Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 6: King of Hell

Although Durian didn’t live in this city, he still knew of Yan Yu. He was one of the well-known people here. He didn’t know the nickname of Yan Yu was Yu Heng, but now that he knew that Yan Yu was Yu Heng, Yu Heng was Yan Yu, he felt deep sympathy for Su Wanxiang.

Yan Yu was as famous as Yan Su, His Highness Anling. It was said that Yan Yu was also a “big someone” in this country. In the beautiful capital city, almost everybody knew him, but his name was very different from that of His Highness Anling. And the difference between them was like heaven and earth, north and south, good and evil…

If Yan Su was the man all women dreamed of marrying, then Yan Yu was the demon women avoided in fear.

Yan Yu became famous earlier than His Highness Anling, if that was also called “fame”.

He was the seventh and youngest son of his father and the favorite. Yan Yu really lived up to the expectations of the emperor. Since childhood he was very smart: he could write poems at five, write essays at seven, and he knew how to act properly in front of people. It is said that Royal Tutor Yu, who was teaching Yan Yu at that time, often praised that he would become a great ruler in the future.

Royal Tutor Yu was very good at judging people, but he did not expect that this time he was wrong, perhaps it was the first time in his life he made a wrong judgement.

When Yan Yu was eight years old, the emperor accidentally caught a cold. It was a small illness, but the emperor died during his recovery in his bedroom. Yan Yu was put in prison for the crime of killing the king. The cold medicine was bought by his youngest and favorite son, so he did not ask the servant to test, but this bowl of medicine instead took his life away.

The monstrous crime of killing his father! If it was other people, not only would he be executed, but all of his family and relatives would also be executed. Fortunately, before the emperor died, he released Yan Yu of the death penalty. He was only put into prison for several months. It was not until the new emperor, Yan Yu’s eldest brother, Qingdi ascended the throne that Yan Yu was released. The new emperor found out that the poison in the bowl of medicine was not put by Yan Yu but by a servant. However, even if that was the case, that bowl of medicine was still given to the old emperor by Yan Yu. The crime of killing the father had been formed in the hearts of the world and couldn’t be wiped out. After that, there was no room in the capital for a prince who killed his father. Yan Yu was sent away by the new emperor and granted a fief in the northern territory.

Yan Yu’s fiefdom was in Linguan. It was a barren and cold land, and he had been there for many years. At the age of eighteen, when the Emperor grew seriously sick, Yan Yu was allowed to return to Lijing to visit the emperor and stayed.

It was said that after returning to the capital, Yan Yu soon became the most famous playboy.

Lijing was a wealthy and promiscuous place, and there were also sons from royal families like Yan Yu, but even if they dared to do the same thing, they did it secretly. No one acted like Yan Yu. The new emperor also tried to take control of his younger brother, but at the time he was seriously sick, so he had no energy to discipline him. Later, Yan Yu even performed on the stage. He wrapped his head, put make up on his face, wore costumes, and played on the stage a few times. At that time, actors belonged to the lower class, so when Yan Yu did this, everyone thought he had totally abandoned himself.

Even so, there were still a lot of girls that liked him. Some girls from the royal family even wanted to marry him regardless of their parent’s objections. However, since one thing happened, the girls who wanted to marry him gave up.

When Yan Yu turned twenty years old, he fell in love with a girl named Bai Suxuan, the daughter of the Bai family. It was also one of the four big families at the time.

Durian also knew about Bai Suxuan.

After something bad happened to his family, he wandered on the street and begged in the restaurant for a meal. He heard the story-teller in a restaurant talking about the woman. It was said that those who have seen her thought she was gorgeous. She was not only beautiful, but also very elegant and talented. At the age of fourteen, she helped her aunt who was the empress run the government for three years when the new emperor was very sick.

In fact, when she was younger, Bai Suxuan showed her talent to the world. The essays she wrote were great to read.

By some kind of coincidence, Yan Yu met Bai Suxuan. Yan Yu wanted to marry her so badly that he finally asked for an imperial marriage edict from his brother. However, before the marriage date, something bad happened to the Bai family and Bai Suxuan also died because of this. At that time, people secretly had a rumor, saying it was because of Yan Yu that his father and Bai Suxuan died. Even the Bai family got bad luck because of this relationship.

Since then, Yan Yu won the title of King of Hell; he was the one taking souls from people.

So if he fell in love with anyone, that one must be very unlucky. Now, this unlucky girl was Su Wanxiang.

“Who is Su Wanxiang?” Durian sighed.

Qin Jiu stared at the sky bursting with fireworks with a thin mist in her eyes. Covering the emotion in her eyes, she looked ethereal.

Durian couldn’t help thinking in his heart, ‘If the witch meets the Hell King, what would happen?’ Better the witch be killed, and then he would be free.

He suddenly felt that his situation was just like Su Wanxiang.

“Lil’ Durian, go pick up that lantern.” Qin Jiu came back to herself, with a lazy floating smile upon her face.

“Why do you still want that lantern? It’s burnt so badly,” Durian was not willing but still obeyed. He really couldn’t understand why the witch liked this burnt lantern so much. It wasn’t like it was her who made this.

Qin Jiu chuckled as she watched Durian squatting on the ground picking up the remains of the lantern, but her eye glanced in the direction of His Highness Anling.

His Highness Anling looked at the sky for a while, but his eyes, which were always free of emotion, seemed a little surprised. At that moment, three soldiers walked quickly through the crowd to the side of Yan Su. The three soldiers were wearing black armor with dark red cloaks and long knives on their waists.

His Highness Anling took only one servant with him for his date with the lady in the fur coat. Now, these three soldiers were his men. One of the three soldiers looked down and said something to His Highness Anling. His Highness’s long eyes narrowed and he suddenly looked in the direction of Qin Jiu; a cold smile appeared on his thin lips.

A moment ago, no matter how much Qin Jiu teased him, she couldn’t see coldness in his eyes. She took the scattered skeleton of the lantern Durian picked up, wrapped it in a handkerchief, and gave it to Loquat next to her. Then, she turned and walked to the sedan chair on the street.

“Qin Jiu, you don’t want to see the fireworks?” Durian asked as he had not seen enough.

Loquat said with a cold voice, “You will lose your life if you still stay! Return to the sedan chair!”

Durian was shocked. This Loquat and he were all servants, but this paralyzed man held a sword without a word all day long. However, undeniably, he was the servant with the highest martial arts skills. Since he said so, Durian rushed back to the sedan chair as he recalled several breathtaking assassinations on their way here.

Yellow Hair seemed to sense the danger, flapping his wings to catch up with Qin Jiu, darting straight into Qin Jiu’s wide sleeves.

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