Marriage Under the Heavens

Chapter 8: Love Till The End Of The World

Several soldiers took off their clothes and handed them to His Highness Anling. They did not dare look at his body, all turning their heads and pretending to enjoy the fireworks in the air.

Yan Su had become the leader of the soldiers for many years and often lived with his soldiers. In the winter he also ordered his soldiers to take off his cotton-padded clothes for training and was used to seeing others with no clothes. At the very least, last time he had at least took his clothes off by himself, but this time his clothes were taken off by a woman. He reached out his hand and put on the clothes the sergeant handed to him. His heart was churning without any expression on his face–that woman tore off his clothes twice in one night!

He had never expected such a formidable woman!

Men were generally stronger than women in martial arts because men have innate advantages over women. If a woman wanted to be better than a man, she had to spend more time and practice than a man. This woman used a different way, combining embroidery and martial arts; she was a really intelligent woman.

Qin Jiu knew that Yan Su did not chase after her, but she still ran fast. The wind passed by her ears like a knife scraping across her face.

Finally, she could not hold on anymore and leaned against the white wall on the side of the street. She bent down and spit out blood. Her left shoulder throbbed with pain and blood, and she covered it with her hand. The same pain came over on her right side as blood gushed out. She put her hand over it again. Blood was dripping from her left arm, but she had no hand to cover that anymore.

In fact, she has already gotten injured, but because the red dress covered the red color of blood, she didn’t look that bad and could leave with a smile.

She thought she could defeat him, or at least wouldn’t get injured. However, she didn’t know that she was still not as good as him. If it wasn’t embroidery which he was befuddled by for a moment, she wouldn’t have gotten the chance to strip his clothes.

Loquat followed after her and saw the blood on her body, saying worriedly, “He didn’t come after us, so why run so fast? This movement only made your blood circulate faster and not stop! Why don’t you take care of yourself?”

“It’s only a minor injury, I can hold on!” Qin Jiu chuckled and said, “Oh, what can we do now? It’s so late that we may not get into the palace tonight. Where are we going to live?”

Loquat looked around and also grew worried.

Qin Jiu looked up and saw that it was the pavilion where they competed in shooting. It was very late so the people who came for the lantern riddle had already left.

Qin Jiu pointed to the pavilion and said, “Let’s stay here tonight.” She asked Loquat to help her inside.

The pavilion was not only a restaurant but also a hotel.

Durian was surprised and thought that they wouldn’t let them stay here. After all, Qin Jiu was the one who stripped His Highness Anling’s clothes.

The steward of the pavilion was directing servants to collect the lanterns. Seeing that they had left and then returned, he hurried to meet them and said, “Do you want to stay here tonight? Upstairs please!”

Durian raised his eyebrows in surprise. He thought that since he met the fairy girl, he seemed to have turned so stupid that he could not understand many things. If this were an ordinary hotel, they wouldn’t let them stay because they had just fought with His Highness Anling.

They ordered three rooms: one for Qin Jiu, one for Durian and Loquat, and one for Cherry and Lychee. Qin Jiu gave money to the sedan chair carriers and let them go.

Qin Jiu’s room was on the third floor. From the window, she could see the backyard of the pavilion. In the dim light, she could see a huge pond. It was frozen with shimmering cold light.

Cherry drew hot water while Lychee brought wound medicine to Qin Jiu’s room.

Cherry had a cute face, slim figure and a pretty appearance. Lychee had a round face, a pair of big eyes with a smart and clever look.

Qin Jiu lay on the couch, letting Cherry take off the dress soaked with blood. Cherry cleaned the wounds on her body, put on medicine, and the wound stopped bleeding. Lychee took out a small porcelain bottle and said, “Put this on your body too. It is a non-scar paste. Master ordered that you have to put on this when you get injured, otherwise it will leave scars.”

Qin Jiu took the non-scar paste and replied offhandedly, “I know, I will put it on myself. You can leave now.”

Lychee cautiously said, “Alright, but you have to remember to put it on, if you leave scars on your body… “

Qin Jiu narrowed her eyes and threatened, “You don’t trust me?”

Lychee was scared by the coldness in her eyes, “I dare not!” Then, she and Cherry left together.

Qin Jiu held the paste, her lips pressing together. Her hands held the bottle so tightly that she almost crushed the porcelain bottle. However, in the end, she did not. She just threw it on the table and didn’t put it on.

The sound of a clock could be heard in the dark night, desolate and long.

Qin Jiu was very tired, but not sleepy.

She took out the last burnt bamboo sticks from the lantern Durian picked up, playing with them under the lamp. The bamboo sticks were burnt beyond recognition and extremely black. Qin Jiu fiddled for a moment, staining her hands black. She picked up a silk handkerchief, soaked it with water, and cleaned the bamboo sticks one by one.

The last stick was wiped clean, and she stared at the words on the stick.

Bamboo sticks were burnt, but she could still barely identify the words: your heart is as bamboo, and my heart is as silk. Until the mountains collapse and seas dry, I will love you till the end of the world.

It was a woman’s handwriting, beautiful and elegant. You could tell that these words were carved wholeheartedly.

Who would imagine that the bamboo skeleton of this delicate flower lamp actually had these few lines carved in.

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