Marriage Under the Heavens


She was cruel and spicy, cold and pitiless, a notorious witch. It was said that she used her virginity as a way to cultivate evil spirits. Everyone wanted to kill her, and everyone hated her.

He said, “Are you still virtuous? It wasn’t there eight hundred years ago, right? Witch!”

He said, “Even though I admire you a lot, we are still enemies. We will never be lovers, even if we are not enemies.”

He said, “You’d better pray that Wanxiang is okay, or I will break your body into pieces.”

He said, “I like your coquettishness, come to my bed.”

Facing people’s slander, injustice, and disgust, she smiled charmingly, she smiled enchantingly.

She was dressed in ravishing red with rosy red lips teasing young men, seducing the royal uncle, playing the imperial court, bringing down the imperial concubines, bullying royal women….

She was a poppy watered with blood in the soil of intrigue.

The world said she was too cruel to cry, but who knew that the red mole under her eye was a drop of dried blood tears!

Who knew that under this seductive skin, was the world’s purest and cleanest soul!

How fierce she is now, how kind she was in the beginning; how evil she is now, how pure she was in the beginning; how black she is now, how white she was in the beginning.

The most talented girl in the past, the first female officer in the hall, the dignified and elegant luminous white moonlight that illuminated the human heart…

Could it be that she fell from the cloud into the mire, crushed her bones, bled her flesh, lost her dignity, and destroyed her pride, all so that she could only mourn the death of her bones for this madness?

She wanted to be alive. Who stabbed her in the back? She was wronged and dead, but who said she was guilty and burned herself?

When love was betrayed, when loyalty was slain, just watch as she cuts through the dark clouds with her sharp edges. With her bare hands, she overcame the world.

When everything fell apart, who was here watching her act against the world? Destroying lives, only to give her a marriage under the heavens?

The legend of love, just like flowers blooming richly and fading quietly, all appear in Marriage Under the Heavens.

This story starts getting exciting slowly, I hope it will bring you a different world of wonderful and touching!

(DL Scanlations)

Hi everyone! This is the introduction for the first book I’m translating. The prologue will be released next week, thanks everyone!


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