Chapter 51: Bet

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Qin Jiu heard Panxin say that Lanshe was still a virgin and was relieved, but she didn’t show it on her face and pretended to be surprised, “Really? Still a virgin?” She lifted Lanshe’s chin and looked at him for a while, and sighed, “Such a beautiful little thing. I will try to get you later.”

Lanshe frowned. Qin Jiu was close to him and saw his unwillingness. However, it was only for a moment, and Lanshe’s face returned to a springlike smile, making Qin Jiu almost suspect that his frown was just an illusion. How could he bear to hide his feelings so well?

Qin Jiu slowly released Lanshe’s chin, smiled, and drank a glass of wine.

Lanshe picked up his chopsticks and took a piece of crisp meat for Qin Jiu, whispering softly, “Lanshe is grateful for your kindness.”

Qin Jiu opened her mouth and took the meat Lanshe fed her, chewing slowing.

Panxin smiled: “Miss Qin really likes Lanshe. However, although Lanshe is a gentle boy, he is also stubborn. In the past few years, there were a few gentlemen from rich families who liked him but he never answered, saying that there will be someone for him on his seventeenth birthday. Today, it happens to be his birthday, Miss Qin came at just the right time, don’t know if you can become Lanshe’s destiny!” Qin Jiu frowned.

She thought that the young men in brothels were for rich women, but now she understood that they are for homosexual men to come and enjoy.

Qin Jiu was more and more annoyed, like a cat was scratching her heart.

Lanshe didn’t care at all, his clear eyes rippling, “Come, have some wine.”

Yan Yu was leaning on the table, saying to Panxin, “Panxin, why don’t you play music and let Lanshe sing a song, so Miss Qin can hear the most heavenly voice.”

Panxin glanced at Yan Yu charmly and smiled, “Sure, Lanshe, which song do you want to sing?”

Lanshe got up and said, “Your Highness, Miss Qin, I wonder if you have ever heard “Wang Xiang Ren” written by Hezhu?”

Yan Yu grabbed the porcelain cup in his hand and said, “No, but you can sing it.”

Lanshe smiled at Yan Yu and Qin Jiu. Panxin held a pipa, and they went to the center of the room.

After a pipa prelude, Lanshe began to sing. The whole room immediately filled with a light and graceful voice.

Qin Jiu didn’t know that Lanshe had such a good voice.

Full moon, flowers, wine…

The moon reflected in the water, and the heavenly voice made people’s minds drift away.

However, Qin Jiu couldn’t bear to see Lanshe’s springlike smile on his face. She turned her face, held the wine, and slowly tasted it. But her heart wasn’t calm, and a bitter feeling quietly rose up and stopped in her throat, as if it would burst out when she opened her mouth.

Yan Yu leaned on the side, his five fingers gently tapping a rhythm on the table. His thin lips slightly hooked up, a lazy smile on his face.

He was quite relaxed.

“Today I invited Miss Qin here because I have something to say.” Colored glaze lights glittered, reflecting Yan Yu’s flawless face. However, his eyes were cold and gently swept across Qin Jiu’s face.

“Perhaps you agree with what I said last time?” Qin Jiu said with interest.

“I heard about Miss Su’s assassination.” Yan Yu turned his face. His mouth corners lifted up and he bent over, speaking in a low voice near Qin Jiu’s ears. There was the taste of wine with no tenderness.

“So Your Highness, you also think I did it?” Qin Jiu held the wine glass and smiled. She had wondered why Yan Yu invited her, but he wouldn’t ask her to come hastily if Su Wanxiang hadn’t been hurt. “I thought you were a smart man, but you turned out to be as stupid as His Highness Anling!”

“If I thought you did it, you wouldn’t be sitting here so relaxed. I know that if you did it, Wanxiang would be dead right now.” Yan Yu smiled coldly, squinted and looked at Qin Jiu with a hint of warning.

“Why do you say that? Am I so vicious in your mind?”

Yan Yu relaxed his body and reclined on the couch. He was smiling on his face but sneered in his heart, “Although you didn’t do it this time, I know you want to do it. Thus, I want to tell you that if you want to win the heart of Yan Su, you must not touch a piece of her hair, otherwise you will never win him in your lifetime.”

Qin Jiu smiled, “Thank you for your advice. I already knew that so I will not touch her, since I want to match her with my Lord.”

Yan Yu smiled, “If you want me to listen to you, tonight is a good day for Lanshe. You like Lanshe and so do I. If you can win him from me, I will believe in you and listen to you.”

Qin Jiu felt that she couldn’t find anyone more shameless than Yan Yu. He liked Su Wanxiang, but he said that he was letting go. Now, he wanted to compete over a man with her. 

Since he said he wanted to bet, she would not fear.

“Truly?” Qin Jiu narrowed her eyes and asked.

Lanshe had just finished his song and came slowly to Qin Jiu with a smile.

Panxin also finished playing and walked towards them with a smile. She took the wine glass and drank, smiling and saying to Qin Jiu, “Do you really want to bet with my Lord? You know that Lanshe likes my lord. If His Highness likes men, perhaps Lanshe would already be his. It would be difficult if Miss Qin wants to win him from my Lord.”

Qin Jiu glanced at Yan Yu and said quietly, “His Highness Yan is Panxin’s sweetheart, so even though he is a beast, he is still your treasure. But how do you know that Lanshe will like him too? I don’t think I am worse than His Highness Yan! I’ll bet!”

Yan Yu raised an eyebrow and asked with interest, “What if you lose?”

“If I lose, His Highness Yan can take anything, including myself and my life.”

Yan Yu clapped, “Very good! Miss Qin is quite brave! Deal!”

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