Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 5: Pleasing The Heart

Yellow Hair acted as if it were shocked and burrowed into Qin Jiu’s arms and didn’t move.

Qin Jiu reached out her hand to comb the feathers on Yellow Hair, but her pair of beautiful eyes was on His Highness Anling, looking him up and down and sighed, “His Highness really has no sense of humor. I am just joking, yet you really took your clothes off. But Your Highness’s chest, back, waist, legs… Gee… How handsome they are! These are much more valuable than that lantern!”


His Highness Anling’s attendants were on the verge of exploding. Their royal highness had never been mocked so by a woman, and had never been judged so by a woman!

His Highness Anling raised his eyebrows. There was not even a trace of politeness on his face. In his clear eyes, there was a sense of awe and coldness. He took a cloak from an attendant, covering his body and saying, “It is not funny! Give me the lantern!”

Qin Jiu charmingly smiled, “Your Highness sacrificed your body to get the lantern, how could I dare not give?” She patted the bird’s head and slowly said, “Yellow Hair, bring the lantern to your majesty in your mouth. Remember, it must be perfect, not damaged!” Qin Jiu spoke while her fingers gently pulled on the head of Yellow Hair.

Yellow Hair flew out with spirit from Qin Jiu’s arms; it only took him a moment to get the lantern. It stretched out its claw really hard, directly poking through the face embroidered with “bamboo in the fog” brocade, flipping the candle burning inside the lantern.

Before Durian could react, the lantern in his arms was burning. He screamed in horror and tossed out the lantern at random.

A ball of fire fluttered in that way, in a bright arc, flying swiftly towards the crowd. It happened to be in the direction of the woman dressed in a fur coat. The crowd was busy scurrying, only this woman didn’t move and looked at the fireball flying toward her: “My lantern! ……”

His Highness Anling twisted his heel, leaned forward, reached out his hand and grabbed the lantern flying towards the woman in the fur coat. He held the burning lamp, not afraid of burning his hands. He glanced at the burning lantern, and then looked up at Qin Jiu, a ball of fire reflected in his dark eyes, two clusters of uncertain jumping fire.

Qin Jiu’s smiling eyes and his cold eyes collided in the air.

In the middle of two was a ball of fire.

Neither of them said a word; a silent confrontation was just like a silent duel.

The air around them also seemed to begin to contract.

The tense atmosphere, stagnant air, and noise around them seemed to not exist anymore.

The flame that was the lantern shook a few times, as if it were frightened by the terrible pressure between the two people. Suddenly, it trembled as if in fear and dimmed before quietly extinguishing.

His Highness Anling took a look at the lantern which had been burned to the skeleton. His long eyes narrowed and he threw the lantern onto the ground with great reluctance.

Qin Jiu suddenly smiled and said, “Your Highness, please forgive my bird. I will punish him with no food for three days and three nights!”

His Highness stood still, the cold night wind blowing. Although he only wore a cloak, the coldness in his eyes was frozen like ice.

This was a man you couldn’t offend.

“No food for three days?” His Highness smiled coldly, “Why don’t you give the parrot to me? I will teach him a good lesson!”

“You are so kind! But I don’t want to bother you because you are too busy with your business.” Qin Jiu chuckled.

“That is fine! My business is to punish sinners!” His Highness Anling said without concession.

Yellow Hair had no idea he was in danger and was fighting with Durian.

The few tufts of hair on his head were most precious to him. He was mad after Qin Jiu pulled his hair, but he was not daring enough to provoke her. After he knocked over the lantern, he jumped onto Durian’s head and scratched, turning Durian’s neat tied bun into a bird nest.

Durian held his head and cried, “Yellow Hair, come down or I will pull out all your hair!”

Hearing this, Yellow Hair scratched his head even harder.

A bird and man fought blindly.

Onlookers gradually ignored them and began to point at Qin Jiu, whispering.

Right at this moment, there was suddenly a “peng” sound from the sky.

“Fireworks!” Someone shouted in joy and everyone’s attention was turned to the sky.

Qin Jiu looked up at the sky; a silver pear flower was slowly blooming in the dark sky.

So gorgeous, so beautiful. Time seemed to stop there. The world lost sound; the people lost in their minds from beautiful things in the past.

One after another exploded and countless fireworks exploded in the night sky.

The sky was already dark; there were no stars, no moon, and no clouds. This made the fireworks more brilliant and beautiful.

Fireworks of all colors contended in the night sky, rendering the dark night sky into a sea of colorful lights and shadows.

However, while people were enjoying it with great interest, the sky suddenly fell silent.

“The next fireworks must be the highlight of this year, the most beautiful fire peony!”

“It must be! I wonder what color the fire peony is this year?”

“Qin Jiu, what is a fire peony?” asked Durian curiously, as he squeezed his way to Qin Jiu.

Qin Jiu chuckled and answered, “It’s a kind of firework. It explodes like peonies. It’s very beautiful!”

“Very nice!” Yellow Hair cawed as he stood on top of Durian.

“Come, look, look!” the crowd went crazy.

They looked upward to the sky with their wide eyes as the beam of fire peony fireworks rose to the sky.

The bundle explodes in front of everyone, little by little.

But it was neither the fire peony, nor the fire tree or silver flower, but a line of words.

Su Wanxiang, I love you! – Yu Heng.

Everyone was silent after they saw this line of words.

Durian was shocked too.

“This… This… How did he do this?” Durian was amazed.

This beautiful capital was indeed a land of natural treasures and hidden dragons. He had finally seen it today.

Just now, His Highness Anling wanted to please his sweetheart with a lantern. Unexpectedly, someone had an even better idea than him.

He used fireworks to show his love, and all the people were his witnesses. So romantic, even the proudest woman would be touched.

Who was this lucky woman?

“Qin Jiu, didn’t you spend your youth in Li Jing? You must know this lady Su Wanxiang, who is she? Such a lucky woman!”

Qin Jiu turned around in the shadow of the lamp with a faint mocking smile on her lips. “Do you think she’s very lucky?” she started languidly.

“Isn’t she? If I were that woman, I would definitely accept him.” Durian replied enviously.

“Do you know who Yu Heng is?” Qin Jiu asked lazily.

“Yes, who is he? I want to know, he must be a superb person!” Durian exclaimed curiously.

“He is the seventh brother of the emperor Yan Yu with the nickname Yu Heng.” Qin Jiu said slowly, word by word.

As soon as Durian heard the name of Yan Yu, his pretty little face suddenly broke down and murmured, “Oh, ha ha, that, that woman is really unlucky!”

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