Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 7: Strip His Clothes Again

Durian was stupefied, listening to the outside movement. The sedan turned out of Tianmen Street into a more secluded alley. He didn’t understand: in order to avoid assassination, it should be safer in a street with more people!

He was puzzled and worried, so he tentatively asked, “Master Jiu, does someone want to assassinate us?”

Qin Jiu glanced at him and said, “Who told you someone was going to kill us?” Then, she began to tease Yellow Hair on her shoulder.

Durian suddenly felt relieved. Right at that time, the sedan which was hurrying away, stopped.

Durian’s heart immediately beat fast as he turned to Qin Jiu. Qin Jiu opened the curtains of the sedan, and the sky was full of fireworks in the night. The brilliant lights came reflected in her eyes, making her eyes brighten.

Along the way to Lijing, they encountered several assassins, but Qin Jiu just lazed about in the palanquin, teased Yellow Hair, or closed her eyes to sleep, as if she was not the one they wanted to assassinate. It was the first time he saw that she was interested. Durian grew more worried…

This was a quiet street with few pedestrians. There were few lights in the houses on both sides of the street; all these people must’ve gone to Tianmen Street to see the fireworks. Four figures tangled with Loquat, Cherry, and Lychee. They were all in black clothes with black scarves around their faces–the standard assassin outfit.

Qin Jiu’s eyes passed over the four people, stopping at the side of the street. Under the shadow of the tree, there was a man.

He was leaning against the wall lazily with a black cloak covering his head. His face couldn’t be seen, only his tall and sturdy body.

He put his hand on his saber and walked forward slowly. Then, he walked faster and faster, the dark cloak streaming fiercely behind him.

At the moment he raised his knife, Qin Jiu inadvertently jumped out of the sedan chair, her clothes fluttering like a phoenix in the sky.

Her left hand clung to the tambour while her right hand moved fast on it, a few silver lights shooting towards the man running towards her.

His Highness Anling didn’t know what kind of weapon flew to him. He moved aside and tried to avoid it, but his wrist suddenly felt painful, like a bee sting on the wrist. He looked down and found that it was a needle.

He suddenly looked up, and several embroidery needles with colorful thread went back to the embroidery frame.

“Your Highness, why do you chase me so late at night? Are you shy so you want to hide your identity? If so, you should change this sword too!” Qin Jiu’s eyes fell on the man’s knife at his waist, smiling enchantingly.

Yan Su, His Highness Anling, took off the hood with his sword.

He looked like an unsheathed sword, shining with chilling light. He stared at Qin Jiu like he was looking at a dead person.

“I don’t need to hide my identity if I want to kill you!” he said coldly as his sword drew closer to Qin Jiu. He wanted to kill her!

“This outfit is very nice too!” Qin Jiu said with a smile, fingers on the embroidery frame. Several needles with silk threads flew out.

Yan Su knew what this weapon was so he leaned aside to avoid it. However, these threads were not flying towards his body, but to the cloak on him. He was a little confused, but his hands didn’t stop, slashing his sword towards Qin Jiu.

Qin Jiu also didn’t directly face this sword; she jumped to avoid. At the same time, her sleeves were raised and two sharp shuttles flew out. Her fingers of the right hand were flexed and stretched, the silk thread on the fingers directing the shuttles. As her gestures shifted, the shuttles continued flying.

Yan Su noticed that her changing gestures seemed to be embroidering gestures and was suddenly confused. He seemed to have seen hands as slender as these making the same gesture before. At that moment, he suddenly felt that his cloak was shrinking behind him. He didn’t pay attention, and continued fighting with Qin Jiu until he felt the cool air upon his skin.

When he looked down, he saw that his clothes were shrinking rapidly. Looking up, he saw the threads in Qin Jiu’s hand became more and more.

He suddenly realized that she was drawing the thread from his clothes and knitted the cloth before his eyes. Yan Su was shocked.

But he found out a little too late; the clothes on his body had been rapidly disappearing.

“Naked, naked…” Yellow Hair on top of the sedan called out in time. Then, with a flash, he escaped into inside the sedan.

Yan Su tried to use his sword to cut, but could not completely cut off the cloth.

“Your Highness, my thread is made from a precious shark silk from the south sea. You won’t be able to cut it.” Qin Jiu suddenly stopped, the sky blue cloth rolled up in her hand.

There were only pants left on Yan Su’s body. “Thank you for this cloth, my Lord. If you like me, you can follow me.” Qin Jiu called Loquat, Lychee, and Cherry from their fight and left the narrow lane, escaping to a crowded place. Yellow Hair and Durian also hurried after them.

Yan Su saw his naked body and decided not to chase after them. He squinted in the direction where Qin Jiu disappeared, and suddenly smiled, “The person sent from the Heaven Sect this time is worth the fight!”

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