Chapter 50: The Most Shameless

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Qin Jiu felt strange since she didn’t know what Panxin was laughing about. She looked at her, who had taken off her makeup and had nothing on her face. She made a half bun with her hair, revealing a pair of vivid eyes like pearls glowing in the darkness.

Although she was a prostitute, she wasn’t as dissolute as other women in this place. She was gentle and elegant, even better than ladies from good families in Lijing. No wonder she was number one here.

After Qin Jiu looked at her for a moment, she inexplicably felt that she wasn’t the same woman from the drama, especially after she removed her makeup. It was like she completely changed to another person.

Panxin smiled and sat down by Qin Jiu’s side, “His Highness Yan has the habit of taking a shower after he takes off makeup and sent me to accompany Miss Qin first. This is the first time you’ve come to Wuyouju, but we have good food here, and I will let them serve it now.”

The four maids answered and began to place dishes until the table was full of food, then Yan Yu came over.

He had just taken a shower, his hair still wet, and he wore a plain white satin gown which reflected his black hair. As soon as he came in, he attracted the attention of all the maids.

Panxin saw Yan Yu come over and immediately got up and moved to his side, holding his arm and smiling, “My Lord, you finally came. What took you so long? Let me see if you rubbed off a layer of skin!” She stretched out her small white hand and wanted to lift the edge of his clothes to see…

Yan Yu embraced Panxin’s slender waist, pinched her cheek and smiled like a spring flower. He lowered his chin and got closer to her ear and said something, making Panxin laugh nonstop.

Qin Jiu’s hearing improved a lot after she practiced martial arts. She didn’t even want to hear it, but that sentence still came into her ear: ‘I will let you see in bed.’

Qin Jiu could not help hooking up her lips and sneering.

Yan Yu was still a shameless man.

On one hand, he showed his love to Su Wanxiang at the snow festival, but on the other hand, he flirted with prostitutes in the brothel. Qin Jiu doubted that he didn’t know what love was, but perhaps in his heart, he liked what he couldn’t get. Otherwise, if he really liked Su Wanxiang, how could he be so relaxed after knowing Su Wanxiang was almost assassinated?

Yan Yu embraced Panxin and went to the table to sit down, acting like he just saw Qin Jiu, “I didn’t know that Miss Qin came so early.”

Qin Jiu smiled and said, “His Highness Yan told me to see you in Wuyouju at seven, so I did not dare come late, arriving a little early. Unexpectedly, I happened to see you play in a drama. It was truly a joyful experience.”

Yan Yu sat in the chair opposite Qin Jiu, lifting an eyebrow, “Oh, you saw me playing in the drama? So between Panxin and I, who performs better?”

Qin Jiu smiled enchanting, “Comparing you and Panxin, I think the woman Panxin played is vivider.”

“The woman Panxin played?” Yan Yu was distracted and then laughed, “Very good, Miss Qin. This is the best praise I’ve ever heard.”

Qin Jiu was also distracted. Then, she looked at Yan Yu’s eyes which contained the best things in the world. Suddenly, she remembered the pair of phoenix eyes the woman had in the drama, saw Panxin cover her lips and laugh, and almost spit out all the food she just had.

She finally realized that she had made a mistake–the woman in the drama was Yan Yu!


How shameless he was!

It was fine for a man to act in dramas, but to dress up like a woman–especially that beautifully–and sing so well, he was truly an evildoer.

“Oh, I wasn’t aware that the woman was His Highness Yan. You played so well that I couldn’t tell.” Qin Jiu patted Yellow Hair’s head, “Yellow Hair, that beautiful woman was His Highness Yan!”

Yellow Hair stared at the woman in the drama and couldn’t take his eyes off her. Now that he heard Qin Jiu say that Yan Yu was the actor, he flew down from Qin Jiu’s shoulder, picked up the wine cup in front of Qin Jiu with his beak, and flew over to Yan Yu, setting the cup down and saying with admiration, “Cheers! Cheers!”

Qin Jiu covered her lips and smiled, “Your Highness, please take this cup. It’s rare that my Yellow Hair likes you so much, just do him a favor. It is very difficult for Yellow Hair to cheer with you.”

Yan Yu touched Yellow Hair’s feathers, looked at the bird’s black bean eye, smiled and picked up the cup and drank.

Qin Jiu saw Yan Yu drinking a mouthful of wine and said slowly, “My Yellow Hair is male. When he meets a woman he likes, he will usually cheer with her.”

When Yan Yu heard these words, he didn’t know whether he should swallow the wine he just drank or spit it out. The bird was treating him as a woman.

Panxin on the side covered her mouth and giggled.

Yan Yu drank the wine slowly, narrowed his eyes and said, “Panxin, how can you host like this!Miss Qin is an honorable guest, don’t we have young men here? Get the gentlest and most beautiful one to come and serve.” The evildoer had laughed enough, he sat down slowly on the chair and told Panxin.

Panxin glanced at Qin Jiu, then called the maid behind to get the young man.

After a while, a young man came in. He was 17 or 18 years old, about the same age as Durian. The young man was handsome and gentle, with white skin and a delicate appearance.

He went straight to Qin Jiu, raised his hand and poured a cup of wine for Qin Jiu. He smiled and raised the cup in front of her, “Miss Qin, let Lanshe drink this cup with you.”

Qin Jiu was a little confused.

In fact, when Yan Yu ordered Panxin to get a young man to serve her, she didn’t quite understand. Now she understood that the young man was a male prostitute in the brothel. She didn’t know that the brothel had both male and female prostitutes.

And now, Yan Yu was so considerate that he brought a male prostitute for her.

Qin Jiu looked at Lanshe’s smiling eyes, closed her eyes slowly, and felt her hands trembling irrepressibly in her sleeve. After a long time, she controlled the surprise in her heart and slowly reached out her hand to take the glass.

The glass liquor was a carmine red color, emitting a mellow wine aroma, making Qin Jiu feel like this was a glass of blood.

She took the glass and drank it all. She didn’t taste any flavor, but it was bitter in her mouth.


It was him.

Qin Jiu put down the glass, stretched out her trembling hand, and slowly held Lanshe’s hand and let him sit at her side. She asked him with a smile: “Lanshe, how long have you been in this place?”

Lanshe was leaning against Qin Jiu, “I have been here for more than two years.”

“That long?” Qin Jiu held Lanshe’s hand, and looked at this lonely and cold young man, “So, are you still a virgin?”

Panxin fed Yan Yu a cup of wine, she heard Qin Jiu’s words and smiled, “My Lord, Miss Qin likes Lanshe.”

Yan leaned back in his chair, raised his eyebrows and said, “I knew that Miss Qin liked this kind.”

Panxin smiled: “Miss Qin, if you like Lanshe, you came at the right time. Lanshe has been here for more than two years, but he is still a virgin. Mother Cui set today for Lanshe’s good day. If Miss Qin likes him, you will have the chance to be the first guest of Lanshe tonight!”

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