin is a royal guest of His Highness Yan, how can I not see her?”

Qin Jiu looked at the beautiful woman and asked, “You are Panxin? The singer that played the woman in the drama?”

“The woman?” Panxin covered her mouth and laughed without saying a word.

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